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WARNING: Spoilers ahead are unmarked. You have been warned.
Unfortunately, Sean's superpole 2000 failed to catch anything. The ocean must have been overfished.

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  • One of the final challenges involved the contestants running around with camcorders, filming themselves answering trivia questions. Rudy doesn't pay attention during Jeff's "Borneo Legends" spiel, and, in any case, knows he's not going anywhere. Cue Rudy repeatedly looking into his camera and answering "I dunno."
    • Hell, almost ANYTHING Rudy said was good for a chuckle.
  • Greg Buis, every time he appeared on screen (especially during his fake over the top Tear Jerker immediately following his ejection). His "pick a number" practical joke that he played during the Final Tribal Council of Borneo to this day still has people thinking that Richard won due only to luck (see Stealth Parody). Jeff Probst hated him because of his refusal to pay any reverence to the show or its rules, and was rumored to have stalked the Survivor crew in the jungle just to push to get on their nerves. I still want a coconut phone because of this guy.
    • His uncut exit speech was amazing, insane, and insanely amazing: "I'm glad you could all join me here. It has been quite an evening. A twist of fate that maybe some didn't expect and some... well... some did. It seems I've been voted off! There are a few things I would have like to have done had I remained on the island. Climb a tree, some vines perhaps, and go for a bit of a run. It's hard to say otherwise. It's an excellent game, well manufactured and well thought-out. A microcosm of humanity and humanitarianism possibly, possibly not, possibly just a game. Confess my deepest, darkest secrets, is that what we're here for? I'm not sure. In fact, I'm not exactly sure what I'm here for anymore. I know that we're here; it's just you, me, and those around us. I'm not sure when they'll start closing in. I hear noises in the jungle now. Things might be happening. Things might be taken over sooner than we think. Whether the rebel forces will be able to counteract with something like Operation Tapioca, I will not say. But if it does happen, I know nothing about it. I was never part of any such operation or involved with any people that were. I'm just saying it might happen soon. This is the deep dark heart of the Bornean jungle. Never underestimate what could happen."
  • Also, apparently all of Pagong voted for Jeff Probst during their first trip to Tribal Council due to not taking the show seriously.
  • Greg's loved one video, featuring his equally crazy sister cracking incest jokes. Rudy looks like he's going to kill someone while watching it.
  • Richard, an overweight, hairy, gay man walking around naked on his birthday ("in his birthday suit" as Sean put it) while laughing at everyone being uncomfortable with it. What's not to laugh at?
  • Richard's obnoxious, hammy rendition of 99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall during the Episode 11 Immunity Challenge. Everyone is extremely uncomfortable with it, especially Rudy (due to a bit of Manipulative Editing, it's made to look like he dives off the platform just to get away from him), and when Richard finally reaches his crescendo, he falls backward into the ocean which cheers everyone up.
    Richard: Sorry to leave you (all) without my music.
  • Richard and Rudy's roles in the tribe. Big gay Richard takes on the traditional masculine role of hunting dinner while macho Navy SEAL Rudy takes on the traditional feminine role of cooking it.
  • Kelly, a whitewater rafting guide, lost a boat rowing immunity challenge to Gervase, who was picked by his team to be their boat rower because he couldn't swim (and thus probably shouldn't be asked to tread water in the middle of the ocean).
    Kelly: (before the challenge) I'm a water all-star.
    Kelly: (after) I lost to the guy who can't even fucking swim.
  • A couple of times, due to this being the first installment of the series and poor atmospheric/set planning, the Tribal Council itself would be screwed up due to torrential rain or sudden gusts of wind. It would douse or blow out people's torches before Jeff could snuff them and Jeff would meekly state "the weather has spoken" or "the jungle has spoken". Jeff himself would be drenched and desperate to avoid getting the votes all soggy. Sometimes, you'd even see the castaways in yellow rain ponchos given to them by the crew!! When Sean's torch went out, he jibbed, "Somebody snuck up on me".
  • Sean, for being forever known as the dentist with a nipple ring who came up with the inane strategy to vote people alphabetically, something with no rhyme or reason to it at all besides avoiding the radar.

    The Australian Outback 
  • Colby Ain't No Hershey Bar!
    • While Jerri is moaning about food (with a barely hidden subtext of lusting after Colby) he asks "Guess what we're having? We're having white rice!"
  • One immunity challenge involves using a rope to knock someone off balance. When Jerri is getting set up, this exchange occurs:
    Jerri:*Motioning to a loop in the rope* So I put this around my wrist?
    Colby:How about putting it around your neck?
  • In what is likely the most out of left field and cringiest moment in Survivor history, the live reunion show is crashed by Rosie O'Donnell. Who shows up in the studio driving a convertible. And then proceeds to annoy the hell out of Colby. Poor Colby has to put up with her antics and looks SO uncomfortable and wanting to throw up. So were the viewers!!!
  • The theme song timing the music with a crocodile snapping its jaws shut.
  • The "I will always wave my finger in your face" scene. Less noticeable is that it was started by Jeff and you can see him running away in the background while Alicia and Kimmi fight.

  • Big Tom's reaction during the auction in Africa when he and Ethan decide to buy a mystery dish together and share it is easily one of the show's funniest moments ever. It was a breakfast dish, and it gave us a jolly Big Tom jumping all over the place going all "He did me wrong! I'll kill you, I'll kill you, I'll kill you... after I kiss you!" as well as "Ham! He's a jew and he won't eat the ham! He's a jew, he's a jew!". Talk about being a large ham!
  • Brandon and Frank's Out of Africa movie date reward, mostly because of everyone's reaction to it back at camp, and the fact that the two hated each other. Tom said if he were playing a dirty trick on them, he couldn't have thought of something better.
  • Ethan and Lex's journey into the village when they're trying to sell goats. Not before they set foot to their village, they are a laughing stock when they attempt to carry the goats down.
    Lex Is this a reward or a hazing?
    • Some time later, they manage to sell off the goats and Lex comments this nice line:
    Lex: I thought they're (goats) going to end up as happy goats, cruising around the country side eating grass, mating or whatever. We saw him with the two same goats making a beeline not twenty feet away straight into the butcher.
    • Also, they were dropped off without any hints as to what they should do, not even given translators. So we have a couple of white guys struggling to carry a bunch of goats and carrying a sack of hats while a crowd forms around them.
    Ethan: Do you think we stand out?
  • Frank was good for his unusual one liners.
    • "I was in the American Branch. It's called freedom."
    • "Linda's so solid, she's buried at the bottom of the Hoover Dam."
    • Frank's tribemates trying to explain to him what brunch is.
  • The story of Clarence and the chickens - the Boran tribe had one last chicken and Clarence wanted to eat it, but the rest of his tribe wanted to keep it just in case it laid an egg. The tribe makes an ultimatum - if the chicken lays an egg, it will live. The next morning, the chicken lays the tiniest egg, and Clarence is pissed.
    Clarence: Oh HELL naw!
  • Brandon fails so badly at the flaming arrow that he drops it by his feet. The noise he emits makes the moment.
  • At FTC, Brandon asks the other two who they would remove from the jury, blatantly hinting that he wanted them to say Frank, who he loathed. Ethan answers with "you."
  • Clarence, regarding the beans incident at the reunion show.
    Clarence: I haven't seen white people that mad since OJ got acquitted.
  • When Ethan, who has spent the whole season being quiet and reserved, is announced the sole survivor, he screams so loudly that he blows out the mic.
  • The SOS challenge had a few stand outs, thanks pretty much to the Boran tribe.
    • The Borans all decide to do the challenge in their underwear, which had very little contribution to their win, if any. Still, the fact that someone had to come up with this idea, pitch it to the group, and then the group all agreed to it is a conversation that was cruelly cut from the show. They are very proud of this idea.
    • Big Tom decides for whatever reason to stick a feather in his ass and keeps it there for the entirety of the challenge.
    • It keeps cutting back and forth between the Borans, who are clearly having a blast during this challenge, to Samburu, where Lindsey is collapsed and crying from pain. The tonal shift between the two tribes is so stark and jarring that it becomes hilarious.
  • The family challenge has a few funny moments.
    • Ethan's family is completely wasted during their message.
    • Big Tom's wife in general. Clearly he has married a bird of a feather.
    Big Tom's wife, brushing a horse: I've been riding this stud since I don't have one at home.
    • Big Kim when her husband acknowledged what she put as her answer only to go with something else instead.
    Big Kim: I will throw up on him again.

  • Rob's analysis of Rotu when he gets switched over. When you're reading his barbs, keep in mind that the most vicious insults that have been lobbed thus far in the series were "Rich needs liposuction" or "Mike's an idiot."
    "Gabe seems pretty cool. He’s definitely a brainiac. Probably thinks he's a lot smarter than he really is."
    "When I first saw John, I thought he was a big time queer. I really don’t know, he seems kinda rough and tough over here, but he does all the cookin', so... I dunno. I won't be sleepin' next to him tonight. Not the first night, anyway."
    "The General seems like a nice guy, also. He’s big and tough, and wants everybody to know that. Probably got a little sausage."
    "Tammy's engaged. There's not too much hope there."
    "And Zoe's pretty nice, but come on. Without a doubt, Zoe is definitely the toughest guy on this tribe."
  • Maraamu was one of the funniest tribes ever; in fact, their humor was one of Marquesas' biggest selling points according to Jeff. They even made a Radio Show each morning. See it for yourself, it is a moment that has never even remotely been replicated.
    • The tribe talks about the No-Nos, the bugs that have been biting and annoying them. When asked if the black or white ones are more annoying, Hunter says the black ones bite more. Cue outspoken black man Sean immediately going "brrrrrrrrrng brrrrrrrrrng!"
      Sean: I'm Reverend Al Sharpton and this is ludicrous!
  • John Carroll needs someone to pee on his hand after he gets stung by an urchin. If that wasn't a golden enough setup, it's 49-Year-Old Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien that moves Heaven and Earth to get there as fast as she can for him. Then she gets there, fulfills her duty... and then keeps going, both of them awkwardly standing there for nearly a full minute after she starts.
    Kathy: Finally when I think I was pulling up my pants, I suddenly got very embarrassed. But it made him feel good. At least I was able to perform in the call of duty.

  • Like Marquesas and Fiji, Thailand is also underrated in terms of comedy value. Brian, Clay and Helen had their own share of hilarious soundbites, Robb and Jan were both nutcases, and Jake told awful, ludicrous stories years before Coach hit the Survivor scene.
  • Seriously, the Attack Zone challenge just can't be put into words. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • And Robb's rage afterward.
      Robb: We lost guys, but it wasn't to someone better than us. We lost to a bunch of rules!
  • Shortly after the tribes move onto the same beach, Jake complains about Helen's constant dispensing of recipes, while we see her doing just that. Followed by a flawless edit to her standing in the same spot at night talking about more recipes, giving the impression that she'd been at it for all those hours in between.
  • Brian winning a reward challenge where he got to see a home video of his family. The catch: his wife, CC Heidik, (unbeknownst to the show) was a porn star, and she made a point out of going around their mansion and showing off all of his riches, totally destroying the image he tried to set up around camp as the down-on-his-luck humble car salesman. The Stinger is when she announces that if he wins, that they're going to Fiji. The Oh, Crap! look on Brian's face is priceless.
  • Brian may have been one of the most rutheless and focused winners in Survivor ever and played the entire game cool as ice, until he had to ride an elephant and spent the entire time clutching the basket and ready to bail out because he was absolutely terrified. It seems like the only weakness in Brian's game was what happened to him when he won challenges.
    • That's not even mentioning Clay visibly lusting after Brian's wife. Taken up to eleven when CC actually visits with the loved ones, including Clay's wife.
      Clay: Uh oh, [C.C.]'s got it going now!
  • In Episode 12, Big Ted The Teetotaler decides to temporarily stop abstaining from alcohol after he wins an awesome reward trip, so he takes a celebratory drink with Helen. Later that night, he becomes the definition of Can't Hold His Liquor.
    • From the same episode, Jeff tells everyone only seconds before the challenge starts that they are standing on the first letter. Somehow none of them hear that and Jeff has to repeat himself 3 more times before any of them go back to get the letter
  • This season also had the first time Probst has ever been unable to read a vote. In episode four, Clay cast a vote for Ghandia that read "Bye Bye Denver Diva". Even funnier is him, still in stoic host mode, telling everyone "enough of the nicknames".
  • When the rest of Sook Jai is distracted via goofing around near the shoreline on Day 13, Robb (who is slightly farther back in the ocean) is screaming and then collapses, submerging into the water. He got bit on the foot by a stingray, but due to Robb's loud nature, no one noticed until they noticed on land that he was bleeding.
  • Jake's Noodle Incident stories during Episode 9. We don't get to hear exactly what they are about, but we are led to believe that they are completely absurd.
  • How soon we forget Magilla The Monkey stealing everyone's food while they're away from camp.
  • Clay's ass fetish was pretty funny, even going so far to pat the elephant's ass that he was riding while he was on reward with Brian.
  • Helen bullying her husband into eating a tarantula during the challenge.
  • Jan has the Auction Reward treemail. Clay wants to know what it says but Jan is too preoccupied by the money and threatening to run away with it. Clay keeps yelling "What does it say?" and finally she reads it and says "I think it's an auction." Clay looks directly at the camera and says "No Shit, Sherlock".

    The Amazon 
  • The sixth season, Amazon, was narrated by Rob Cesternino. Despite obviously rehearsed dialogue, many of his confessionals are hilarious.
    • "I don't like Joanna. She's always yelling about Jesus, and how Jesus loves Jaburu. I didn't know that Jesus had a vested interest in Survivor. Cause, as far as I've seen every picture of Jesus, he's a guy. And I think that he would want the guys to win."
    • "I don't see the women working well together. I know that their shelter is not gonna be as good as ours. I see them all crying, panicking, trying to build a cell phone, so they can call their boyfriends to come over and help them build a shelter. Outside of that I'm sure they've got maybe three sticks together."
    • "I said that the only way Roger is gonna win immunity is if it's a contest of 'Name that Perry Como song.' Or perhaps 'What type of prune is this?' Or some sort of other thing that only an old man like Roger would be able to determine."
    • "Since day one, Heidi has always been my favorite. But she looks like she could really use the conditioner and, uh, maybe some of that soap. She looks a little rugged and beat-down. But, look, I'll take what I can get. She's probably a 9 1/2 in real life. And right about now she's closing in on a 6. So that kind of levels the playing field for a guy like me, which is an exciting prospect."
    • "He [Matt] sits and sharpens the machete for an hour at a time. Why does he need the machete so sharp? I think he's gonna kill us. I'm afraid that when he is voted off, he's gonna take the machete and kill us after the vote."
    • "I really am very happy for Matthew. I'm very happy that he got to win the car. And I asked him that if he ever goes to Asia, or if he ever returns to the planet that he came from, that he said I could borrow it and go cruising for chicks."
  • While it's seen by many as mean-spirited, the Roger Sexton boot episode is so transparently against Roger and forecasting his boot that it revolves around to hilarious. It also helps that Roger has shown himself to be sexist and homophobic in past episodes.
    • Rob and Deena's voting confessionals bring this into another realm of hilarious.
      Deena: Realty check and mate. Never underestimate the power of a woman.
      Rob!Casey Kasem: Here comes tonight's long distance dedication. It goes out to Rob from New York. He writes "Dear Casey, there's a mean old man in my life that's about to leave. Can you please play something appropriate for me?" Well, Rob, here's your request. "Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye".
  • Although it's possible it was only funny because of her accent, Christy Smith is one of the most underrated quote machines in Survivor history.
    • "My foot is stuck in a tree!"
    • "You're a vessel of Christ, aren't you supposed to be a little nicer?"
    • "No garlic bread?"
    • "He's creepy"
  • During the latter half of the same season, Butch has some fun, but unfortunately at everyone else's expense. During episode thirteen (Days 34-36), he became obsessed with collecting firewood, proclaiming to himself and the cameras "I'm just a wood crazy nut, I guess." He even got Rob to be his wood collecting assistant, or as Rob put it, his "Junior Deputy Firewood Bitch". Then for no reason whatsoever, Butch starts to dance the Egyptian. Later on, during the reward challenge, all of the excess firewood under the shelter somehow connected with the tribal campfire, thus burning down said shelter and everyone's personal items (except for Heidi's). When everyone came back, Butch was the obvious culprit, but no one would tell him to his face. A link can be found here.
  • Rob Cesternino tricked Matthew and Butch into thinking that they had more power than they really had (at the time anyway), and telling them that they were near the top of an all male "chain" of command. The spy music and general cluelessness of Matthew and Butch during this scene is hilarious if a little mean.
    • Unfortunately for Rob, Matthew turned into a bona fide wheeler-dealer. The fall of Rob Cesternino is ironic because Rob picked him out for being an idiot, then begin to coach him on how to play, including telling him to throw challenges to look like less of a threat. Guess what Matt did in the FIC to seal Rob's fate?
  • Heidi was a veritable fountain of quotes, thanks to her bizarre lack of ability to perceive how others saw her.
    • "When I saw all the girls being sorted into one tribe, I knew instantly that we were being divided by gender"
    • At Tribal Council, following a spider bite: "My strongest assets to this group are athletic ability and intelligence. And... hello... one of them is gone right now."
    Jeff: "Which one?"
    • When she's on the chopping block, she abruptly claims that she was like, the mastermind behind most of the plans at camp, and that the three remaining guys are scared to death of her right now. Dave's facepalming from the jury and Matt's look of utter bafflement really sell the scene.
    • At final tribal she asks the finalists which of the jurors deserve to be in the final two. Both answer Rob... but it appears Heidi was looking for another answer.
    Heidi: "I mean... is there anyone else?"
    • At the reunion, it's revealed that she actually has one of the highest IQs of the cast, even higher than the rocket scientist. What?!
  • Any time the editing team decides to portray someone as slowly going insane from the experience, it's always hilarious. Amazon had both Butch and Matthew... the former with his insane wood-dance, the latter with his "staying alone in the jungle just sharpening the machete" tic. Good times.
  • For absolutely no reason, the producers decide to have Jeff travel from the final Tribal Council to New York on a jet ski. This entire scene lasts about three minutes.
    Ryan: It was pretty cheap.
  • Rob forbidding the tribe from asking the Magic 8-Ball about the outcome of challenges.
    Rob: If it says that we're gonna lose and we win then we'll know the magic 8-ball is a sham. And if it says we're gonna lose and we do lose then it'll freak us out.

