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  • The Supersizers Eat the Middle Ages culminates in Giles, Lord of the Manor, making the following toast to the members of the public that have come as guests:
    Giles: To the peasants! May your lives be nasty, brutish and very, very short!
    Guests: (Cheer)
  • In The Supersizers Eat The French Revolution, Giles and Sue visit an electricity demonstration, with Sue standing on the electrical plate. In seconds, her wig rises in every direction.
    • When sparks emerge from their fingertips, Giles decides to find out if sparks can emerge from his buttocks.
      Tour Guide: Too close, not too close—
      Giles: Can I make, uh, sparks come out of my arse?
      Tour Guide: Not too close!
      (With a loud BANG, and a shriek from Sue, sparks emerge from Giles's hindquarters.)
      Sue: OH! Jesus Christ, that went right through me, really badly!
      Giles: I just got seriously—
      Sue: No no no, you didn't seriously get it; I seriously got it, because I'm surrounded by metal, and you're not! And you just stuck your anus into my forcefield, and look at me!
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    • On Day Three, Giles cuts his finger during the first course and laments that his blood is not blue.
  • The Supersizers Eat the 80's ends with an unfortunate looking tiramisu and lighting amaretto wrappers on fire and letting them float into the air.
    Carol Decker: (One of the wrappers lands in her dessert.) Oh, it landed in my baby vomit!

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