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  • After driving through LA, Jake and Alonzo have a run-in with a drug-dealer on a wheelchair played by Snoop Dogg, Jake going undercover as a buyer goes wrong almost immediately:
    Drug dealer: What you need, homie?
    Jake: Crack. I got 20 bucks-
    Drug dealer: Crack!? (looks at Alonzo taking a smoke) Smell like bacon in this motherfucker. What, do I look like a sucker to you, nigga? Fuck you, rookie! (Turns away and wheels off)
    • Alonzo and Jake later chase him into a hair product store, where Alonzo performs an aggressive interrogation of him accusing him of selling crack. Snoop's character insists he's gone legit, but Alonzo gets a pen to get Snoop's character to throw up the crack rocks:
    (Drug dealer throws up the crack rocks)
    Alonzo: Now, what is that?
    Alonzo: That's right, "Jimmy crack corn"!
    • After Alonzo gets out who the dealers working for (Sandman), he and Jake release their perp and move towards his home:
    Alonzo: Wanna collect the evidence?
    Jake: Fuck that, man!
    Alonzo: My nigga!
  • Alonzo leaves Jake alone with three Gang Bangers, and the conversation takes a disturbing turn:
    Moreno: Hey pig, you ever had your shit pushed in? Your shit pushed in. Simple question... No? I had my shit pushed in!
    Sniper: Oh yeah, man! I had... my SHIT... PUUUSSSHED IN, BRO! BIG TIME!
    Jake: (Oh, Crap!)
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  • Jake shooting Alonzo in the ass, complete with the background extras cracking up.
    Alonzo: Ooh, you motherfucker! You son of a bitch! You shot me in the ass!

TV Show:

  • From "Quid Pro Quo", Rourke turns the table on an ex-Dirty Cop in the services of an Amoral Attorney by using the Turner Telephone against him as he cranks it up while pretending to make calls in a bit of Black Comedy.

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