    Pearl Islands 
  • The entire time the teams are in the village. Really, entire village scene was a hoot. Lets highlight some of the funny moment:
    • The Drake tribe finally put their raft aside while Rupert takes a breather while the tribes are busy buying and bartering. Just then the Morgans drag their raft up to where he's sitting, probably not aware he's there, and... leave the raft unguarded! Rupert realizing that Survivor uses the pirate theme, he quote "This is definitely an adventure of a lifetime. Pirates pillage. Pirates STEAL! Pirates takes advantage." So the next thing he did was taking all the shoes in the Morgan raft (except one pair of tennis shoes) into Drakes. Later, Rupert moves away from Morgan's raft and meets up with Jon and gives him the shoes he stole, which Jon curiously wonders where he gets it.
      Rupert: (gives shoes to Jon) Take them! Trade them! Barter it! Do whatever you want.
      Jon: Whose are these?
      Rupert: Pirated!!
      Jon: Oh! :D
    • The Spanish shopkeeper who wants the Drake group to trade Trish for the goods. Unfortunately Trish was so happy unknowing about that fact while Sandra keeps telling Trish to not do that since it makes matters worse.
    • Sandra stumbles on a family having a barbecue and trades them a gold chain in exchange for everything. The meat, the tin foil, the condiments, the cutlery, everything. The only thing she left was the grill. Thanks to Sandra the Drake tribe spends the night eating chicken and getting drunk, which is a hilarious scene in its own right.
  • Osten Taylor. He's a buff and otherwise intelligent guy who is afraid of a pelican (nicknamed Pelican Pete by Ryan Opray), constantly threatens to quit in over the top fashion, and sold all his clothes for supplies in a village during the first day, and subsequently became sick because of it.
    • Speaking of which, before they set of, after Jeff announces the new rules that they are going in this game with their clothes on their back, Jeff ask everyone for their personal items inside a bag. What Osten puts inside? After adding some of his stuffs... two bottles of booze and MP3 player.
      Jeff: (After noticing his bottles when some of the contestants laughing) You're really hoping, weren't you?
      Jeff: (After calling his name out while seeing his large amount of stuff in his personal bag) Look at that loot! That is pirate life. You got booze and music!
  • During the first challenge of Pearl Islands, the Morgan tribe inexplicably decide that taking off their clothes will help them out. As they're behind the other tribe at the time, we immediately get a shot of everyone's blurred-out rear ends labeled "Morgan behind." And the previous captions had stated "Morgan trailing" so there's no way it wasn't deliberate.
  • At one point Burton just randomly points at Rupert's butt and laughs.
  • At one point, Sandra and Fairplay get into an argument over who is the weakest swimmer when discussing the next challenge. Eventually, Sandra gets fed up and charges towards Fairplay screaming "You know what? I CAN GET LOUD TOO, WHAT THE F***?!". Her confessional after this adds to the hilarity:
    Sandra: Screw Jon, because he's an ass! Everything that comes out of his mouth is just ridiculous!
  • There was also a rather funny moment where everyone threw the challenge to let Fairplay win, thinking he really did lose his grandma. After the challenge ends you can see everyone sitting in clapping and looking sympathetic... meanwhile there's Sandra in the corner with a look on her face saying "I'm surrounded by idiots - he's so full of shit".
    • Everything relating to the infamous Grandma lie qualifies, honestly. Lillian's chiding Sandra for trying to take Fairplay out of the challenge ("His grandmother just died, Sandra."), the fact that he swore on his grandmother's grave the rest of the season, the infamous revealing itself ("My grandmother's at home watching Jerry Springer right now")... YMMV on whether it was hilarious or just low, but the fact that he made up this entire charade just because he got a kick out of it at least warrants some respect.
      • Of course, what tops it all is the story Jeff told at the reunion - immediately after the challenge, production called Fairplay's family at home to see whether they could do anything to help them after the loss of Granny Dalton... and Grandma herself, who had no idea that young Jon was even pulling this scheme, answered the phone. Could there be a more awkward phone conversation?
  • When Shawn and Jonny Fairplay are both voting for each other to leave, Shawn gives a long drawn out speech about why he's voting for Jon, while Jon merely exclaims while voting for Shawn "Fuck you".
  • Lillian becomes such a sad sack that everything makes her cry, literally everything.
    • She feels bad for voting out Rupert and Fairplay says "Thank god you did". Lillian starts weeping and cries "DON'T SAY THAT ABOUT GOD!". Fairplay has no idea how to react.
    • When they get letters from home at the Final Four, you see a close up of Fairplay reading his, then he looks up and off camera, clearly annoyed. The camera zooms out and Lillian comes into frame just weeping uncontrollably.
  • At the FIC, after Sandra is out, Jonny Fairplay tells Lil, his mopey ally that has always cowtowed to him, that if she drops he'll take her to the F2. Lil not only tells him "no", she continuously denies him for nearly two hours, which she has never done before, and actually taunts him as he desperately tries to hold on, as Lil doesn't move a muscle. Meanwhile, there's Sandra in the background, smirking at it all.
    • On top of it all, Lil actually votes him out after that.
  • At Final Tribal Council Lill is asked why Sandra should not win. After apologizing to Sandra for what she's about to say, Lill's first reason is that Sandra called her a "motherfucker" a lot. Makes sense, all things considered.

  • Chapera's Bogus Tribal Council.
  • Three of Rob Mariano's alliance-mates agree that they would be better off without him and start a meeting of their own mini-alliance... in which they all just stand around waiting for someone to come up with an idea, since Rob had been doing the thinking for them all until then.
  • The blindfold challenge this season has a lot of gems.
    • Lex walking like a zombie, being hunched over and walking with his arms out.
    • Jenna, Ethan, and Rupert work together to lift a puzzle piece... and throw it in a tree.
    • Tom get clobbered by a block
  • Richard Hatch's return, if only because it distinguished how Survivor fans saw him (the Affably Evil genius that made Survivor as we know it) and how Survivor veterans saw him (a fat naked homosexual). Lex in particular took all sorts of shots at Richard.
  • Many people consider Richard to be the best part of this season. It is very clear that he was aware he wasn't going to last very long, so the entire time it looks like Richard couldn't give less of a shit if he tried.
    • "Everyone is really paranoid, which is a good state to be in. I suppose I should be too." *Rolls Eyes*
    • Most of the people who don't like All Stars say that the season went downhill once Richard was voted out.
  • During the family visit challenge, Rob has to... eat farafu.
  • The Entire Touchy Subjects Reward challenge. One of the question goes "Who uses sex appeal as a weapon?" as when everyone reveal:
    Jeff: Everyone says Amber, including Amber. (Everyone cracks up while looking at Amber who also cracks ups) So you fully own up to using sex appeal.
    Amber: I fully own up to it.
  • The DVD Commentary for the finale. Highlights include Rob and Jenna getting into a heated debate over whether or not Jenna would have beaten Rob in the Final Two (to the point that Amber cuts in and tells them to change the subject), and all four of the commentators snarking at the various jury speeches:
    Lex: [kicking off his speech] "It's just a game..."
    Commentary!Jenna: "Right."
    Commentary!Rob: "He could've just said that, stopped there, and saved us all a lot of time."
    Kathy: "I get it, I get it..."
    Commentary!Rob: "I don't think she gets it."
  • In the third episode, the three tribes are given supplies for a competition to make the best possible shelter. While Chapera and Mogo Mogo do the task the best that they can, Saboga's Rupert tries to make a log cabin. By digging down in the sand. Jerri immediately points out the obvious flaws but everyone else on the tribe either doesn't want to risk angering him or is Ethan who decides to enable the suicide mission for drama. After building the underwater shelter, the local judge Rafa goes through the shelter. His response to Jeff?
    Rafa: Saboga? Oh... no.
    • After this, Rupert is brought on as a reward for Israel's Survivor to help the others make camp. He does not do well.

  • During a blindfold challenge, Sarge is the caller for the Men. They need one puzzle piece left and for some reason Rory decides to start cheerleading and shouting their tribes name over Sarge trying to win the challenge. Sarge tells him to shut up but he doesn't listen, so he has to yell at him again to stop messing him up.
  • Another challenge fail, LeAnn needs to simple walk about 50 feet with a jar of water and win the challenge, the only way they can possibly lose is if he manages to fall down and spill it. Her tribe, for no reason, shouts at her to run, she panics and on her first step trips and falls. She luckily doesn't spill anything, but they almost last a sure thing because they didn't want to wait two more seconds.
  • During Vanuatu, Twila got into an argument with Eliza after she saw Eliza talking with Chris and (correctly) believed that she was plotting against her. In the middle of the argument, Twila asked Chris what his role in the discussion was, and he responded with an over the top "Whaaaaaat? I'm just layin' here, y'know, in the hammock!"
  • Bubba realizes his tribe is down 5-2 to the women, while the other tribe has a male majority. His idea is simple, his tribe wins and the other tribe vote off the women get so the men have the numbers at the merge. He just needs to let the other tribe know his plan. So he turns to them and just says "remember the merge!". Of course, his own tribe hears him, and vote him out next.
  • Later on in the final two, Chris and Twila are hanging out in the same hammock... and it snaps.
  • Sarge's rage on the morning after Rory's elimination.
  • During the reading of a vote, Eliza looks at Ami who gives her a little head nod to tell her "sorry, it's you". Then the vote is revealed and it turns out to be a blindside on Ami's closest ally. Eliza returns the little head not to say "no, it's you".
  • Eliza shot Chris a Death Glare of her own at her elimination. His response? Shrug, and wave at her.
    • Chris' narration style was so dramatic and bombastic that it was hilarious- it went beyond what he said and was how he said it.
      • Chris and Chad talk at the merge about which of the men are the biggest threat. Chris offhandedly comments that Sarge and Chad have a "leg up" on him - then remembers that Chad has a prosthetic leg. He immediately interrupts himself with apologies and laughter at himself, but Chad laughs with him, offhandedly saying that there are so many "leg puns" that can be made.
  • During one reward challenge, Jeff asked if it was an ancient tradition in Vanuatu to drink lava. A couple of people actually asked "True".
  • Remember the jet ski in Amazon? This time, Probst gets to skydive and ride a motorcycle.

  • During an early challenge, Coby takes an extended moment to center himself before crossing a barrel bridge... only to slip into the water on the very first barrel.
  • Bobby Jon's transformation from mild-mannered Southern gentleman to growling chaotic hellbeast in every challenge. Jay Fischer of the Historians' impersonation of him adds to that.
  • James Miller had a brilliant habit of making confident predictions in Palau, and then being wrong about almost every single one. Also, his unique way of talking, full of dramatics, mispronunciations, and idiosyncrasies, almost always involving a "hell yeah", "you know", or "come on", and at times all three.
    • When he's voted out, some Korors (the other tribe) do a quick impression of James.
  • Katie Gallagher, Palau's Venom Mistress, had a few crazy good barbs against her fellow tribesmembers.
    Katie: We can't have a female alliance because Caryn sucks.
  • Speaking of Caryn, she was, through her awfulness at Survivor mixed with no Koror going pre-merge aside from the useless Willard, quite hilarious. Of special note was her last stand at Tribal, where she exaggeratedly calls Tom a liar and throws out the tribe's dirty laundry... while Jenn, the next target to go home, stifles her giggles.
    Ian: *holds up parchment with her name on it* Best five seconds of my day.
  • Tom and Ian agree to not take each other on reward if one of them wins so they do not leave the girls together to form an alliance. Ian promises to take Katie. Ian wins and chooses to take Tom, who tries to act like he is excited and not super mad.

  • The very first episode, the teams collect their items to race to the camp. Brandon gives a confessional about how excited he is, then it cuts to him running and immediately falling down while his bananas go sprawling everywhere.
  • The feud between Jamie and Bobby Jon.
    • Their brief yet passionate little altercation during a reward challenge. The Stinger, however, is the absolutely gobsmacked look on Brian Corridan's face immediately after. It's clear that he had no idea what he had just witnessed.
    • Ironically, they ended up bonding over a mutual dislike of Stephenie. They were openly rooting for the remaining players to deliver a Take That! to her. And Gary Hogeboom delivered at his boot Tribal Council.
      Gary: I personally like Stephenie, but I think there are some people who are starstruck by her, and they all can get her autograph after the show.
    • On a rewatch the feud is actually much funnier. It starts because Bobby Jon celebrates winning a challenge and Jamie gets mad because he absolutely failed his part. The next challenge they win so Jamie goes over the top to get revenge which makes Bobby Jon mad. Basically both guys end up hating each other due to a simple misunderstanding.
  • Speaking of which, Gary Hogeboom making up his identity as Gary Hawkins, despite not being a famous celebrity. When Danni, a sports broadcaster, actually recognizes him, he sticks to being Gary Hawkins... but claims he lives in the same state as him, went to the same college as him, and also played football. Yet he acts shocked whenever it's brought up in the game!
    • Late enough in the game, no one really cares if he was a quarterback before, yet he still sticks to his lie... and thinks that everyone believed it!
    • Amy O'Hara, Gary's best friend on Yaxha, made fun of the idea of him being a quarterback, playfully threatening to beat him down if he was and claiming she would find him, laughing the entire time. Gary's response?
      Gary: She will never find Gary Hawkins in Grand Haven, because there is no such thing as a Gary Hawkins in Grand Haven. She could be searching for years.
  • The Mayan Courtball challenge. The Athlete Stephanie trying to play with Lydia and Brianna. She tries to explain what a pick is to Lydia who is too tired to listen and Brianna just stands in one spot the entire match so Steph can't do anything.
  • Judd Sergeant when he was angry was a mix of terrifying and hilarious. His highlight may have been when he was angrily asking his tribe if he was a listener, to combat Margaret's accusations.
    Judd: (to Cindy) Do I listen to you?
    Cindy: Yes, but-
    Judd: (to Rafe) Do I listen to you?
    Rafe: *stammers*
    Jamie: Rafe, have an opinion!
    • For winning a challenge, he gets a clue to the first ever immunity idol, that says that the idol is not on the ground. The lie he tells others?
      Judd: You guys, I just opened the note... and that thing is definitely, by far, on the ground. I just... I can't tell any more than that, for my own chances... but it is totally on the ground.
      • Cue Gary following him and seeing he's looking in the trees, and finding it himself.
    • Judd says that whoever is voted out shouldn't take it hard. Cue him being voted out.
      Judd: Thanks guys. Hope you all get bit by a freakin' crocodile. Scumbags.
  • Brandon had his own snarky, dry barbs. When everyone was celebrating the returnees Bobby Jon and Stephenie, Brandon said in confessional that Bobby Jon was "dumb, I guess you could say." When Judd fell out of the canoe on the 11-Mile hike, Brandon claims Judd had a "premature evacuation".
    • In a challenge, both tribes are given a sharp rock to cut some rope with. Brandon of Yaxha cuts it in five seconds. On Nakum, Jamie takes the entire challenge.
    • Brandon calls back to this when Jamie is being antagonistic at the merge.
      Brandon: Why don't you just shut up and go cut a rope.
  • During a challenge they have to race across a 2 rope bridge. Rafe loses his balance and falls forwards, then slowly keeps tipping until his entire body is upside down with only his head below the water. Everyone watching just laughs at him.

    Panama - Exile Island 
  • The challenge where everyone decided to chow down instead of doing the challenge. Except for Aras, Sally, and Terry.
    • The challenge doesn't even last that long.
    • After the challenge ends and Jeff tells everyone to stop eating, Shane stuffs an entire burger in his mouth and glares at Probst.
  • Shane deciding to quit smoking five minutes before the show starts, then going slowly insane for an entire season. Highlights include him randomly yelling at his tribe to not sit on a stump because it's his "thinking seat", telling Courtney that if she betrays him, he'll drive to her "shitty apartment" and kill her (and of course, she's only upset about the assertion her apartment is shitty), and him claiming a block of wood is his Black Berry and trying to send texts on it.
    • During the loved ones visit, Shane gets a visit from his son Boston. Cue him dropping to his knees and bawling his eyes out. While it is genuinely heartwarming to see how much Shane loves his son, the sheer nature of Shane also makes it inadvertently hilarious.
      • The fact that it seems like Shane's son is the more responsible of the two even though he was like 14.
  • The Casaya tribe. Yup, the entire tribe. Every time they appeared on screen, you knew something hilariously awkward was going to happen (this was turned up to eleven during the merge when straight-laced Terry Deitz from the La Mina tribe became their primary source of antagonism).
  • Bob Dawg and Bruce drinking the entire tribe's last bottle of wine won from the reward challenge, and then sleeping in the outhouse. After Bobby admits he drank it, Courtney continues to needle him. Having had enough, Bobby says this.
    Bobdawg: I don't feel bad that I stole your wine. Like... I feel bad that I deprived them of wine. But I have no hard feelings whatsoever about the fact that you've been deprived of wine.
    • Pretty much anything that happened in the "Casa Del Charmin" was hilarious.
  • The reward challenge at final four, where the previously dominant Terry suddenly finds Aras giving him a real run for his money. Terry complains to Probst that he thinks Aras is cheating, but Jeff confirms that Aras is operating within the rules of the challenge. Overhearing all of this, a delighted Aras half-yells, half-sings "Somebody call a waahmbulance! Terry's crying on the co-ourse!" Completely childish, but very funny, and Terry totally had it coming.
  • At the FTC, Danielle comments that she wants to be a motivational speaker. Shane makes a "yeesh" face.
    • On the jury, Shane is sick of Courtney pushing off of him. To stop her from doing this, Shane nearly dives into Terry's crotch, pointedly making way for her to pass. She still touches him anyway.
    • A meta example, but the fact that Shane's current girlfriend is named Courtney.
  • Shane gets a rash on his privates and asks Cirie (A Nurse) the check it out. He ends up spending a good chunk of time naked because he basically has a rash from wearing wet clothes.
    • While Bruce's evacuation is a tearjerker moment, the fact that Shane is naked the entire time adds a lot of comedy, especially because he stops the medical team to explain why he is naked, and kind of ruins the shot of them carrying Bruce out on a stretch since his junk needs to be blurred.
    • An addition funny aspect to Bruce's evacuation, Courtney asks him if he wants her to sing something to comfort him. Bruce says no but Courtney sings anyways and Bruce groans about it.
  • The challenge is about wrestling a bag from your opponent and getting it to your mat... except in the case of Bob Dawg who just picks up his opponent, who has the bag, and throws her at his mat to win.

    Cook Islands 
  • The Final Four Tiebreaker in Cook Islands. It lasted ninety minutes, by far the longest tiebreaker challenge in the show's history. The jury seems insanely bored by it, and at the hour mark, Jeff gives participants Sundra and Becky matches. Sundra runs out.
  • In Cook Islands, Yul gives a physics lesson during an immunity challenge.
    Yul: This is why I don't go on many dates.
  • After his tribe throws a challenge in Episode 2, Billy admits to Candice on Raro that he's going home. To cheer him up, she says "well, we love you!" He responds "I love you." At Tribal Council, he shows that he misheard Candice as "I love you" and that he takes it very seriously.
    • After he declares that his prize was "love at first sight" with Candice, Jeff hears her name and slams his hand on his lap, looking stunned.
      Jeff: Candice? From Raro Tribe?
  • Cao Boi, Flica, and Ozzy decided to explore an island neighboring their tribe campsite. Unbeknownst to them, this was Rarotonga's island. The Rarotonga tribe are not too happy about their unexpected visit.
  • At the Final 11 Immunity challenge, Raro used up their ammo, and Jeff is narrating over the challenge. Jonathan is clearly annoyed by him, causing Jeff to drop this incredible line:
    Jeff: Jonathan, getting frustrated by me!
  • With the Super Idol in play, Cao Boi of all people thinks of a way to counter it, split the votes so even if it gets played the majority still vote off one of their targets. The funny part? He apparently got the idea from a dream about witches, which leads him to dub it "Plan Voodoo". The best part is that he tells all this to Yul, the guy who actually has the idol.

  • The Slip-and-Slide challenge and Sylvia trying to swim down the Slip-and-Slide.
  • Boo was practically a walking accident in Fiji. On the same day, he managed to get something in his eye which was then washed out by his tribemates. Then, he was chopping wood... and cut his hand and knee when the axe slipped. His tribemates then wrap his hand and feet out, and before he could hurt himself any further, he just laid in the hammock. And then the hammock fell while he was in it. (Video in case you wanted to see...)
  • Michelle in the calling challenge. When Michelle appeared on a talk show after the episode where she was eliminated aired, the host informed her that a video posted of her falling had amassed over 50,000 views. Note that this was early 2007, when YouTube was still in its infancy.
    • Becky's fall may have gotten the glory, but Lisi's fall is a lot more comical. They were playing a match game challenge, Lisi had the chance to win and knew exactly where a matching pair was so she runs out to win. The only problem, she forgot she was on a raised platform and runs off the ends and falls flat on her face. The music does the sudden stop scratch and she just lays there. Then gets up and runs to win the challenge and... gets it wrong.
  • Then, during the Rites of Passage/Torchwalk, they took everybody's falls and played them again in slow motion, making it arguably the funniest torch walk ever.
  • Fiji used the "What do you think of your fellow players?" Challenge. When Jeff Probst asked who the smelliest castaway was, most of the players wrote down Dreamz... and Dreamz even wrote his own name down.
  • The downfall of the Four Horsemen alliance. Whatever you think of Dreamz, he made that episode.
  • Boo decided to create a back path to the water source, so he could spy on anyone talking there and hear if anyone was planning to vote him off. While he was making this path, everyone else was at camp, talking about voting him off.
  • When Moto has to go to Tribal Council after giving up immunity, Dreamz says he isn't going to point any fingers on who is going... then proceeds to say that Cassandra and Lisi are the only two they can afford to lose. The best part? He is actually pointing his fingers.

  • "First person voted out of Survivor China: Chicken." "DAYUM!"
    • Keep in mind that Chicken had spent the premiere quietly mumbling unintelligible things, and it was his lack of speaking up that got him voted out.
  • James Clement, full stop. Especially with that "hunk of wood" incident (see below).
    • When Todd and James discuss the double idol play, James gives Todd a friendly smack on the shoulder. Mind, James is as big as a truck and could rip trees from the ground with his bare hands. Todd, meanwhile, constantly fights against the wind to stay upright.
      Todd:You almost killed me there, James.
      James: That's love, baby. Makes you strong.
    • GOOOD MORRNING!!!!! (Funnier if you see Peih-Gee Flipping the Bird due to that.)
  • The majority of the "I'm Not As Dumb As I Look" episode that involves the 'hunk of wood' and Jaime. What happen was James was 'kidnapped back' into Fei Long and was given instructions by Todd to retrieve the other idol in the Zhan Hu knowing that both camps has one idol each. So upon returning back to Zhan Hu camp, James secretly takes out the idol and a blank piece of wood that looks like the idol (by accident). The next day, while James was out, some of the Zhan Hu members notice the boards on the gate are missing. Upon further inspection, Erik notice the blank piece of wood and gives it to Jaime, wrongly assuming it is an immunity idol (even wrongly convinced it is after checking James' bag to find two boards). Cue to James saying this the next day :
    James: The first board where the Immunity Idol could’ve been was a blank board. Well, apparently it’s missing since I didn’t see it. I know an animal didn’t come up and take it away, so one of them picked it up and thinks it’s the Idol. I figure Jaime would’ve been looking for it, but there’s no way that dumbass taken the wrong one because it would have to say "Immunity" or something on it! The thought of this woman having a blank one... I would not be able to take it. I would pass out in pure joy. My... (begins laughing) Please let that happen. Please! That would be the best thing ever. (continues laughing and babbling) That would be the best thing, she’d pull out a fake thing and be like: (makes a confused face) And I’d be, “What you mean!? It don’t have the writing on that!” It would have to have something! What about one of theeeeeese! (mimes handing over the idol)
    • Sure enough, Jaime plays the 'hunk of wood' during Tribal Council, after talking about how she "isn't as dumb as she looks". Unfortunately, once Jeff says this isn't the idol, he throws it into the fire while Jean-Robert gives a huge relief since he was worried he's going home while some cracks up and no one could look that dumb Jaime but laugh at her attempt.
    • James is hardly sympathetic after J.R. doesn't let Erik into the shelter.
      Jean-Robert: Hey... Jean-Robert thought he was going home tonight, man.
      James: So what you want, a hug?
    • Todd's jury answer to Jean-Robert is so good that J.R., a notable monologuer, walks back to his seat. Also on the jury, James is so tickled he starts cracking up.
      James: I ain't never seen anybody shut him up before. Honestly... I'm in awe!
  • The merged tribe has just decided to name themselves after their black buffs, leading to racist jokes, of all things.
    Jean-Robert: We can't do black because then, as soon as James is gone, we'll have to change the name.
    (Jean-Robert and James erupt into laughter)
    James: So I'm gonna stay here. I'll be alright.
    Frosti: Whatever, I was on the yellow team.
  • Courtney Yates, one of the funniest and snarkiest people to ever play the game. Often said quite rude things, but in a funnier way than anyone else could have done it. Especially noteworthy is her rivalry with Jean-Robert.
    • "Peih-Gee is on a crusade to be the most annoying person in camp. The position is filled. We have Jean-Robert."
    • "I'm voting for you [Jean-Robert] because when you snore at nighttime it sounds like someone's choking a walrus."

    Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites 
  • During an Immunity Challenge, Penner's Airai tribe are struggling to smash the tiles holding their puzzle pieces. When Malakal manage to smash all of their tiles, Penner starts yelling "Bull! We say bull! Bull! BULL!", much to Probst's annoyance. Penner tries and fails to smash a tile again, and he lets out his frustrations by exclaiming "I mean... my ASS!", which instantly makes James and Parvati crack up laughing.
  • Eliza's reactions while watching Ozzy get blindsided in Fans vs Favorites. Also, pretty much everyone's reactions when Erik gave away his immunity to Natalie. (see below)
  • Every moment that Erik does during the entire season since he was a fan for 14 years and acted like a total fanboy.
    • "Dude that's Jeff Probst! He's standing right over there!"
      • "Erik you're a freak!"
    • Erik licking at Cirie's chocolate cake fingers during the Survivor Auction. Seriously, he did.
      James: Something's wrong with this kid.
    • The entire episode where Erik giving up the immunity necklace to Natalie at the final 5. What happened was the girls were in the hot seat since Erik won the immunity necklace. However, Cirie came up with a crazy suggestion to ask Erik to give away his immunity while Amanda approves it telling Natalie to do it. Stunned, Natalie asks "Who would be dumb enough to fall for that?". Parvati responds "Ozzy. Jason. And Erik." So the girls 'worked on their magic' to sway Erik to give away his idol to prove to the jury he's honest and he would redeem himself. At the tribal council, Erik does it, to the shock of even the women who planned it. No points for guessing what happened to him.
      • To add insult to injury, knowing the outcome, the producers decides to reveal ALL of the voting confessionals instead of the usual 2 or 3 reveal. The best voting confession part was Cirie's and Parvati's. Poor dude.
      • Once Erik was voted out, cut to James, who had been voted out while sitting on two hidden immunity idols in his previous season, immediately declaring "I've lost my reign as dumbest Survivor ever!"
        Erik: You guys drive me crazy! I've should have known...
      • Cue Erik having his torch snuffed and running away from TC.
  • The entire "It's A Fucking Stick" scene. It's too funny for words. Watching Eliza Orlins try and fail to convince Jason Siska that a stick with two lines on it is not the idol is hilarious. Especially when she reluctantly plays it and Jeff throws it in the fire, Ozzy (who made the stick his "fake idol") says "Jeff, come on! That took hours to make."
  • The clusterfuck during Final Tribal Council when Natalie asks Parvati how her being a giant flirt translates to her performance in the bedroom. The Jury were both stunned and trying not to laugh, and Jeff just looked confused as hell.
    James: I'm confused.
  • Cirie's trip to Exile and looking for the idol. She gives an amazing confessional where ever few sends she talks about finding the next clue that tells her to go "BACK ACROSS THE OCEAN".

  • The tribal council in Gabon, where Randy played a fake hidden immunity idol and got voted out. But before that, Crystal had walked up to the Confession Cam, says, "YOU HAVE MADE MY LIFE HELL FROM DAY ONE!! FORGET YOU, GO HOME, GOODBYE!!!" while voting for Randy... and she says so loud that everyone at tribal council hears her, including Randy! Cue to some of them cracking up even before the 'fake idol reveal'. (see it all here)
    • And when Randy went to cast his jury vote at the final tribal council?
  • Randy and Matty having a very extended fight in the F9 Reward Challenge about the best way to slingshot their golf ball into the target... less than a foot from the goal.
  • The winner prediction of many and by far the sanest of such a crazy season, Marcus, having a complete implosion, being voted out the first time he was vulnerable, and leaving Ken and CRYSTAL in charge.
  • Crystal Cox in general. She says that she's an Olympic gold medalist and lies that she's a preschool teacher and a full time mother, trying to sway others that she's not physically fit. Unfortunately, she is so abysmal at challenges that some didn't see her as a medalist and actually believe her false background. The amount of failure at every challenge she tries is just astounding, even failing at the auction, rock/paper/scissors, and voting for the winner. Granted, after the show she did admit to steroid usage which stripped Crystal of her gold medal, but you'd expect an athlete like her to do better than this. Eventually she reveals during the reunion that she is and mention her friend calls up saying she sucks due to the multiple Epic Fail challenges.
  • Dan gets a clue to the idol that says "Across the lake lies a sandy crater". His genius deduction is that the idol is IN the lake. He does not find it.
    • Sugar is the next to go to Exile and actually comprehends what "across" means and finds the idol. However, the other tribe keeps sending her to Exile to break her spirit. The funny part? Exiles get a choice, clue or comfort. Since Sugar already has the idol she gets to always choose comfort and just hang out in a hut and eat every singe time.

  • Coach. Full stop. One the one hand he has the over-exposure of a Creator's Pet, but on the other hand the editors always seemed to go out of their way to make him seem like an idiot. The episode where he's sent to Exile Island just might be the funniest episode in Survivor history.
    • To comfort the tribe after Joe is medevac'd at the merge, Coach decides to uplift them with a story that tells them they can get through anything. Said story is that he used a helicopter to fly into South America, kayaked down the Amazon, was captured and tied up by pygmies who beat him, but escaped to kayak down the river. Brendan immediately has questions.
      Brendan: So how much does it cost to rent a military helicopter?
      • A Brick Joke in Heroes vs Villains: Jeff narrates the first challenge where Coach helps paddle a canoe with "Coach leading the tribe of Villains, using all of that life experience in a kayak!"
  • Even Sandy, despite being an early out, definitely delivered. We got such gems such as "ah'm pissed", "I wonder what a pace is?" and "these are fartin' beans". She drove her whole tribe crazy, but was amazing.
  • "Who is this jackass?" Said, unsurprisingly, about Coach.
  • Tyson Apostol, and most things he did. Basically the male counterpart of Courtney Yates.
    • "When it comes down to it, I want that million dollars. Exotic, expensive furs on my shoulder. Jewels on these pretty fingers. We're talkin' big time. I'll wear a tiara — a man tiara. Do they make those?"
    • "So I guess... Brendan or Coach is the leader? I don't know. It's, uh... I wasn't paying attention. I don't really care."
    • While many saw his treatment of Sierra as cruel, it was unquestionably funny when Tyson said that his friends were everyone except Sierra... including Brendan, on the jury.
      • If you still aren't convinced, don't worry - he gets voted out that episode! No one looks more blindsided than Sierra herself, the alternate target.
    • Normally when a tribe wins a challenge they all hug. One challenge involved passing alone ceramic pigs and trying not to break them. Tyson's tribe wins and they all celebrate and huge, except Tyson. Tyson is too busy in the background smashing the rest of the ceramic pigs.
  • As much of a Tearjerker the auction was, there were a couple of funny moments too:
    • Debbie's maths fail when bidding on some fries, failing to understand that bidding is in $20 increments.
    • Stephen bids on a secret item, which is revealed to be a skewer of chicken hearts. He is so transparently unenthusiastic as he describes how much he's thankful for the delicacy, and gives the most bug-eyed fake smile to the rest of the tribe as he gives a thumbs up.

  • In Samoa, Erik "got clotheslined... by the clothesline!"
    • Danger Dave Ball in general was a pretty funny guy.
      Dave Ball (in confessional): "I won chicken. What did you do? Not that. Peace!"
  • On the Funny 115, Brett, who spent all season more invisible than almost any character that season aside from his challenge streak when he was played up as a massive threat, was made into a quite humorous figure - and it became a Running Gag to photoshop him into past season screencaps.
  • At the auction, John Fincher was given the option of eating a slice of pie or giving four others a slice of their own. When he asks everyone if they want pie, they give the safe answer, except for Natalie (who won a shower she was currently using) saying "Yes I'm stoked on pie!"

    Heroes vs. Villains 
  • Coach and Russell randomly using a piece of wood as a seesaw.
  • Sandra burning Russell's hat at the end of Heroes and Villains and then helping him look for it afterwards to dispel suspicion. "So, where did you last see it?" Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome and a Karmic Ass-Kicking, considering that Russell gloated about destroying his tribe-members' belongings back in Samoa. Even Russell was self-aware enough to realize that he would have been a total hypocrite to whine about it, and actually gave her credit for it.
  • Before the first challenge, Jeff ask the contestants if they feel they're in the wrong tribe. Cue to Sandra raising up her hand first. This follows by Courtney, Coach, Parvati and Russell.
    • The only Villain who doesn't disagree? Jerri. She even lampshades this by pointing out her black hat.
  • Danielle and Amanda get in a catfight over an immunity idol clue. What makes the scene funny is that Colby just watches it eating popcorn.
  • At the Villains camp, Rob and Sandra are discussing how to make shelter. The conversation goes like this: "Well, we could make a nice roof with those fronds on the top of that tree. However, it looks pretty windy and dangerous up there. You'd have to be psychotically over-confident to try to cli-... Hey, wait... Let's ask Coach to do it."
    • Later, Rob ask Coach to get the palm leaves for their shelter. So as Coach gets up to the tree, Rob makes a bet to Sandra that Coach would pass while Sandra says Coach doesn't. Sure enough Coach gives up knowing it's not worth it as he backs down to the tree while hilarity ensures when Rob telling Coach to get back up while Sandra happily says he owes him a dollar.
    • After Coach inevitably fails:
      Rob: From the hero to the zero? More like from the villain to the never was!
  • In Episode 3, during a Sumo Match Coach uses his hands to knock Rupert out of the ring. He celebrates until Jeff tells him that's against the rules. Cue Coach giving Jeff the middle finger.
    • After Coach "wins", James helpfully points out "No karate chopping!"
  • During the Episode 2 Immunity/Reward Challenge, Randy suggests for his tribe to do the following with the heavy crates they were pushing:
    Randy: Roll it over Rupert's toe.
  • At the reunion: runner-up Parvati is seated between Russell and Sandra. Just look at Parvati's body language whenever they argue. For example:
    • With a straight face, Russell says, "Let me tell you how good I am!" while showing J.T.'s letter. Without missing a beat, Parvati drops into a sulking stance.
  • Speaking of J.T.'s letter, at the Final 12 after Rob is voted out, the Heroes believe instantly that Russell is on the outs of a female alliance. Russell plays into this with absolute overdramatics, despite strategically leading his tribe with Parvati. J.T. fashions an idea to give Russell an idol with a corny letter attached to it, with a (Rupert-recommended) last line about Russell proving he's not a villain. J.T. gives this to Russell, instructing him to vote out Parvati. Cut to Russell and Parvati reading the letter.
    Russell: (holding the idol) J.T. just handed me a million dollars. Hey, I guess he can afford it.
    Parvati: Why would you hand a Villain your heart? J.T. gave Russell his heart today, and Russell is just going to stab it a million times over, and hand it to me. And I’m going to eat it. (laughs)
    • At the merge, Parvati gives her idol and J.T.'s idol to two women, sending him home.
    • Come to think of it ever since Parvati played again in Micronesia, she has witnessed many of the dumbest moves in the game.
    • At the Final Tribe Council, Sandra also make this as a Call-Back when J.T. was up and she comments that if she could have intercepted it she would throw right back at him. Cue to Parvati agreeing with Sandra.
    • At the reunion show, Russell shows a plastic frame up of J.T.'s letter while J.T tries to grab it and burn it.
  • Sandra was constantly fantastic, from her challenge performances to her quips against Russell.
    Sandra: I'm voting for Russell, because I've been waiting to vote him out for 30 days too long. It's time for revenge, and this is for Courtney, Boston Rob, Tyson, and even Coach, who I don't care about, but I'll throw him in there too.
  • The final immunity challenge was simultaneously hilarious and a Moment of Awesome. Especially priceless is when Jerri, Russell, and Parvati make it to the end within inches of each other, and Sandra is still way behind in the maze.
    Parvati: That was fun.
    Sandra: *wandering out of the maze* No it wasn't. It suuuucked.
  • At one point, Russell suggests to Rob that they should vote off some dead weight. Rob asks if he has anyone in mind, and Russell says 'Those two right here', and gestures to Courtney and Sandra… who were sitting right in front of them.
  • Courtney is a fantastic juror, reacting with realistic humor to the goings-on of the game. At the merge, she tells Coach "If that little troll [Russell] plays an idol..." and brushes it off like she doesn't care. When Russell says he doesn't understand how a crying Danielle (who he has bullied and lied to all day) can accuse him, Courtney throws her hands up with an "are you kidding me" look. When Russell wastes his idol, she laughs at him openly.
    Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.
    Courtney: You do that. *thumbs up*
  • At the second villains tribal, the vote is due to be split between Russell and Parvati 3-3, while their 3 vote for Tyson. For whatever reason you may believe, Tyson decides to vote Parvati, breaking the split as 4-2 for Parvati. Russell then plays his idol on Parvati, everyone in Tyson's alliance grins... except Tyson, who visually knows he voted himself out.

  • Fabio tended to be stupidly funny at times:
    • When Kelly B reveals her prosthetic leg, he says "Can you control it?" and proceeds to get a couple funny looks from people non-verbally asking "Did you seriously just say that?"
    • During a confessional, a crab walks by and pinches his toe and he calmly says "Ow".
    • Fabio doesn't get out of the water in one challenge and Probst asks what he's doing. Fabio just calmly says "I'm peeing."
  • Dan was great for a few one liners and moments as well.
    Holly: Looks like rain.
    Dan: Looks like the end of the world.
    • After he won the F11 reward:
      Dan: First time flying above the Nicaraguan jungle riding a zipline... it was okay. There aren't many ziplines in Brooklyn. If there are, you're a burglar.
    • At the horrid weather:
      Jill: Well the rain will have to stop sometime.
      Dan: That's what Noah said.
    • When Yve and Dan are arguing over whether or not Yve is arrogant in Tribal Council.
      Yve: Well at least I don't brag about my Ferrari and my three houses and my vacation home!
      Dan: I do!
    • When Holly confesses to him that she dumped his expensive shoes in the river, he gives her a terrified glare.
    • At the infamous F9 double quit Tribal Council, when Na Onka was complaining that the rain and wind made her joints hurt, Dan (who just had surgery on his knees) gave her an incredulous look.
    • In the F13 reward, the tribes had to launch a small ball into a gigantic net with one lone defender in front of it while diving into the water. Dan runs forward... stops... throws it so softly that Fabio actually catches it... and then plops into the water. Cue an incredulous "really?" from Fabio.
    • One reward challenge split the teams up... with Dan not even competing and just sitting at a giant throne, and kicking his legs like a little child.
  • Right before one challenge, you can spot everyone boxing up the fire with wooden crates so it doesn't get wet. When they come back from the challenge, predictably, the camp had burned down. And no one seems to have any idea how it happened.
  • Fabio and Na Onka's feud throughout the show. Especially funny is how almost every argument between the two ends with Fabio speechless, grabbing the side of his head and staring up at the sky hopelessly.
    • Jeff instigates a moment between Na Onka and Fabio when La Flor gets to listen in on Espada's Tribal Council. When Na Onka complains about being starving, Jeff asks Fabio how the food is.
    Na Onka: You would ask him.
  • The first La Flor Tribal Council. The amount of infighting and implosions within such a short time, especially on behalf of Shannon, is awe-inspiring. Especially when Emmy-winning host Jeff Probst was forced to ask in perfect deadpan, "New York is full of gay people?"
    • Sash's Wham Line as he votes for Shannon after his homophobic comments related to the above line.
      Sash: You should have known better than to mess with the most eligible bachelor in New York. As they say in Nicaragua, hasta la vista.
  • At the final 6 loved ones challenge, Chase wins and is allowed to let two families share in his reward. Jeff explains that the ones not chosen will be taken away and executed.
  • Jeff Probst, of all people, randomly impersonating his own mother in the Final 6 Tribal Council.
    Jeff Probst: Let me ask you the question my mom would want asked, which is "why don't they have, uh, their own alliance? Try and do something or force a vote? It's crazy!"
  • Seeing people in the Gulliver's Travels painfully fake enjoying the movie.
  • Na Onka directly quoting Sandra Diaz-Twine.
    Na'Onka: Why you raisin' your voice at me? I CAN GET LOUD TOO!
  • La Flor's challenge entrance. What makes the scene is the reactions of the older Espada tribe, and Chase and Shannon trying to be serious throughout the whole thing.
  • Purple Kelly's entire existence. Since she quit eleven episodes in, she got zero confessionals and screentime... except for one that made her look like an idiot, where she talked about how the reward let players "milk your own milk".
    Chase: You never talk much.
    Purple Kelly: I know, right? Weird.
  • After the tribes swap Marty tells La Flor about how strict and disciplined they were about chores at the other tribe. When Marty says "There were no slackers" the camera dramatically zooms in tight on a very concerned looking Fabio.
  • In Marty's boot episode, Na Onka goes into a tirade at Tribal Council about what she doesn't like about him, including, amongst other things, that "his walk sucks". During the voting, Marty decides to have one last dig at her by doing an exaggerated crawled walk on his way back from the voting booth, to which she responds like you would expect.

    Redemption Island 
  • The first Redemption Island tribal council, where: 1) Philip cannot pronounce (or spell) "Francesca" 2) Philip reveals absolutely everything that has gone down between him, Francesca and Kristina, and 3) Boston Rob asks Kristina to give up her immunity idol. Jeff's face at 4:12 says it all.
    • "Let that be a lesson to you: government jobs ... stressful!"
  • Russell said he plays the game with "Trust". This is coming from RUSSELL HANTZ - someone who sociopathically bullied his way through the game without regards for how others saw him, betrayed almost every single person he aligned himself with... did he even watch the seasons he competed in?
  • Ralph, upon finding the hidden immunity idol:
    "Simple as wipin' yer hiney with toilet paper!"
  • Julie hiding Philip's shorts just to screw with him.
  • Stephanie: "Your other left, Ralph!"
  • The "participate or eat" challenge offered the choice between an endurance challenge or a feast of burgers, with only Phillip and Steve choosing the latter. The "Elapsed Time" counter typically featured in these types of challenges appears as usual... accompanied by a second counter labeled "Elapsed Burgers".
  • Boston Rob manages to snatch away a clue to the tribe's hidden immunity idol while on a trip to an active volcano without anyone looking. Since he already had the idol, he had no need for the clue, and since he didn't want anyone else finding the clue, he chucks it into the volcano during his confessional.
  • Steve Wright had zero respect for Phillip or his antics.
    Steve: Where's numbnuts?
    Julie: On top of the rock. *points to giant rock*
    Steve: Do you think he'll jump off?
  • David's attempt to vote for Rob in his boot episode was writing Rob's name on the same vote 4 times and asking Jeff to count it as 4 votes.

    South Pacific 
  • In South Pacific, the first Redemption Island Duel starts. Semhar begins by going on a rhyme... and Probst just stands there and looks at her like she's crazy.
  • In episode two, this exchange:
    Brandon: (Referring to her game play) Parvati has screwed many a man.
  • After getting news that Stacey insisted on calling him "Benjamin" at the Redemption Island Duel, he goes on a rant about it, insisting that he makes even his parents call him Coach.
    • Stacey's whole rant about her tribe on Redemption Island, complete with sound effects.
      Stacey: Those are liars so red team look out for those right there. It wasn’t a team. It is Benjamin, Albert, and Sophie. But who is the ending two? Benjamin and Albert. But Benjamin is running the team. Benjamin is running the team. Makes ALL the decisions.
      Jeff: Coach?
      Stacey: No, Benjamin. Adults call him Benjamin. So I’m not gonna call him Coach. What’s his name? What was his birth name? It wasn’t Coach, it was Benjamin. And you know, they’re children. 26, 22. They go listen to all of Benjamin’s Halloween jokes. Chuck E. the Cheese jokes. They want it. He go off the Lord take them off their feet. ‘Oh Benjamin! It’s so loyalty’. C’mon. Everyday he got a story. I wasn’t buying it. (rolls eyes, fake laughs). No. So they try like yesterday like the tribe was all cahoots. Benjamin let’s give a hug. PSHT! Keep that hug. (points a “gun” in the air) BOOP! For me. Cause it wasn’t real.
  • Recap shows rarely have funny moments... but when Cochran mimics Keith, they even cut to footage of Keith and dubbed Cochran's voice over his own.
  • The Gilligan Cut at the beginning of a post-merge episode:
    Ozzy: (to Cochran, referring to the duel) Everyone has a chance!
    Ozzy: (confessional) [Cochran] doesn't have a chance.
  • Albert lays around the camp while Edna does laundry. Edna turns around for one minute and Albert had managed to knock down the laundry and put out the fire.
  • When everyone else on Upolu pretends to enjoy Jack and Jill, there are multiple shots of Sophie either not looking the slightest bit entertained or just flat out disgusted by the movie.
    • This may be a bit of YMMV, but what is even more funny is after Jack and Jill is to be considered one of the worst films ever made, it slightly made Sophie into the Only Sane Woman in that tribe since she is the only one shown to clearly not be enjoying that film.
    • At that challenge after Upolu wins, Coach orders his tribe "on your knees!" and instructs them to pray. Meanwhile, Ozzy is throwing a massive yet strangely unconvincing tantrum.
  • Coach trying to hug people he voted out and getting rejected every time.
  • Ozzy's Failed Attempt at Drama before his first duel. No one on Upolu fell for it.
    Ozzy: For revenge. Basically.
  • After Brandon is voted out after giving Albert his immunity necklace, the immunity necklace falls off of Albert's neck.
  • Sophie was always good for giving a good confessional.
    • "For some reason or another, Brandon wants to vote out Mikayla. I don't know what his deal is. Maybe Brandon is threatened by Mikayla because she's a strong woman, and if that's the case, it worries me because I think I'm quite strong as well."
    • "There's a lot of tension between Brandon and Mikayla. In his biblical terms, he'd probably call her 'The Whore of Babylon'."
    • "You can never count on someone flipping over. You can never know for sure. That said, I think I feel as confident about Cochran flipping over, because Cochran thinks that if he switches and comes back to camp he's gonna get beat up. Which is a legitimate thing for a dodgeball target to be afraid of."
    • "I almost felt that his personality is something Cochran has going for him here. I mean when I first came here I kinda felt bad for Cochran, it seemed like people bullied him, but I can see now why people got annoyed with him. You know, I get frustrated by the air he puts on, I think he's really proud of the move he made, and I think he still thinks that somebody will take him to the end. I don't like it."
    • Sophie shutting down Jeff at tribal council.
    Jeff: This has been an eye-opening tribal hasn't it?
    Sophie: No.
    • "Cochran says I know a lot of you feel indebted, I don't feel indebted to you, screw you!"
    • Sophie is great even when quiet, as when her tribe won a reward to see Jack and Jill, everyone was laughing...except for her. In fact, she looked like would rather be anywhere else at the moment.

    One World 
  • In the first challenge, Colton jumps down and practically planks...causing the editing team to make a funny noise.
  • During a confessional, a bug flies into Kat and interrupts her thoughts.
  • When Colton is being interrogated by Jeff for his racist comments, he states he has black friends in his life, like his housekeeper.
  • Although the Cloud Cuckoolander has been done to death on Survivor in recent years, Greg "Tarzan" Smith is still comic gold. A 64 year old plastic surgeon with a strong case of Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness and little self-awareness, he brought a lot of life to a season that was often quite nasty.
    • Of special note is the Monica tribal council, where he quotes that he has "dropped my assertiveness to a different lodestar." Jeff is visibly stunned.
    Jeff: So that means... Hold on, I kind of like this, it's like a game.
    • Contrast that sharply with Leif trying to describe him:
    Leif: He definitely is a very complex... very... wisdom kind of guy. He also helps, uhm, better... explanate...
    Jeff: See, explanate. Not even a word!
    Tarzan: What he said is a neologism.
    • An episode after Troyzan declares "this is my island!" he loses early on in a coconut chop style challenge, and an effigy of himself is burned. Tarzan points out that the ashes and smoke in the air will make him a part of the island.
  • During a memory reward challenge, Troyzan and Kat must memorize six items that were placed on a shelf. Troyzan immediately shuts it without letting Kat get a good look at it and just places random items up. This goes on seven times, during which there is a lot of Jump Cut-ing.
    Jeff: No (Jump Cut) Wrong (Jump Cut) No (Jump Cut) Wrong. This is your SEVENTH TIME.
  • Kat's blindside. During her final Tribal Council, Kat said she loved watching blindside, especially the person's shocked face when the votes were revealed. Seeing her face when she was blindsided was pretty satisfying and funny.
  • During a challenge of Water Basketball, there's a solid minute where Leif repeatedly tries to tackle Michael, and Michael continuously whiffs the shots, neither one getting anywhere. Leif trying desperately to run after Michael while Michael misses every shot is a sight to see.
  • In the reunion show Jeff asks Matt why he let Colton talk him into giving up immunity. Matt points out that happened after he was voted out and Jeff asks someone else to host for him.
  • Another meta example: Rob Cesternino tweeted that one of the key differences between Survivor and Big Brother was that when you get Peanut Butter and Jelly on Survivor, it's a reward. (An all peanut-butter and jelly sandwich diet was a punishment on Big Brother prior to slop.)

  • Angie saying at the Episode 2 Tribal Council that the thing that would make camp life better is... cookies. Cue an incredulous face from Probst saying, "Really?!"
  • Michael Skupin getting distracted by a nearby ant while having an otherwise poignant conversation with Lisa.
  • Skupin's injury montage in the first episode.
    • Skupin jumped into the water while wearing a mask during the episode 3 immunity challenge, and ended up with no mask and his face covered in blood.
    • Skupin getting a bit too close to the fire - again - in the penultimate episode.
    • Skupin getting headbutted by a shark.
    • Pete's comments about Skupin in episode 5: "Mike's stupid. He tells annoying stories, and when we're trying to make fire he has to throw his hands in and mess things up."
    • When Skupin's son comes in, he manages to hurt himself.
    • Abi-Maria tries to cut open a coconut with a machete against a palm tree. The coconut ends up flying off and almost knocking Skupin unconscious.
  • After Dawson is voted out, she lunges straight for Probst and kisses him on the cheek. And then, at the reunion, she does it again.
  • The merge tribe was almost named "Fuckinrayne" because of all the rain. No doubt the crew thought it was Actually Pretty Funny, but told them they had to change it because the Precision F-Strike meant they would have to censor the tribe name. So it was called "Dangrayne"
  • After Carter and Jeff Kent discuss the possibility of voting Jonathan Penner out, Carter accidentally asks Penner "Katie or Penner?" before correcting himself to "Katie or Denise." Penner either overlooks the Freudian Slip or just chooses not to comment on it.
    Penner: I sure would hate to lose Katie.
  • Jonathan Penner, not content with only two seasons worth of funny confessionals, turns his head towards the rest of the tribe and shouts "DENISE!" while voting for her in his boot episode.
    • And then, when he's leaving the island, he holds his arms out and begin whistling the Survivor theme song (badly) while he walks away. And then comes back, still whistling, and stretching his arms out for the "crowd". Yes, Jonathan Penner gave himself a standing ovation. What did you expect?
  • Denise voting for Abi:
    Denise: If this vote doesn't go as planned there is something seriously wrong in the universe.
  • Jeff Kent, who made $60 million playing baseball, complains about the prize upon elimination: "It's only 600 grand after Obama takes it!" Made even funnier by the fact that his boot episode aired the day after Obama won re-election.
  • Abi and RC's friendship- while RC proved herself troublesome in Ponderosa, it is funny how Abi managed to hate her supposed best friend by the second episode, through seemingly no fault of RC's own. To this day RC still won't play a season with Abi-Maria.
    • At the second merge Tribal Council, Malcolm reveals his idol and threatens the tribe. Shocked, Jeff asks sarcastically if anyone else wants to reveal their idol. Abi-Maria does.
    • Abi pretending she has an advantage in the challenge and a fake idol at the Final 7... then dramatically ripping the paper with her advantage up at the challenge.

    Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites 
  • It may be soul-crushing for Francesca, but no one can deny the humor in seeing her voted out first for a second time. Bonus points in that it was once again caused directly by her arch-nemesis Phillip.
  • Phillip directly addressing the camera when introducing his alliance, "Stealth R' Us, Inc", complete with spy music in the background. His alliance's reactions, especially Malcolm's, make the scene.
  • Shamar shouting "That's what I'm talking about!" in celebration after the reward challenge in episode 4...only to find out shortly after that the other team had won.
  • Malcolm getting an idol from Reynold at Tribal Council, now immortalized in Lego... and song.
  • The Phillip Boot, full stop. Malcolm's masterful showmanship and sharp lines ("Phillip is a fun sponge."), the varying looks on people's faces, and the excitement of the Stealth R' Us alliance being forced to strategize aloud in Tribal Council, and Phillip being unable to find his torch upon being voted out are only highlights. Watch it for yourself.
  • At the Tribal Council where she gets blindsided, Andrea discovers her second vote for her and she blurts out "What?!".
  • Cochran gets picked by the editors as the narrator for the season, and does a great job altering between snark and faux-cockiness, especially following his challenge wins.
    • Cochran telling Probst to stop talking about his mom during their team-up reward challenge.
  • Reynold's jury speech, where he makes Dawn use three adjectives to describe him and yells "YES!" at the top of his lungs when she comes up with "chauvinistic".
  • Cochran is asked if he'd be sitting beside people like Eddie and Reynold at the bar, or sitting away from them. Cochran says beside them, but then clarifies there'd be a woman on each side of him.

    Blood vs. Water 
  • Pretty much any scene involving Brad Culpepper, most notably when he had trouble trying to explain how 5 has a majority in a tribe of 9.
  • Tyson explaining his cupcake belt buckle he got from a gas station pre-game.
    • Also, Tyson and Gervase stashing coconuts away from everyone else in Galang. They're almost found out when Laura B. is inspecting the coconuts and finding that they've been tapped into, but Monica unknowingly saves them by blaming the crabs for them. Gervase's confessional afterwards where he expresses his relief is hilarious as well.
  • When Vytas becomes the last man standing on Nu Galang, Tina takes to confessional to detail her admiration for the man, going so far as to say that she'd be honored if he took an interest in Katie... before going on to detail how horrible of a flirt Katie is on National TV, even saying that Vytas would have to "hit her over the head with a club and drag her back to his cave" before saying that she was hoping for grandbabies. Needless to say, there was probably a "moooom, you're embarrassing me" at the Wesson home that evening.
  • Laura Morett talking so much about wanting to come back into the game for her daughter, while meanwhile Ciera has stated in confessionals that she thinks her mother will hurt her game. Her displeased facial expressions during her mother winning Redemption Island seal the deal.
  • Tyson on dealing with Monica:
    Tyson: “You have to show her a little love, you have to show some respect… but she just likes to repeat the same idea over and over again, and I don’t want to be rude to her because I wanna keep her close, but at some point you wanna say… Monica, shut up. I’m just like, give me a rusty spoon so I can gouge my eyes out, and then I’ll jab the stick into my brain. It’s taking all of my patience. All of my patience.”
  • Gervase having to, once again, face live grubs in an eating challenge as a Call-Back to his infamous incident in Season 1. His reactions all the way through are so over the top and hilarious.
  • Tyson goes to play his idol in the Final 7... but when he has (or pretends to have) trouble finding it, he begins to rummage through his bag for it, at one point even instructing Katie to start holding things as he pulls them out. After a full 30 seconds, he pours out all the stuff from his bag and then picks the idol out to play.
    • Made even funnier by Gervase's exasperated "really, man?"
  • When Tyson finds the idol a second time, he has no pockets to hide it in. He opts to stuff it down the front of his pants where, as he puts it, "no one will suspect a bulge."
  • Surprisingly, Katie Collins has emerged to become possibly the funniest contestant of the season. Small moments of hers appear randomly through the season.
    • When Aras asks Katie if she's okay voting for Ciera, she replies "It's a game... bitch."
    • During the Final 6 Immunity Challenge, the contestants have to balance a ball on a long stick. Katie drops it onto her head. A few scenes of intense action commences... and then cut to Katie dropping it on her head again.
    • Katie is on Redemption Island after being the second person to draw rocks in the history of the show and draw the fatal rock. Her reaction and final words confessional? "I rocked out."
  • Tyson interrupting Hayden as he argues with Gervase in the incredibly intense Final 6 Tribal Council (where rocks would be drawn) to correct his Malaproper, ruffle feathers, to rustle feathers.
    • In the same episode, Gervase shouting his voting confessional for Hay-Done, a la Crystal Cox.
    • After Katie draws the rock and is sent home, Tyson applauds Katie for her bravery... before pointing out her chair as a juror.
  • Think of how intense the storyline between the Baskauskas brothers is. Between Aras crying in his pre-game interview thinking about Vytas' drug addiction, Vytas confessing that envy made him hate his brother sometimes, the sumo challenge fight, their reunion at the merge, Vytas cussing out the tribe in his final tribal council for blindsiding his brother, and their tearful goodbye. With that in mind, could you imagine that the last time we see either of them this season is doing the robot in the background of Tyson getting his check at the reunion?

  • Anytime Tony goes into Large Ham mode.
    • Crowning Moment of which goes to him, during an intense argument with Kass in the Final 5, calling her a llama and spontaneously imitating one. Needless to say, it is amazing.
    • Making his Spy Shack at the back of the shelter is one thing. Making it again post-merge is another. It actually working is by far another.
    • Tony wants to earn the loyalty of his swap tribe, so he tells everyone he lied about being a construction worker. This does not get the reaction he wanted.
      L.J.: So Tony showed us he was trustworthy by telling us he lied. Different.
      • Even funnier, despite him telling nearly everyone, at a merge Tribal he is still keeping up the construction worker lie, despite clearly having no idea what that job entails.
        Tony: You turn around and someone's swiped your tools!
  • The first time Luzon arrives at tribal council, Garrett is startled by a spider climbing up him.
  • Spencer's first vote for J'Tia.
    Spencer: The fact that you're a nuclear engineer is genuinely, genuinely scary.
  • For the reward challenge(before the fourth Immunity Challenge), a person is at the top telling the blindfolded people where to go. Hilarity, getting hit in the groin(both genders), and falling down ensues.
  • During the fourth Immunity Challenge, the Brawn tribe tries to throw the challenge, but the Brain tribe does so horrible, the Brawn tribe accidentally wins.
  • In the beginning of Luzon's third Tribal, Jeff uses body language to properly express just how annoyed he is at their failures. Yes, they suck so bad, Jeff can't use words to describe it.
  • While it must be pretty bad for them, there is some hilarious Irony at the Brains tribe (aka, the alleged smart people) being one of the worst tribes ever.
  • With New Solana down 6-5 at Tribal Council, Tony announces he's going to play an idol on one of the five, taunting them all. The New Aparris whisper to each other to vote for The Other One. After the vote, Tony announces he's playing the idol on LJ. After that, LJ gets out his idol and announces he wants to play it on Tony in exchange. After this bizarre exchange, the two laugh and joke about it, thrilled to have saved themselves with epic music in the background. And then the music stops and the first vote is read, revealing The Other One: JEFRA. It makes no difference as it turns out Kass flipped, but that moment qualifies as one of the most Oh, Crap! Survivor moments ever.
  • When Spencer comes back from a reward to look for an immunity idol, Woo follows in self-professed Ninja Stealth Mode, culminating in an expertly narrated confessional as Woo steals Spencer's idol clue and runs back to camp.
  • Coming back from Tribal Council, Tony tries to put his torch with the others, and then the torches all fall down as he does so.
  • Kass tells Tony that it's a little too soon to be turning on a team of six. Given who's saying this to Tony, it's amazing Tony was able to keep a straight face.
  • At the Survivor auction, Woo wins a plate of ribs, which is bizarrely accompanied by a Sexophone and some unnervingly sultry Jeff Probst narration.

    San Juan Del Sur 
  • Wes and Keith recount their Day Zero story- they actually broke the flint they were trying to use to start a fire.
    • Their first confessional together, particularly when Keith says to Wes, "You're about as mentally strong as that rock."
  • The scene where Wes tells John Rocker he knows who he is, for so many reasons:
    • Wes is carrying a gigantic bundle of branches. John is not carrying any. This is not at all addressed.
    • Wes is a huge fan of Rocker, whereas his father earlier labeled Rocker as an asshole in a confessional
    • John tries to make up a last name on the spot, and comes up with "Wet(te)land", which is either another MLB relief pitcher or just the exact terrain they're walking in at that particular moment.
    • Wes takes a painfully long time to get to the point in order to bust Rocker, in order to rub it in. In one point he asks if John's last name (R-O-C-K-E-R) has five letters. John actually has to think it over for a moment. If John is actually going with the fake name of the other MLB pitcher, he manages to spell that wrong as well.
    • John finally confesses when Wes starts talking about how awesome John is.
  • With her back against the wall, Val comes up with one of the most ridiculous, outlandish lies you could think of. Several members of her tribe completely buy it. Even worse, it's the lie that sends her home.
    • To explain it, Val starts night three after the Nadiya vote-out claiming that she has two idols, to defer others from voting for her. This is insane in and of itself, as there is only one idol a tribe and it's been three days. However, after an Exile Island deal with Val's husband, John Rocker tries to save her. He finds the idol, and then tells Val to play one of her two idols, despite already having the Coyopa idolnote , and lets the vote split 4-4 in the hopes that Val plays her idol, and doesn't do anything else. Obviously, she doesn't, which stuns Rocker, who votes for Val and gives a voting confessional venting angrily that Val didn't play her idol. At no point does it cross Rocker's mind that maybe Val didn't leave with two idols.
  • When Josh and Reed fight in the sumo match, Drew accidentally roots for the person on the other tribe.
  • After getting berated by her in Tribal Council for flipping, Baylor's voting confessional for Val is just an exasperated sigh.
  • Drew as a whole. Anything that comes out of his mouth leaves you with a red face.
    Drew: Basically, I'm a badass.
    Jeremy: Basically, he's a moron.
    • Drew has possibly the most humiliating round of gameplay in Survivor History.
      • He's already spent 9 days alienating everyone on his tribe with his laziness and arrogance, and decides to start round 4 going against his tribe in trying to convince Probst to take a trade for their old flint after they found it, despite Probst giving them hell when they tried to trade last time.
      • After that, he goes to Exile Island with his best friend's girlfriend, and immediately tries to flirt with her. It's there where he decides to throw the upcoming immunity challenge to get rid of "snakes in his tribe", without telling anyone, which he gladly tells Jaclyn. He does in fact throw the challenge without consulting anyone, sending them to TC.
      Drew: If I want to throw the challenge, I will throw the challenge. That's what makes me the kingpin of this tribe.
      • Jeremy and Jon both go to him with offers to vote out Keith and Julie, respectively, but Drew shuts them both down, insisting that they have to get rid of the true snake, KELLEY, who up to that point had barely any focus whatsoever.
      • The fact that he thinks a girls' alliance will take over the game if Kelley isn't voted out, despite the fact that the girls are down 5-4.
      • He will not listen to anyone else at all. He keeps railing against Kelley to everyone, even two feet in front of Kelley, which he says blatantly that he doesn't care about. Even his best friend Jon is calling him out on being a jackass.
      • He ends up angering everyone so much that he ends up being the only one to vote Kelley, the other guys scatter their votes between Keith and Julie, and the girls band together with Jeremy to vote out Drew. That's right, Drew's own horrible gameplay against an all-girls' alliance created an all-girls' alliance to take him out.
      • If that wasn't enough next time Kelley played in Cambodia she spearheads a you guessed it an all girls alliance.
  • Keith saying, "Wesley's a good kid. I mean, he ain't been to jail yet."
  • Jon yelling "Who's 'Big John' now?!" when he's winning a challenge. They then lose.
  • Someone said that they thought Alec was a threat and might have had the idol... when the camera showed Alec with a look of utter obliviousness on his face.
  • In Episode 8, Jaclyn wasn't talked to by the male members of Josh's alliance while Jon was on Exile. When Jon returns, she brings this up. As Jon was combating this point, Josh's boyfriend Reed walked up, welcomed Jon back from Exile, talking briefly about the vote with him, then leaving, ignoring Jaclyn entirely. Josh was sent home that night.
  • In Episode 10's Immunity Challenge, Reed and Natalie attempted to mimic Keith's spitting. Reed was successful, while Natalie's attempt ended up with her getting all of her spit on her shirt.
    • Wes bragging about his chicken nuggets record at the same challenge. "
      Wes: I won the chicken nugget eatin' contest. 58 chicken nuggets in 5 minutes.
    • Wes also bringing up Jeff's Shirtless Scene on Two and a Half Men while completely punch-drunk after eating.
      Wes: Remember when you were on Two and a Half Men and you were naked cooking pancakes?
  • A rat interrupts tribal council.
  • The vacant, open-mouthed stare Alec has in almost every shot of him on the jury.
  • Natalie takes Jon and Jaclyn on a reward. Missy and Baylor look offended. Keith, the outsider, says "I'm used to it."

    Worlds Apart 
  • While often caustic and mean, Jenn gives tons of fantastic motormouth confessionals about any and everything.
    • Commenting about Vince hugging her: "We smell bad, okay? We smell bad."
  • Shirin spends most of the pre-merge being lively and energetic, while consistently annoying the fuck out of anyone besides Max within five-hundred yards of her.
    • In episode two, she strips her underwear, walking around in just a bra. This leads to her talking with Joaquin and Tyler about the dishes. Tyler looks away, clearly wanting to be anywhere else, and Joaquin just stares ahead like nothing's wrong.
    • In the third episode, Shirin witnesses monkeys having sex and gives it a play-by-play to the confessional as well as the rest of her tribe, who promptly spend the rest of the scene discussing how strange she is.
    • She talks in episode four about how she learned how to butcher a chicken from a farmer, and practiced by killing a rabbit. Joaquin's stunned confessional sells it.
    Joaquin: First thing that came to my mind was like, "oh, sociopaths, you know. First thing they start doing, you know, is killing small animals."
    • This image sums up the Shirin experience beautifully.
    • Shirin interrupting herself in the Max Tribal Council because she feels that Jeff is staring at her too intensely. He is so clearly lost, looking around the room and jokingly asking if his botox looks wrong.
    • When Dan gets stung by a stingray, Shirin eagerly asks if she needs him to pee on it for him, clearly excited about the opportunity to create a Call-Back to the scene in Marquesas where Kathy pees on John Carroll.
  • Episode 2 featured Max and Shirin's nudity becoming offputting to other members of the camp, Nina becoming upset that Jen and Hali neglected to ask her to go skinny dipping, and Dan losing his underwear in the water. Yes, somehow all three of the tribes had a nudity-related subplot in the same episode.
  • Rodney's breakdown during the Blue Collar fight scene of the third episode. This consists of Rodney getting enraged at Dan for calling his mother a whore, yelling at Mike about how he's "jacked" because he has "motivation dedication," ranting extensively about the real estate in Boston vs. Texas and how "ain't nobody want to live in Texas" while impersonating Mike with a Simpleton Voice, and then saying he's going to use his 3 Cs - "cool, calm, and collective" - right before getting a massive pile of firewood, furiously throwing it down onto the ground, and stomping away.
    • Rodney's "3 Cs" come up multiple times in the season, always fittingly spliced right before a scene of him screaming at someone.
  • Every time Dan claims to have grown as a player or claims to be amazing at something, and then is shown immediately botching it afterward. By far the best has to be when Mike tells him not to badger Sierra when he apologizes for laying into her after the vote, and Dan condescends in a confessional saying that he's talked to more women than Mike ever has. Cue him apologizing to Sierra then insulting her immediately afterward.
  • Max's downfall episode, where he and Shirin are so far into la-la-land being Survivor fans that they annoy everyone else to death with their chattiness and they vote Max out.
    • Max trying to quote "Hold up, bro" while faking that he has an idol, and Jeff giving him the dirtiest look humanly possible.
    • Jenn gives an animated confessional about Max and Shirin racing to the finish to see which one is the most annoying, narrating it like a horse race.
  • Mike decides that the name of the merged tribe should be "Merica." The reactions need to be seen to be believed. While Mike and Hali are ecstatic, Shirin is mortified. Yes, the resident Cloud Cuckoolander thinks the new tribe name is stupid.
  • "Is Rodney smart?"
  • Rodney's AMAZING impressions of Mike and Dan in Episode 9.
  • Jenn's blunt, straightforward final words lambasting nearly everyone in the enemy alliance. Made even better due to an editing trick that brought up each of her enemies' vote as she insults them.
    Jenn: A lot of people suck super hard, Will seemed to be nice person but he's kinda shattered now, Sierra, I don't know, she just sucks. I hated Rodney, but I really hate Mama C, the same way I hate Dan. They're just fake, and it kills me. I can't wait to see the rest of this tribe destroy each other, I just hope they're not on the jury soon so I don't have to see their faces.
  • Every time Mike does his "happy dance."
  • The Final 6 Reward Challenge for various reasons, but mostly because the puzzle is either so obscure or the contestants are so out of it that the word puzzle "A Reward With All The Fixin's" takes an hour, so long that Jeff impatiently starts throwing out less-than-subtle clues to get their attention. There are plenty of other moments too, like:
    • Jeff baiting Rodney to whine about never going on a reward before calling him entitled to his face.
    • Jeff saying "Communication is key!" just before a shot of Rodney running away from the team with a bunch of letters.
    • Dan the superfan treating Sierra like an idiot for actually providing the right answer, ignoring it.
    • Jeff saying "I say the same 200 words. I'm in therapy from saying them so many times."
    • "Shain't" from Dan, "a reward to fix wishing" from Rodney being bad enough to make everyone else laugh at him.
    • Carolyn asking 45 minutes in "Can we buy a vowel?"
    • Carolyn finally getting it and singing "Oh my gooood" out of sheer excitement.
  • The Final 4 Tiebreaker. While not nearly as big an Epic Fail as Cook Islands, it is still quite funny with how Rodney and Carolyn made it to day 38 but neither can make fire. They take almost an hour and literally break the flint several times.

    Cambodia - Second Chance 
  • Despite only being around for four episodes, Jeff Varner made a gigantic splash, not the least of which was because of his fast-talking sense of humor. Of particular iconic note is him talking about Shirin's mile-a-minute strategizing.
    Varner: Shirin is talking a mile a minute. This train took off and I’m glad I’m on it. I just got on it. I don’t care who’s pulling me in the woods— “Yes,” is your answer. It’s like, “Damn, mama! Slow down! (laughs) I just got here.” And you know, a train will only go as fast and its conductor will take it and she’s hitting the gas… (startled) What just bit my ass?!
    • Another one of note is when Varner watches Abi deliberately go to alienate the outsiders.
      Varner: Abi is our own little Brazilian soap opera that we can just turn on and watch whenever we want to. And there are buttons you use to push to get it at various levels of entertainment. I see Abi as somebody everybody hates, which makes her somebody that I know I can beat. She is the perfect tool to help me win one million dollars. Oh, my God! This is delicious! Who needs food when you’ve got Abi?
  • A bat interrupts tribal council in Episode 4, freaking out everyone present. Abi in particular nearly dives into Savage's lap head-first.
  • During the episode 5 immunity challenge, Stephen starts to take aim, but accidentally aims at the Angkor target and hits it, giving them a point.
  • After Savage is blindsided by the loss of his ally, his confessional slowly dissolves into anger.
    Savage: It was a very tough night for me. I go to Tribal, I thought it was a lock. They didn’t include me… and they’re incredible liars. I thought I could read people pretty well. (shakes head) I mean, they’re professionals. These folks are professional. I feel the most betrayed by Kass. I thought she was really strong with the Bayons, but after last night she became a Ta Keo. And I’m not going to go down without a fight... Fuck them! Pieces of shit! (awkward silence followed by a big fake grin)
  • Abi is her own golden fountain of self-unaware hypocrisies and barbs.
    • Her claiming she's going to be fair about the bracelet incident with Peih-Gee only to rat her out to everyone with a pair of ears on the tribe.
    • Deciding out of nowhere just to fuck with the outsiders by listening in on their conversations.
    • After Woo tells a heartfelt story about how his mother inspires him to be the best he is due to her surviving heart surgery, Abi tries to gain sympathy by comparing it to her tendon transplant, gaining a dismissive brushoff from the listeners.
    • Telling Stephen flat-out to get over it when he was upset that he lost the reward challenge.
    • If you fuck with Abi you're dead.
  • Kass makes her first jury entrance by flipping the entire tribe off.
  • Keith is a wealth of great under the radar moments.
    • Giving a confessional about Joega, saying that he gets up, drinks his coffee, and goes to work "like 99% of America."
    • Choking on a piece of fruit during a confessional.
    • Playfully arguing with Kimmi over a mishap with the fire after they get to their new camp.
    • Making cat claws in the background of Kass and Tasha fighting to a laughing Kelly Wiglesworth.
    • Practicing a golf swing immediately in the shot as the Bayon tribe dissolves into vicious fights come merge.
    • Flubbing an attempt to give Jeremy a gung-ho signal after he learns the vote is Kass.
  • When Savage is blindsided by the three girls and Wentworth's idol, Abi sends them off with "At least you made the jury!" earning herself an immediate middle finger.
  • Bored by a strategy talk at a reward, Keith leaves to mess with one of the motorbike-taxis (known as tuk-tuks, though Keith refers to them as "to-tos") that led them into the reward. He revs it up, and without any permission, starts driving the taxi down the beach, hooting and hollering. Soon everyone ends up riding along with Keith in the stolen taxi.
    • Joe jokes that they will see Keith doing this in 10 years when he's retired.
    Keith: This is a heck of an adventure. I oughta get my driver’s license— Cambodia driver’s license. That would be something slick. You call, we’ll haul. Just call me up and I’ll come get ya.
  • During the folklore challenge, Abi is at one of the stations, and Stephen is coming up right behind her. He pulls off the cover for the wrong answer and then takes the correct one for himself.
    • During that same challenge, Jeff calls Joe out for doing terribly. Joe responds with a "Thanks, Jeff."
  • One tribal council had Probst say "Which 'We' is going to win?" Given what it can also stand for, this made it a little unintentionally funny.
  • Jeremy sets free Bayon's last chicken.
  • At final tribal council, almost everyone is asking the remaining three contestants a series of deep and self-reflecting questions. Then Kelly Wiglesworth steps up and... asks them to pick a number between 1 and 10. What a Call-Back.
    • Not only that, but Kelly has subsequently stated that the number she picked was whatever number Jeremy picked.She went full on Greg Buis.
  • The entirety of Keith's Ponderosa episode.
    Kaôh Rōng 
  • When Alecia goes to vote, she forgets to take off the marker cap.
  • Debbie claims that she has various occupations, and each time she has a confessional, one of her other occupations appears on the chyron.
    • Even her recently mentioned professional modeling career made it's way into the occupation subtitle. The editors are certainly having fun!
  • Debbie's cheerleading during the episode 2 immunity challenge.
  • Jenny's implosion at the second tribal council where she tries to throw Alecia under the bus and ends up sinking her own game.
  • Peter and Liz's blinding arrogance in episode 3 leads to them forsaking easy targets Joe and Debbie and trying to convince them to vote out Neal, organizing a split vote. Instead, Debbie of all people, after two episodes of looking like a loon, perfectly turns the split vote around on Peter and Liz, leading to Liz's ouster and Peter spending the rest of his days a Chan Loh hostage.
    • Peter's eventual ouster at the hands of Aubry is great. After transparently trying to flip, FBI Agent Joe dramatically interrogates him out of nowhere, making Peter panic and flee back to Aubry, whom, after some debate, changes her vote from Julia to Peter last-minute. When Probst reads the vote, you can see Julia's crossed-out name over Peter's. Bonus points to Probst for silently revealing the vote for a good two seconds to let Peter read it.
  • Tai's pet chicken Mark gets so popular CBS retroactively adds him to the Final 7 intro
  • Jason and Scot reunite at Ponderosa.
    Neal: Your ass looks a lot cuter than I ever imagined.
  • Cydney. She's not an outright Comic Relief character like Debbie, but a lot of the things she says and the expressions she makes are definitely worth a laugh.
    • It's the Final 6 tribal council and Tai's multiple advantages got to his head and he decided to become a dictator, revealing fractures in the group. It's a huge back and forth between Tai, Aubry, Cydney, and Michele who are all airing out their mistrust. Jason, who has been on the chopping block ever since the merge, is quietly listening in until Jeff suddenly involves him.
    Jason: Oh, hey Jeff!
    • Even funnier is that everyone shares a laugh right after, because he was pretty much an afterthought.
    Millennials vs. Gen X 
  • On the Gen X tribe, Paul and CeCe talk about how Millennials don't work and have everything handed to them. Cue eye rolls and disgusted looks from Michaela of the Millennials, who worked multiple jobs at once to pay off her student loans by the time she was 25.
    • Then comes the immunity challenge, and the "hardworking" Gen X tribe chooses to take both easy option routes to get to the end faster while the Millennials only picked one. Guess which tribe ends up losing?
  • The Millennials got bored while they were building their shelter, so they started to have a party instead. By the time they realized a storm was coming, their shelter was completely useless, and even collapsed from their weight. Karmic payback at it's finest.
  • At the first Gen X tribal council, Jeff asks everyone to raise their hand if they feel in trouble. Lucy, who has been invisible throughout the episode, is the only one to not raise her hand.
  • Jay's confessional calling out Figgy and Taylor for being stupid and for having an obvious relationship, calling it a "bullseye for a missile."
    • From that same confessional, Jay says "no couple ever works on Survivor ever!" Guess he didn't watch All-Stars.
  • In Episode 2, Hannah takes so long in the voting booth that Jeff looks down the walkway to check on her.
  • After getting voted out, Mari released this beautiful video.
    • "I'M WORKING ON IT!"
      • "GOOD LUCK, BUDDY!"
  • The awkward ten second stare-down between Ken and Jessica during tribal council.
  • Probst gets knocked over by a wave.
  • Michaela's thoughts on being put on the new tribe and having to start over- throwing the new green buff like so much trash, looking unabashedly sullen all throughout the rest of her new tribe welcoming each other, and telling Jeff Probst that he did the swap wrong.
    Michaela: I wanted to flip him off right there. I didn't though.
  • David's Epic Fail in the episode five immunity challenge. First, he swam slowly, then he had trouble getting onto the deck, then the buoy slipped out of his hands and went back into the water on the other side, then he almost lost it again. Then he missed the basket the ball was supposed to be stored in.
    Zeke: Is he throwing this?
  • Jay finds the idol with Will, while expressing this is for his family and describing it in epic terms. Just as he's telling Will that this is entirely between the two of them, Michaela walks up.
  • Figgy and Taylor decide to tell Ken and Jessica about their relationship, but decide to practice it first. Taylor's impersonation of Jessica is of a weird British accent.
    • When the impression happens, Figgy and Taylor are expecting them to be surprised. Instead, Jessica gives them an amused "ya think?" and laughs, and Ken sarcastically pretends not to know before pointing out the obvious in the same breath. Figgy is actually convinced he's not lying at first.
  • Michaela helps the New Vanua tribe since they're 2-2 and there is a real chance a Millennial could go home. Taylor points out that New Takali has Millennials; however, they have a 3-2 majority, which leads to:
    Michaela: There's three of you; if you can't work it out you deserve to go home!
  • Bret makes up an identity as a funeral director to hide as a cop. However, when he's questioned about being a funeral director he so clearly has an embarrassing low knowledge of the subject that people easily out him as lying.
  • Will and Sunday getting jumpscared at Michaela's Big "WHAT?!".
  • Taylor is caught stealing food and it's brought up at the merge TC. He claims he did it because he was hungry. Probst doesn't leave the lampshade hanging.
    Probst: Chris, are you hungry?
    Chris: Yep.
    Probst: Sunday?
    Sunday: Oh yeah.
    Probst: Hannah?
    Hannah: I could eat you.
    • Taylor claims that his stomach ached before he ate the food and he could have had a medical emergency.
    Zeke: We all had medical emergencies that night!
  • Bret makes it clear that he needs to drink less. At the F12 reward, he gets very drunk and tells the host to send him drinks until he passes out.
    • The immunity challenge comes with an eat-or-compete element that Zeke and Will take. Bret falls out quickly, sees Zeke drinking beer, and says "I should have sat out."
  • Hannah gets the position of team captain. The team she picks flops so badly that she never gets a chance to play.
    Hannah (to Jessica): So I shouldn't be a sports captain.
  • Will tells Zeke that Jay has an idol and asks Zeke not to tell anyone. What follows is a hilarious game of telephone leading to Zeke telling David, and then Chris. Chris telling Bret, and so on until everyone knows about Jay's idol.
  • After an entire episode of Will repeatedly wanting to make a big move and openly complaining about it, come tribal council he makes his big move and flips on Zeke... but Adam uses an idol on Hannah, negating all her votes, and gets credit for Zeke's elimination. Will cannot catch a break.
  • David makes a fake idol in the finale for someone to catch. That someone is Jay, who is comically convinced that it's real. Even though it looks legitimate, Jay is so 1000% overconfident at TC that it's the idol while David keeps a straight face as he fails to play it. After Jay finds out it's fake, his reaction is hilarious, and to his credit he's a great sport about it.

    Game Changers 
  • Pre-season, many castaways stated that Tony was walking around Ponderosa....with a stick in his hand.
  • Sandra explains to Jeff at Tribal Council that the difference between her and Tony is that his style of playing is crazy, while hers is calm... and then immediately freaks out herself and almost everyone else in the tribe when she finds a huge bug in her hair. Michaela's reaction was probably the greatest - she's on the other end of the seats but still jumps out and screams.
  • Brad's comment about Tai and the goats is either a playful jab at his Friend to All Living Things personality, or a stealthy one at his FTC performance.
    Brad: "If we want to kill a goat, we're gonna have to kill Tai!"
  • Tony may not have been around for long, but he gave us a lot in two hours:
    • Arriving at Mana camp and getting to know everybody...then racing off into the woods and shrieking in llama like a madman in full view of the rest of the tribe. Everybody thought he'd be looking for idols, but nobody followed him.
    • Related to the above, his utter disbelief when he realized that nobody followed him and deciding to look for idols anyway since they didn't bite.
    • Expecting everybody to be looking for his Spy Shacks, coming up with the logical progression, the Spy Bunker...which was just a trench covered with leaves next to the well.
  • In the E4 blindfold challenge, generally the caller tells people "go" if they need them to go straight ahead. Instead...
  • At E4's two-tribe Tribal Council, due to the way it's structured, everyone starts talking to people with an increased lack of subtlety, to the point where both tribes are openly huddling with each other with swing votes J.T. and Hali walking between them. During this, Hali looks at Probst and awkwardly grins.
    • Jeff announces it as time to vote and calls on Hali. She just sits there and eventually utters out "uhm... I don't consent."
    • Varner says in a voting confessional that if his target (Sierra) pulls out an idol "I will soil myself".
    • Aubry talks about the tense situation of an opposite tribe also being at Tribal Council, saying it's like walking into the wrong wedding. When everyone starts cross-whispering, she compares them to carrier pigeons.
    • When Tai goes to play the idol on Sierra, he calls her "pretty lady!"
    • The Manas tell Hali at TC (where she is sitting at the far left) that "she knows where she stands" over there. Michaela of Nuku adds "Yeah, right on the end where they put you".
    • Even though his elimination is sad and his final words are emotional, Malcolm manages to say that J.T., who inadvertently screwed him over, is "not getting a Christmas card".
  • At the fifth Tribal Council, the vote is between J.T. and Michaela after they argued in Tribal Council. As the votes are read, Michaela stops to pour herself water in one of the mugs the Nuku tribe won with their coffee and drinks it as the votes are read.
    • After J.T. walks away, Sandra reaches to give Michaela a supportive pat on the arm because they achieved their objective. Michaela proceeds to look at Sandra with a huge smile and cackles out loud, causing Sandra to burst out giggling too.
  • The hysterical way Sandra trolls Michaela by making it seem like she ate all the sugar by eating it all herself.
    • Her reaction when she finally is voted out for the first time ever, begging Jeff not to put out her torch. Followed by the reactions of "no way" when her tribe arrives at the next challenge Sandra-less.
  • The very fact that faking idols has become such a common strategy that Debbie is offered a "Make Your Own Fake Idol" kit on the Exile (she doesn't choose to take it, instead wanting the extra vote). Heck, just knowing that Exile Island this season is actually a reward and the "island" is really a boat.
  • Bitter Zeke and Debbie griping from the sidelines on the Jury after Andrea (who got them voted out in the first place) gets to control the vote for the third straight week in a row and nobody sees a problem with that.
    Debbie: Idiots.
  • The jury reaction at the Tribal Council with the final six to what is best described as an all-out pileup of immunity that is best described as "if you have 'em, smoke 'em", which results in Circe losing by default, just because she has no items to cover her from elimination. It's so mind-blowing it causes them to break their consigned silence. Zeke in particular looks like he's having kittens.

    Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers 
  • The promo for the season has Jeff being ensnared by vines, telling the audience with a smile, "Get sucked back in."
Episode 1: "I'm Not Crazy, I'm Confident"
  • The first ten minutes have one. When all of the team need to get to the beach in rowboats, the Hustlers get completely turned around and only reach land after the others have already finished.
  • Ryan's confessional after getting the Super Immunity Idol and stashing it in his trousers:
    Ryan: For the first time, someone is dying to get inside my pants.
  • Alan subjecting J.P. to an Idol strip search. He drops his drawers and everything (thankfully, a mosaic blur spares us the details).
Episode 2: "I'm a Wild Banshee"
  • Simone taking pride in her first ever "aqua dump". And now we know why the rest of her tribe sees her as The Load.
  • Patrick shrieking like a banshee and freaking out as he tries to confront his fear of crabs.
  • Ryan's impression of Tribal Council is like going to the birthday party of a kid you don't like. Which results in a hilariously sour retort from Lauren.
    Lauren: I think it's like going to a funeral.
Episode 3: "My Kisses Are Very Private"
  • The first morning after Tribal, the Hustlers find out that Simone left her blazer jacket, matching pants, and boots behind, which leads to them having a mini fashion show. As they're dressing up Patrick:
    Ryan: Yeah, it's like your Miami Vice look. Look at that- perfect fit. Aw, you're like my kid gettin' ready for prom.
    • Not to be outdone, Ryan's accompanying confessional.
  • This fantastic exchange in Tribal Council:
    Jeff: Ryan, it's kind of like you're in a relationship...
    Ryan: I've never been in a relationship.
    Jeff: Okay.
    Ryan: You know somebody?
    (castmates crack up)
  • Another gem from Lauren. While there's discussion of the hidden immunity idol during Tribal, Lauren deadpans that she has two of them, which nobody but Ali seems to notice.
Episode 4: "I Don't Like Having Snakes Around"
  • The editors get one for slyly implying Joe's villainous status coming from a tribe that had been color-coded yellow by prefacing the scenes where he is acting all crookedly with footage of a yellow-backed spider.
  • Jeff deciding to weave as many Foo Fighters references as he can into the immunity challenge.
  • Another comparison of Tribal Council to real life by Jeff Probst, the third tribal council = real world situation simile brought up in the season so far, all of which have turned out to invoke some humor. He equates the situation between Joe and Desi being on the chopping block as like a movie where the bad guys try to get to the lead character by trying to take out his wife.
    Joe: It's BETTER than a movie.
  • Devon finding out that his "advantage" actually blocked him from casting a vote in a pivotal Tribal? Not really funny. Devon's reaction to finding out what it does? Hilarious.
    Devon: That is not an advantage...
  • The sheer amount of irony in the fact that after Alan spent his time in the game being on the lookout for an idol to surface within his own tribe and stop himself from being blindsided, as soon as he was shuffled into a new tribe, he got placed beside and totally blindsided by a guy from a different camp who found the idol over there. He made a fool out of himself for all the wrong reasons.
    • Joe's "Hollaback" taunt to Alan after knocking him out of the game.
Episode 5: "The Past Will Eat You Alive"
  • We get yet another quip from Ryan. The reward the tribes are playing for is an assortment of pastries, iced coffee, iced tea, and coffee for the winner and a big jug of iced coffee from the runner-up.
    Ryan: It's gonna run right through us but I don't care.
    • Ironically, Ryan ends up costing his entire tribe any of these rewards because he can't use his head to roll a ball up a sandy hill with his limbs tied up and sits out the following immunity challenge as penance.
  • Lauren getting really annoyed at Cole along with the rest of Yawa because he eats like a pig. The next few scenes are Cringe Comedy at its finest- gratuitous shots of Cole scarfing down jam and smacking his lips at a disgustingly high volume with wet slurping sounds.
  • The yellow-backed spider has moved on to signify Chrissy as the next of the yellow team to go rogue. It even creeps its way into the Tribal Council in the establishing background shot!
Episode 6: "This Is Why You Play Survivor"
  • Poor Dr. Mike goes to all the trouble of catching fish and snags a teeny tiny one... which he accidentally drops into the fire. Mike still rescues his meal despite it being charred and elects to even share it with the tribe.
    Ben: He's gone, Doc.
    Mike: My fish is not "gone", he just cooked a little faster.
  • Chrissy's spider has upgraded into a tarantula.
  • Right before the shocking incident where Cole passes out, a worm slips through the Yawa tribe's shelter. Lauren makes her standard bone dry remark.
    Mike: This is gross. A worm just fell out of our roof.
    Lauren: That's why I cover my ears.
    • It could also double as a Call-Back to poor Jenny getting a bug stuck in her ear in Kaôh Rōng.
Episode 7: "Get to Gettin'"
  • As soon as the castaways learn their merge feast is being catered by Outback Steakhouse and Jeff mentions steak:
    Ben: (leaping up and down) RIBEYE!! RIBEYE!!
    Jeff: (tickled at Ben's display) You like ribeye??
  • At the merge feast, Joe decides to order two steaks and three deserts, sheepishly asking the waitress if he's allowed to (which he is). Cole, of all people, seems surprised you can actually do that.
  • In the first individual immunity challenge (rolling a ball in a circular hoop while balancing on a beam), poor Ryan fails two seconds in. Jeff takes great pleasure in reminding everyone how bad he did by comparing his time to those who have stayed in the challenge for over half an hour and how many times longer they've been holding out, and Chrissy gives him the exact measurements, finally reaching 900 times longer!!
Episode 8: "Playing with the Devil / Knights of the Round Table"
  • Ryan's snag of a Hidden Immunity Idol after he, Chrissy, and Cole, all find a clue to it, hinges on the act of Cole taking a piss! Ryan delightfully lampshades this as him literally catching Cole while his pants are down.
  • During the Individual Immunity Challenge where everyone tries to hold a statue on a precarious perch with a wooden pole while navigating a balance beam, Chrissy complains that bugs are crawling on her. Jeff notes this also happened during the last time they played it (Game Changers) where ants were crawling on people, and may be a theme of it.
  • At Tribal Council, Devon struggling to explain he feels like a zombie after the stress of playing the game... only to get his words in a jumble and show everyone that is an Understatement. Maybe that tribe sign hit him on the head...
  • Jeff gets a little too enthusiastic at Tribal Council at the way Joe and Ben are ping-ponging off of each other's rivalry and everyone else seems to be caught up in the mix.
  • Lauren found a Secret Advantage where she can claim an extra vote if she doesn't participate in the next Tribal Council after finding it and steals a piece of parchment and puts the advantage in the urn holding the votes. To hide her actions (the voting booth is about 50 feet away from the tribe), she resorts to tucking her extra vote into her cleavage, but is besieged with having to participate in a re-vote, where she feigns voting again and is faced with the dilemma of an excess blank piece of voting parchment that she cannot sneak off with. So, she mimes putting a vote in the urn, then casually swats the new slip of parchment off the table and out into the night.
    • Oh, and now the tarantula is being associated with her and it has also managed to sneak its way into Tribal Council.
Episode 9: "Fear of the Unknown"
  • Joe asking if the others think Desi had a good cheeseburger at the Ponderosa after being voted out.
  • Half the tribe has just won reward and gets to sail on a private yacht and enjoy the food, drink, and scenery. Except the yacht makes a pass by camp and blares its horn. The reward losers notice immediately. Devon, Ben, Ryan, and Ashley get revenge by forming a row at the shoreline and mooning the winners. Ryan even considers it part of the Survivor experience in his confessional!
  • Funny stuff abounds during the newly-introduced water jug balance Immunity Challenge:
    • After Joe taunted her about being a goat, something unintentional but hysterical happens during this challenge: the Disaster Dominoes that ensues when Ashley tells Chrissy not to mess up her form. Devon becomes curious enough to glance over at Chrissy... thereby losing his focus and spilling his water jug... which causes Joe, who is right next to Devon, to lose his focus and he drops his water jug. In other words, Ashley just got Revenge by Proxy. And Joe doesn't even realize it, thinking Devon messed him over when it was really all Ashley's doing ("You got me, Dev.").
    • Lauren trolling Cole, only to be right by coincidence (or warning Cole she sees a problem and unintentionally trolling him):
    Lauren: I think your thing's leaning.
    (no less than a couple minutes later, Cole's jug actually tips over from leaning too far to the side and Lauren wins immunity)
  • Devon becoming transfixed at the sight of Desi's Jury makeover.
  • At Tribal Council, a lot of talk gets flung around between people... but the biggest target in the room slowly crouches out of view as if to avoid detection... then Jeff takes notice of it and shamelessly turns all attention back on him, laughing at what was going on. He got voted out.
Episode 10/11: "Buy One, Get One Free"
  • After being mocked by Ben for his "Lady Liberty" nonsense, Mike wants to screw with his camp a little to help break up their big alliance, and Joe eats up every minute of it. Joe and Mike decide to create their own two-person alliance as an answer to the Roundtable... the "Coco-Nuts". Which only lasts a few days. Basically, Mike got bored and decided to liven things up with some antics and jokes. They also joke about being the court jesters of the Roundtable and Joe says Ben is King Ben, who isn't ruling his knights, but trying to rule around other queens and kings.
  • In a hilarious Brick Joke, this time Joe has lost the reward and moons the fly-by winners from the beach.
    • Mike also has something to say about his conscientious wife fretting about him in a helicopter.
    Mike: My wife would have been mad at me if I were on that thing.
  • During the Immunity Challenge of Episode 10, there is a reward for those who decide to forego the challenge- a plethora of peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate. Ben, Lauren, and Devon forego the challenge. Lauren and Devon get a few zingers in, but Ben is the funniest one out of the bunch because he mocks everyone else.
    (a few moments later)
    Ben: You want some, Jeff?
    Jeff: (surprised laughter) No, I'm good— those are for you guys.
    • Jeff focusing on Mike's dirty yellow shirt as a highlight of the challenge.
  • During the first of two tribals, Mike thinking people will believe what he says just because he's a doctor, which Jeff can't help but laugh at because of how silly that sounds. Maybe if you're THE Doctor ("Trust me- I'm a doctor!"), but not on Survivor...
  • Ryan's stunned response to a mighty blindside against JP unfolding right before his eyes. (#EPICBLINDSIDE)
    Ryan: Holy s—t...
    • Then JP's reaction to it all as he exits the game. We finally see him stop being so quiet and drop the act.
    JP: Damn... they got me good...
    JP: DAMN!!! They got me good. They blindsided the s-[*coconut clacking noises*]-t outta me...!
  • The extra scene with Jeff using a phone to record us a funny insert video between commercials about why we're mad it wasn't us on the show and daring the audience to audition for the show "so I can snuff your torch."
    Jeff: Two episodes tonight! :D
  • Seeing Devon coolly taunting Ryan from afar as well as the rest of the Roundtable by enacting a crazy plan to make Ben his Double Agent and quietly assume master control over the game. Ben, in-character, even lampshades how two 25-year-old surfers are the ones now calling the shots. Just to make it clear they're staging a takeover, we see two snakes coiled together around a tree branch climbing up with each other, symbolizing Devon and Ashley. Let's not forget the yellow-backed spider, either, as it reappears at Tribal Council once again.
  • Ben doing a Happy Dance after he finds himself a Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • Lauren using her breasts to try and brute-force a reward challenge.
  • Devon tries on Ben's cowboy hat while Ben showers on reward.
    Devon: (thick Southern accent) Howdy, partner.
    Ben: You're lucky we've gotten to know each other so well.
  • Joe's first response to the grueling pushing wheel multi-leg immunity challenge. note 
  • Devon's master plan works like a charm. Ben pretended to be the dethroned king to make Chrissy and Ryan to play their parts and vote against Ashley, while Joe and Mike fling votes at Ryan and he is led to use his idol and plays right into Devon's trap, using the majority to knock out Joe. Why is it so funny? Is it that it was conducted by the guy who got his swing vote blocked and spent his game up until now doing nothing big? No... it's funny because Cole is eating it up from the Jury bandstands, secretly enjoying the way Devon is wrecking up the alliance he hated.
  • How about the friggin' title? An appropriate reference to two highly successful blindsides? Or a pun on the fact that it was a two episode double header?
  • Ben apparently finds the hidden immunity idol in one of the most hilariously mundane ways possible: He just looked where the camera was pointing.
Episode 12: "Not Going to Roll Over and Die"
  • The two symbolic snakes coiling around together on a tree as Devon and Ashley plot together.
  • Mike vs Lauren at Immunity:
    (Mike struggles to keep his chimes balanced)
    Lauren: Drop it- drop it, Mike!
    Mike: (jokingly) NEVERRRRR!
    (Lauren drops next, then Mike immediately afterward)
    • Lauren taking a dive as well (to snag her idol's seashell to complete it). Jeff sure doesn't hesitate to draw attention to this.
    Jeff: Lauren... just quits!
  • Lauren made a stupid move by giving Mike half of a two-piece idol. Mike thinks she made a stupid move. He doesn't just call her out on it at Tribal- Mike catapults the seashell Lauren gave him into the fire pit. Even the hashtag is shocked (#WOW).
    • Joe's reaction to Mike throwing his half of Lauren's idol in the fire and helping to supplant her and cause her elimination is beautiful. Mike turns to look at him with a sly grin and Joe is shaking his head in disbelief. The smile on his face is huge, and his expression is best described as, "I'm so proud of you, you clever bastard."
Episode 13: "The Survivor Devil"
  • During one confessional and at Tribal Council, Ryan is clad in Simone's jacket.
  • After he snatches his second consecutive hidden idol, Ben shows absolutely no sense of grace or decorum about it. He turns the Tribal Council into his sideshow by just telling people who to vote for point-blank and laughing that he's blown up the game, making explosion sound effects and chanting "Secrets, secrets, secrets!" Really, imagine a kindergartner who's just built a block fort and bragging about how great it is without realizing he's encouraging the others to knock it down and you won't be far off from how he's acting. Chrissy rolls her eyes at him.
  • Joe making a scrunchy "Who, me?" face in the Jury when Ben's obnoxiousness is condemned at Tribal Council for suspect reasons.
  • Ashley giving Devon the polite version of "kiss my ass" when she gets betrayed by him and voted out.
    Devon: (nicely) Later.
    Ashley: (scornfully) I'll see you.
    Devon: Oh, okay. ...Ouch.
Episode 14: "Million Dollar Night" (Finale)
  • The finale starts up with a Funny Background Event when you can see former players like Andrea, Aubry, and Cochran playing challenges from this season.
  • Once again, Ben finds yet another idol by simply looking down and finding a clue to dig up that spot while he's taking a break from the search.
  • Ben lampshades how idiotic it was for his own tribe not to think to stop him from getting a third idol, and remarks how they are all falling over themselves. Gilligan Cut to Ryan and Chrissy walking on the beach and Mike trailing right behind... and Mike literally falls down.
    Mike: (picks himself up and brushes himself off) That didn't happen. You didn't see anything.
  • Ben mocking Chrissy for trying to dupe him with the Super Idol posed as a real idol.
    Ben: You think you got a two-fer... No, you got a one-fer.
  • Ben making even more explosion noises when he pulls out his third consecutive Hidden Immunity Idol from his boot, singing like a Manchild and calling the move the "Ben bomb".
  • Devon thinks he can actually get away with voting for Mike at Tribal Council if Ben pulls an idol, and hopefully he won't get caught. Ben does indeed play another idol. As soon as it becomes clear the only votes in play are Ben's vote for Devon and mysterious rogue vote for Mike, when it's obvious Ryan and Chrissy are a unit trying to get out Ben and Mike is sided with them, Mike swivels his head at Devon and asks "Did you vote for me?" and all he can do is give him a sheepish guilty smile.
  • The spider hiding behind a tree as Chrissy speaks. The yellow-backed spider also makes a final appearance and has four red dots on it going into the final four tribal.
  • Devon thinking it would be wise to not practice for the fire-making challenge he knows he has to win against Ben. Yeah, that went over real well. REAL well.
  • Jeff reveals to Lauren that the seashell Mike threw in the fire survived. And then he pulls out one of the notorious unused idols James had from China and reveals the next season is themed on foolish gameplay decisions just to rub it in even more.
  • Jeff notes this season he intended for it to revolve around secrets, but only Ben managed to keep them out of everyone who got them.
    Ghost Island 
Episode 1: Can You Reverse The Curse?
  • In his single episode appearance, Jacob, the self proclaimed superfan, makes every wrong decision.
    • He immediately asks his tribemates if they think there are any idols around, then immediately says he is "going exploring" to look for one.
    • While trying to look for a possible clue, he dumps the tribe rice into his dirty sock.
    • After his tribe loses, he goads the other tribe into sending him to Ghost Island. They do so, upon which he reveals that was his plan all along.
    • When he comes back to camp the next day, the first thing he does is come up with an elaborate plan to make a fake idol and show it to his tribe to deter them from voting for him. Brendan immediately calls his bluff when Jacob says he forgot the paper at Ghost Island.
    • When they lose again, Stephanie tries to make him feel comfortable by flirting with him to make sure he doesn't play an idol, and to get information out of him. He immediately spills all of his intel, including the fact that his idol was fake and that he gave an advantage to someone on the other tribe.
    • All of this culminates in him being voted out by the end of the episode.
Episode 2: Only Time Will Tell
  • At the new Malolo camp, Brendan is talking to Bradley about how important it is to appreciate the environment they are in. Bradley responds that it was a lot easier to do at the Naviti camp.
Episode 3: Trust Your Gut
  • Kellyn is very adamant about not going to Ghost Island when Naviti has Malolo decide who that poor sap is with rocks. Well, gee... guess who gets the white rock?
    Jeff: Kellyn. What just happened?
    Kellyn: (laughing in shock) I opened my mouth, that's what happened!!
  • Sebastian's epic tongue twister confessional. Musings about being on the bottom of Malolo get spun into:
    Sebastian: The Malolo can go no further low-low than the Malololow. (#Malolow)
Episode 4: Diamond in the Rough
  • Chris dominated the reward challenge not only physically, but from a comedic standpoint as well.
    • First, when asked if he had a background in sports by Jeff, he offered up this tongue-twister of an answer:
    Chris: I did used to toss rock a little back in my prime.
    Jeff: Which means what?
    • Then, in the post challenge confessional, Chris decided to do a quick freestyle about his performance.
    Chris: I'm like a diamond in the rough, you see me glow?/This ain't pay-per-view, it's a pre-show/I'm still shooting all day, free throw. Mic Drop.
Episode 5: Fate Is the Homie
  • Someone on Reddit noticed that Jeff's initial attempt to snuff James's torch didn't work out. Jeff even gives an Aside Glance after getting it to work the second time.
  • After the tribe swap, Chris' narcissism kicks into overdrive, and he proceeds to make every. Single. Conversation about himself and how great he is. He even gets a confessional discussing how hard it is to be as awesome as him. Everyone else is either annoyed or amused by this, but they all pretend to be impressed and feed his ego when they're around him. This goes on for five minutes.
Episode 6: Gotta Risk It For the Biscuit
  • Michael is on the bottom at Malolo after last night's Tribal Council. He knows he has to hunt for an idol to have any chance of surviving if Malolo lose again. Luckily enough, he finds one! And what is it? The "fucking stick" fake idol that Ozzy created on Survivor: Micronesia, now granted the powers of a legitimate idol.
  • After Malolo loses out on yet another reward, Desiree believes the name of the tribe is cursed. She suggests burning the Malolo flag in an effort to break the curse, and the tribe celebrates. If Malolo were a decent tribe, the act of burning the flag on a whim would be considered sacrilege to the game. But after racking up a loss record only rivaled by Ulong and Matsing, there is nothing sacred to anyone about being a Malolo. That's how much Malolo sucked.
  • At the reward challenge, Angela accidentally calls Michael James.
  • While Domenick has alleged that he threw the immunity challenge, his "dive," in so far as you could call it one, was wonderfully awkward.
Episode 7: Fear Keeps You Sharp
  • Chris finds the merge feast an appropriate time to launch into another brief freestyle. The other contestants are...perplexed.
  • Midway through the episode, the Domenick vs. Chris war is displayed in dueling confessionals of the two taking shots at each other, edited to look like each is responding to the other's confessional.
  • After the immunity challenge, Chris decides he needs to try and get people on the same page to go after Dom. Alright, so far so good. But he decides to do this by bringing everyone except Dom and Wendell to the well with him to talk about his strategy. It looked like something that a parody of Survivor might have come up with.
  • While voting, Wendell has a lot to say about Chris.
    Wendell: (Holding up a vote which reads "CHRIS THE RAPPER") We, uh, we won a lot together, respect for that, but socially, you don't know what you're doing. I hope you stop saying "I" so much, I hope you start listening to people...and, oh yeah, finally, somebody had to say it, I'll say it: stop rapping. You're trash. (Starts to fold the vote, then stops) rapping. You're garbage at rapping, you can't rap. You have no bars. (Starts to fold the vote, stops again) Put the mic down, bro. (Starts to fold the vote, stops) Put the pen down, bro. Use an eraser.
  • And, while not technically part of the episode, Chris's bonus Ponderosa video deserves a place here. It's all of Chris's Piss-Take Rap tendencies cranked up to eleven.
Episode 8: The Sea Slug Slugger
  • During the reward challenge, it turns out that the tension of the slingshot is actually stronger than Donathan is.
  • Right away, Chelsea is unable to get through her first round because she can't stomach even one bite of a fish eye, which disgusts her so much that she instantly gags and spits it back out and is doubled over for almost a full minute trying not to puke. However, the LVP of said challenge is actually Wendell, who takes a mere taste of a fish eye and immediately gives up, and whose body language just writhes with "nope".
    Jeff: Wendell... doesn't even TRY!
  • Also during the reward, Jeff made a certain comment about Sebastian's shot attempt that definitely leaned on the fourth wall a bit.
    Jeff: Sebastian cannot get it done, he's high every time!
    • Meta: a certain band of fans online twisted the joke into yet another entendre, this time implying a more sexual connotation and applying a Muscle Man reference.
    "You know who else can't get it done because she's high every time? MY MOM!!"
  • Jeff casually insisting that some of these revolting dishes are actually considered delicacies in Fiji. Maybe not in their current form, that is... we hope! There's also his thinly veiled sadism toward the challenge itself.
    Jeff: It's gonna be good.
  • The gross food challenge is always good for some great reaction shots, but MVP honors go to Angela, of all people. Her goofy dances while trying to get everything down, combined with her unexpectedly badass performance, were hilarious to watch.
  • At Tribal Council, Michael gets up and plays the idol and explains it to the rest of the tribe, and it already seems pretty implausible. And then Jeff does this:
    Jeff: This is not...
    Michael suddenly realizes he might have been played.
    Jeff: ...just a stick anymore.
Episode 9: It's Like the Perfect Crime
  • The episode starts with a total out-of-left-field segment where Domenick tells Laurel about a dream he had the other night where Martin Sheen was her father and made the tribe breakfast.
  • The editors once again lean into the perception of Sebastian as the stoner with his confessional during the reward.
    Sebastian: Riding in the helicopter was incredible. The doors were down, we were talking to each other, cracking jokes the whole time, I was literally smiling ear-to-ear. I'm still smiling just thinking about it! You don't even need food when you're this high!
  • The collective performance of the tribe in the immunity challenge may count, as over half of the players were out of the challenge before five minutes had passed.
  • While Kellyn is frantically explaining what Desiree is planning to Domenick and going a mile a minute, Domenick just stands there and calmly sips his coffee.
  • The jury had quite a bit of fun watching the drama between Des, Laurel, and Kellyn unfold, including a Reaction Shot of Libby whispering "This is nuts!" to Chris.
  • When discussing how confused she was back at camp during Tribal Council, Kellyn compares herself to Helen Keller.
  • For the second time in three boots, the eliminated contestant walks out of Tribal before Jeff can finish his Elimination Catchphrase.
Episode 10: The Finish Line Is In Sight
  • Domenick and Wendell's lighthearted bantering with each other during their faceoff for immunity brought some levity to an otherwise tense challenge. For just one example:
    Domenick: (to the rest of the tribe) Sorry, guys. He's stubborn.
    Wendell: I'm stubborn?
    Jeff: I've got nowhere to go.
    Domenick: Neither do I, Jeff.
  • Also during the immunity challenge, Domenick was teasing Wendell over him moving to keep his grip, which Jeff noticed.
    Jeff: We've been out here over 30 minutes now, Wendell with a lot of movement, but that ball's not going anywhere.
    Domenick: Just end it already, would you? Stop the nonsense! You know I'm not going anywhere.
    Jeff: Domenick trying to seize it with the...verbal assault.
    Domenick: I got eight brothers and sisters, we'd kill each other for the last chicken nugget at the dinner table. You understand?
  • Donathan has a very blunt way of describing the double-tribal twist.
    Donathan: Survivor bitch-slapped us today.
  • The first tribal council of the episode went by so quickly that even Jeff was surprised. Indeed, the most exciting aspect of it may have been Chris reacting on the jury.
    Jeff: This is the fewest questions I've ever asked at Tribal Council.
  • At the second Tribal, when discussing the idea of Michael having an idol, Domenick said something along the lines of "All eyes have been on Michael since day one," prompting Kellyn to reply "I mean, look at the kid, first of all! I mean of course! At least you can own that." Michael was flattered, for his part.
Episode 11: A Giant Game of Bumper Cars
  • The effortless manner in which Domenick zeroes in on who used the extra vote after a role call of "not me".
    (Kellyn is the only one who doesn't say anything)
    Domenick: (tauntingly) Must-be-Kel-lyn~~
  • Chelsea and her sister have a touching reunion, quickly followed by little sis teasing, "I knew I'd get your ass out here."
  • Domenick promises Donathan's aunt that they're sticking together. Her reply is a naughty, "Are you making a deal with me? I'm a country girl, you know".
Episode 12: Always Be Moving
  • Sebastian is very excited to be going to Ghost Island. Not because of the possibility of finding an advantage, mind, but because Dom and Wendell called him a pirate while choosing him.
  • On an reward to go visit the locals, the Vanuya villagers have already pegged Domenick as the future winner of the season, no contest. Wendell and Laurel exchange VERY awkward reactions.
  • The sheer confusion that results when Wendell doesn't properly notify Jeff he's finished the Immunity Challenge first. For the first time in a long time, Jeff is at a complete loss for words as he stands there unable to react properly or rehearsed, as if it were the pilot season of Borneo all over again.
  • Donathan back-sassing Domenick at Tribal Council.
    Domenick: May I be permitted to say something?
    Donathan: No.
    Domenick: <:O
    Donathan: >:)
Episode 13: It Is Game Time, Kids
  • Jeff was in fine Deadpan Snarker form during the final six immunity, throwing in a beautifully deadpan "And the crowd goes wild!" after Donathan finally got his first bag of puzzle pieces.
    Jeff: He's back in this!
    Donathan: (meekly shakes his head) No, I'm not.
  • Domenick facetiously trying to blow over Wendell's vertical puzzle with his mouth when he realizes Wendell is absolutely smoking everyone out there.
  • After losing the previous episode's immunity challenge due to not vocalizing that he finished the challenge first, Wendell goes out of his way to say that he finished the puzzle at the final six immunity challenge.
    Wendell: JEFF PROBST!
    Jeff: (pointing at Wendell) What?
    Wendell: I think I'm done, bro!
  • Domenick and Wendell being cocky as hell at the final six Tribal Council, causing jurors Libby, Jenna, and Desiree to repeatedly crack up.
  • Apparently, Domenick thinks that pyramids are flat on the top, which he uses to rationalize his loss at the final five immunity challenge.
  • A more subtle one during questioning at Final Tribal. Wendell is talking about how he built his social bonds, and mentions that he and Desiree would stay up late and talk about "Kanye vs. Chance the Rapper vs. other rappers," and on "other rappers," the camera cuts over to Chris.
  • Everyone's reactions to Jeff reading the vote immediately are hilarious. The JustForFun.Holy Shit Quotient goes up to eleven, and it's freaking AWESOME.
  • Domenick's reaction to Jeff presenting him with a framed print of him and Wendell being buddy-buddy for his home. Not going home empty-handed, indeed.
  • Kevin Hart dropping in on the reunion.
    David vs. Goliath 
Episode 1: Appearances are Deceiving
  • Christian is giving a confessional following the initial challenge on the boat right before a commercial, and he's saying so much that the editors use a time lapse, and then decide to cut away from the usual confessional setup and start to fade to break with him still talking.
  • John gets a confessional that's just him listing off all of his ring names and nicknames. Said list includes "Mr. AB-raham Lincoln" and "George W. Bushie of Tushie."
  • Davie's confessional celebrating him catching an octopus includes him calling himself "Davie Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier."
  • Pat, in his brief glory before his upsetting evacuation, makes several crude remarks and astounds the David tribe with his overabundant enthusiasm. Special mention should go to how he screams for Christian at the top of his lungs whilst barking out orders.
Episode 2: The Chicken Has Flown the Coop
  • Our first look at the Goliath tribe after the storm passes features them adapting to island life: the girls check on each other's looks, the guys looking for food, all that. Meanwhile, Natalie is in the background, giving Death Glare after Death Glare at how goofy things are. She even calls her tribe out by saying they're "playing like a bunch of Davids."
  • While talking with Mike out on the beach, Jeremy has to tell him to make sure he doesn't stab himself with the fishing spear.
  • Jeremy getting smacked with a wave while washing up in the ocean.
  • The conversation between Jeremy and Natalie is something straight out of The Office. Jeremy is trying to tell Natalie that her lack of self-awareness is hurting her, to which Natalie responds that of course she's self-aware. He even points out that she's been married for 20+ years, so someone loves her exactly like she is and that it's a lost cause trying to get her to change.
  • Nick's habit of naming his alliances continues, as he calls the duo of himself and Christian "Mason-Dixon", because the line lies right on the top of both Kentucky and Maryland. As corny as it is, you can't deny it's catchy.
  • Davie is so ecstatic over finding the idol that he smells it, and comments that it smells just like an idol.
  • This conversation between Gabby and Christian is absolutely hilarious.
    Gabby: "Do you wanna play with me?"
    Christian: "What, in the sand?"
  • This little quip from Nick in Tribal Council regarding the importance of challenge strength:
    Nick: "Everybody could trust Mother Theresa, but I don't think she could win a challenge!"
  • Jessica stating #blindslide in her final words.
Episode 3: I Am Goliath Strong
  • One you might miss from early on Goliath beach, during morning chores:
    Natalie: Come tie a knot, Alec!
    Alec: Did she say me?
  • The discussion of Slamtown has spread over to the David beach, as Gabby and Christian are seen discussing the logistics of Slamtown, and the implications of John being the mayor. Even better: following this scene, the camera cutting back to the Goliath camp lingers for a moment on John's jacket, with the "MAYOR OF SLAMTOWN" design in full view.
  • Depending on how you look at it, the constant back-and-forth between Natalie and Jeremy at Tribal Council could fall under this. Natalie even comments that she's quite pleased that the conversation at Tribal has largely revolved around her.
  • After a very tense Tribal Council discussion, John closes things by saying that, despite losing a member tonight, they would come back stronger and ready to take all the Davids to Slamtown. Tension-Cutting Laughter might be an understatement.
  • Natalie's confessional while voting for Jeremy would make Wendell blush.
    Natalie: You talked that brother-sister love stuff, and you showed me no love. So that stinging sensation you feel in your eyes right now? That's a Natalie Napalm. Get off of my island. By the way, your skin is gorgeous, darling.
Episode 4: Time to Bring About the Charmpocalypse
  • Following the swap, Christian actually gets to talk about Slamtown with the Mayor himself on the new Tiva tribe. He even asks if he can run for Comptroller.
  • When Elizabeth and Kara talked about their history with horses, Natalia awkwardly brought-up that she wishes that she had a horse.
  • Nick gets right back to work on nicknaming his alliances, calling his pairing with Mike the Rock Stars. Complete with both men playing air guitars after forming the alliance!
  • The anger Natalia showed after getting voted out was almost cartoonish. Combine that with Alec having this ridiculous smirk plastered on his face the entire time, and we have arguably the best post-blindside reaction since Jay got Michaela out.
Episode 5: Jackets And Eggs
  • Everything revolving jackets in this episode. First, Angelina stated that she wanted to vote out Lyrsa simply to steal her jacket. Then, when Natalie got voted out, Angelina asked Natalie to give the former's own jacket to Angelina only for Angelina to met with complete silence from Natalie. Not to mention Natalie ended up wearing her jacket in her final words.
  • Just before the Immunity Challenge, Jeff does his usual "Survivors ready?" call. There is a brief pause, before Allison pipes up, "Yes."
  • Nick's voting confessional against Natalie: "You could make a preacher cuss".
Episode 6: Aren't Brochachos Just Adorable?
  • The jacket drama continues after Angelina tells Lyrsa that she only voted for her to con Natalie into giving Angelina her jacket, knowing Lyrsa wouldn’t be voted out. Lyrsa is very offended by this. After the tribe loses immunity, this one comment sets up a Lyrsa-Angelina showdown. Lyrsa confidently states that Angelina will never get her jacket. Eventually, Nick flips on Lyrsa and votes her out.
  • Davie's confessional about pumping the brakes on Elizabeth's plan to redesign the shelter is accompanied by some truly goofy sound effects.
  • Christian's fishing trip and his scientific explanation of how underwater fishing works, including referring to the fishing spear as a "spring-loaded murder machine".
  • Christian needs to take a second right before the start of the immunity challenge to take his sweater off from around his neck.
Episode 7: There's Gonna Be Tears Shed
  • John's first thought on seeing the merge feast spread is how he can get back the protein he had lost throughout the game and get his body back in shape.
  • Also from the merge feast, Carl going straight for the beer.
  • Christian is giving a confessional where he talks about learning about Dan's idol when he knocks over a nearby piece of wood, which he takes time to reset before continuing. He even interrupts himself.
    Christian: That is- (knocks over a piece of wood) ...a piece of wood.
  • Dan's subtitled pep talk to himself during the immunity challenge.
    Dan: (under his breath) You are the man. Keep telling yourself how awesome you are.
  • At Tribal, when the topic of numbers at the merge comes up, Christian mentions that technically, the word they're looking for is factorials. To which John responds, "I was right there with you, Christian. I said 'factorials' quietly, you just didn't hear it."
Episode 8: You Get What You Give
  • Angelina is shown trying to do damage control after Elizabeth blew up her jury management gambit at Tribal Council. We cut from this immediately to three consecutive confessionals, from Dan, Alec (calling her a "slimeball"), and Alison, saying she failed miserably at that.
  • Christian pulls a ridiculous face when he's giving a confessional about his conversation with Mike.
  • Nick's first reaction on seeing the clue is that it's "a cool eighties design that I could put on a t-shirt!"
  • To give Nick and Carl cover to find the advantage next to the palm tree, Davie pulls off what can only be described as a bizarre Tae Kwon Do routine with his staff on a rock. The Goliaths are dumbfounded.
  • In response to Jeff's usual "I got nothing for you" bit, Mike says "Well, we got nothing for you." Jeff comments he's surprised it took someone this long to talk back to him like that.
  • Among the negated votes for Christian was one that read "Professor Hubicki" with a parenthetical saying "(Christian)" underneath.
Episode 9: Breadth-First Search
  • After the return to camp, Davie cuts a wrestling promo in his confessional that "Davie Rickenbacker, from Orangeburg, South Carolina!" had taken down the Mayor of Slamtown. The real piece de resistance is him revealing that he had taken John's jacket.
  • Carl almost collapses on the spot when he finds out there's beer on the reward. From there we immediately cut to Carl on the sitout bench: he had drawn the wrong rock and wasn't eligible to win.
  • Christian's idol find has two. The first is when he's discussing the logistics of his search: when he lists each "sector," the editors make the corresponding section of the island light up. The other is him mentioning that "blue yarn isn't native to this area" when he talks about finding it.
  • Davie puts his vote in the urn, pops his collar, and struts away from the booth.
  • "BING!"
  • The reaction of the Idol Nullifier can be comparable to that of Survivor Fiji, when Edgardo gets voted out. Just seeing all the Goliaths faces fall and Carl's giant grin can be a hilarious callback.
Episode 10/11: Tribal Lines Are Blurred
  • According to Davie, the jacket Nick was wearing during his early confessional belonged to Dan. The jacket theft continues apace.
  • During the first immunity challenge of the episode, Carl comments that Alec is looking uncomfortable on the pole. To which Angelina responds, "Alec doesn't like to be uncomfortable. You should see him during the rainstorms."
  • Christian and Gabby debate with Jeff over his use of the phrase "0.0 percent" during the first immunity challenge.
  • As the challenge progresses, Nick and Mike take to hiding under the bench to try and escape the heat.
  • When it's down to Christian and Alec, Christian decides to start telling stories, ostensibly to entertain himself, but more likely to annoy Alec off the platform. The editors time lapse through a few hours like this, including some terrific reaction shots from Alec along the way.
    Christian: Do you know what a Rueben sandwich is, Jeff?
    Christian: I'm starting to look at this like a different kind of oppertunity. You're like my captive audience Jeff.
  • During the montage of Christian's hours long rambling we cut to the other competitors to see their reactions. Gabbie has completely tuned out and is playing with Kara's hair, Kara is cringeing, Mike looks like his soul has left his body, Carl and Davie seem impressed that Christian can talk about nothing for so long, and Nick is completely passed out.
  • As Christian goes on a tangent about calculated risk at the first tribal of the episode, we see John lean over to Dan on the bench and whisper "He lost me."
  • As Jeff takes Christian's immunity necklace, he also puts his hands behind his back and tells him that he's being arrested.
  • Christian improves on Nick's suggestion that the tribe was like a scrambled egg and says it was more like a poached egg, which actually becomes a recurring metaphor through the rest of the discussion.
  • Given Carl's fixation with beer over the season, it makes sense that his story ended with him getting drunk with power, both figuratively and literally.
  • In response to Carl's "Bing!" two votes before, Alison, Kara, and Gabby send him off with a Ding!
Episode 12: So Smart, They're Dumb
  • It's a moment where much of the humour comes more in hindsight, but after Christian plays his idol and sits back down, Nick (knowing about the split vote) looks at Gabby (who doesn't notice him) and pulls a "yeesh!" face.
Episode 13: Are You Feeling Lucky?
  • Angelina saying that her sitting out of the challenge to get rice indirectly lead to Davie winning immunity in an effort to get him to take her on reward.
  • Revenge rice!
  • Davie's hemming and hawing over whether or not to risk his vote when he found the idol can count as this, especially in the way it was edited.
Episode 14: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
  • As Jeff is putting the immunity necklace on Nick, Nick says that it was going to be his new profile picture.
  • The entire segment with Angelina finding the idol. From her losing the clue she found, to struggling to climb the ladder leading to the idol. A clearly-wine-drunk Mike was also a highlight of this scene, especially because he never once actually stops drinking during the search.
  • Mike's face when Angelina tells him Alison found the fake idol.
  • This exchange from Final Tribal Council:
    Jeff: Are you done?
    Christian: With the "Outwit" part?
    Jeff: Yep.
    Christian: Fuck no.
  • Dan trips on his way up the stairs to cast his jury vote.
  • Carl manages to sneak one more bing! in at the reunion.
  • An easy to miss detail, but if you take a close look at Lyrsa, you'll noticed that she had her jacket tattooed on her arm.
    Edge of Extinction 
  • Chris and Reem fighting after Chris correctly points out it was Reem's fault she lost the advantage to Keith by pointing it out.
  • After Wendy lets the chickens go, Ron is in a interview, talking about catching them, when a chicken runs back where he is doing the interview, and he just shakes his head. This has happened a few more times during the season, normally, whenever someone talks about them.
  • In the episode 4 immunity challenge, it's raining and the players have to run up ramps. Do the math and you get funny.
  • Kelley getting distracted by a fly during one of her confessionals.
  • Rick insisting that he isn't playing with his emotions, despite it being clearly obvious he is, to the point that even David doesn't want to work with the guy anymore(To wit, he wants to keep playing with Kama to get rid of Wardog, Wentworth and Lauren desipte the fact he will probably be next after them)
  • The live Tribal in Episode 9 provided some amusing lines:
    Julia: You're such a passenger, Rick.

    Rick: I might be the poop.

    Ron: We could do Victoria...
    Victoria: WHAT?!

    David: (taps Kelley's shoulder) Hi.
    Kelley: Oh my god! (giggles)
    David: Remember me?
    Kelley: Yes, I remember you.
    David: Um—
    Ron: (interrupts) David. Devens.
    David: Okay. (turns to Kelley) Hang on.
    Kelley: (laughs in disbelief)

    David: So, what was the plan tonight? It was me?
    Kelley: Yeah.
    David: Well, thank you for your honesty.

    Aurora: Oh my god! I can't deal with soccer moms.

    Julie: I'M ON THE BOTTOM, I'M READY TO JUMP SHIP! (immediately runs to Kelley and David)

    Victoria: I told them David...
    David: I heard that!
    Victoria: (turns to David) Whatever, man. This is, like, a mess now.

    Julia: Shut up, Wardog.
    • And while all this is going on, Aubry on the jury bench is giving reactions that makes Eliza look reserved.
    Island of the Idols 
  • The very first thing that Chelsea says when she sees her season's theme is "Island of the Idols."
    Chelsea: Oh God, no.
  • A few members of Vokai find a giant clam that sprays them all with water, startling them.
  • Boston Rob eggs Elizabeth to take him on in a firemaking challenge. When she (inevitably) loses, he uses his confessional to trash her for taking it in the first place.
  • During the first Tribal Council, and both Aaron and Vince are talking about how hard it is to vote people out, Boston Rob asks Sandra (they're watching in secret) if she ever had that problem. Sandra's response?
    Sandra: F**k no. (Rob starts cracking up) I vote you out and that's it.
  • Kellee is on the island and the two idols are now talking their heads off about their personal lives and Kellee has clearly zoned out. It seems to be a set-up for some sort of memory test, as previous seasons had a personal info test of some sort. Then Rob pulls out this non-sequitur.
    Rob: I've always wondered about chiropractors. Like, are they legit?
  • Noura hosting a yoga class on Vokai beach.
    Noura: This will stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system (wave washes in) AAAAGH!
  • Dean has barely mentioned in the premiere and was completely invisible on the second. His very first line comes after tripping over a log.
    • Afterwards, the tribe is worrying about Vince coming back with an idol. Dean suggests they split the votes. While literally everyone is present. It's not a bad idea and everyone's thinking the same thing, but he's the dummy who said it outright.
  • Vince hits the island and Boston Rob asks where he's from. He's so starstruck he's crying.
  • Kelley's test was passing a memory challenge. Vince has to sneak into the other tribe's camp and steal fire.
    • Tommy wakes up screaming because of a bad dream while Vince is skulking around. Then everyone goes back to bed.
    • He actually succeeds in his task and quips "Tom Cruise can't do this." Before stumbling over something.
  • Noura volunteers to head over to Island of the Idols, where Rob and Sandra offer her some watermelon. She's so excited she screams loud enough that the birds fly off!
    Noura: (to Sandra) why is your [slice] so small?
    • This comes back with a vengeance the next episode, where she comments that the puzzle looks like a watermelon rind.
  • Her test is to lobby to be the caller of the challenge in exchange for a relatively meager reward, given her context. She accepts it not question and absolutely refuses to reconsider for even a second. Rob and Sandra are floored and genuinely believe she'll get herself voted off.
    • She accomplishes this via equivalent exchange: she'll give them the info for what the puzzle is if they'll let her be the caller. Her lie is so ridiculously convoluted that nobody trusts her. During the challenge itself, they choose to have Noura sit out.
  • Tommy and Jack have made their way back and are trying to signal the rest of their tribe. Tommy starts making bird calls that distract the other team as Noura gives an obnoxious laugh.
    Missy: Shut up!
  • Tom is shown with a flower in his ear for a few seconds with no reason at all.
  • Detective Dean Kowalski's first impressions on who pulled the trigger for Chelsea.
  • Karishma is dead weight during the reward challenge and Noura has to physically drag her to get to the finish line.
  • Dean feels bad about losing to Tommy, aka that long, pale, redhead, goofball looking guy.
  • Noura gives her signature obnoxious laugh during tribal council and just derails Jeff's train of thought. Even the idols love it.
  • Dean has lost his number one ally (Tom) and is now very much on the bottom of nuLairo. Noura comes up with a plan to oust Jamal and Jack so that the women can take control of the game. Dean does not think this will help him.
  • Elizabeth wakes up on Vokai because a tarantula found its way in her hair.
  • During the sixth Tribal Council when everybody is voting, Jason repeatedly tries to fistbump with Aaron, only for Aaron to ignore him and leave him dejected. Both funny and also something of a Foreshadowing to his boot.
  • How does Janet reveal she doesn't have an idol? By flashing her tribe!
  • Noura has no filter at all during tribal councils.
    I may HATE Jamal, but the opposite of love isn’t hate, its indifference. So in a strange way, I also LOVE Jamal.
  • Karishma gives us a Badass Boast after writing Dean's name in the confessional. She's so cocky and sure of it that she couldn't have ever expected Dean playing an idol.
    You took three shots at me and you missed, and I'm nailing you on my first try. Stay dry, sweetheart.
  • The merge episode is one of the darkest in recent memory, but there are still moments of levity strewn throughout.
    • Jamal's visit to Island of the Idols. He's so incredulous seeing Rob and Sandra that he walks away.
    • In the most needed case of Mood Whiplash ever, there's a shot of Karishma washing their frying pan and the tide takes it away.
  • There is a challenge where the merge tribe is divided into two subtribes going to two separate tribal councils. They have to keep a ball rolling in a ring as long as possible to win immunity, and outlast the last person on the other team to win a reward. Noura wins immunity for her subgroup and is so happy she tosses her ring and starts cheering and whooping, causing her team to not get a reward and to go back to the ruins of the old Lairo camp.
  • While Sandra and Rob are sharing papayas, a chicken comes up to Sandra clearly wanting a piece, so what does Sandra do? She goes out of her way to deny the chicken anything before it gets frustrated enough to bite her finger and force her to drop it. All Rob can do in response is laugh at Sandra's misfortune.
  • The viewers know Dean has a false legacy advantage, but he's holding out hope it might be real. Since Jamal publicly gave it to him, Dean creates another false legacy advantage and played it that night's tribal. Basically, he made a false advantage to protect his false advantage.
  • When Noura was excluded from the family vacation, she laments how she's basically a tolerable, fun, awesome Karishma... whilst in front of Karishma.
    • What really sells it is Karishma's reaction, which is completely deadpan.
  • The Majority Vokai alliance are trying to plot against Elaine during tribal council. She eavesdrops by sticking her head in the middle of the conversation.
  • Noura's pissed at Dean for ruining their plan at the Final 8. Her revenge is to take his shoes and place them in a spot where he's too short to reach them.
  • Elaine has a confessional about how weird Noura is, spliced with some footage of her spinning around in circles.
  • Also this tidbit.
    Jeff: So Noura where are we in the game right now?
    Noura: At tribal council? trademark Noura cackle
  • The very fact that Noura somehow made finale despite all her shenanigans is hilarious.
  • Tommy referring to his alliance with Janet as "Tommy and Mommy" sounds kind of weird.
  • Much like Parvati, Noura gets stuck between an arguing Tommy and Dean at FTC and her facial expressions say it all
  • Sandra wearing a crown at the reunion.

    Winners at War 
  • The entire scene of Tony climbing up an unstable ladder with Tyson making wisecracks at him.
  • At his second Tribal Council, Adam has trouble putting his torch in the slot. Ben points out that there was no slot where he was trying to put it and the correct slot was about 6 torches to the left.
  • Tony prepping Sarah up into sneaking into the other tribe's camp.
  • Sandra manages to fish a shark, and Nick, Tony and Yul are with her to get it and take it to camp for breakfast. As Tony picks it up to put it in a basket, the shark flails, scaring the hell out of Tony, who runs around while still holding the shark, before he finally remembers they had a basket to put it in and runs over to deposit it in the basket. The others were cracking up, and Nick and Yul imitate his screams and flails in confessionals.
  • The sit out bench being named after Sandra.
  • Tyson arrives on the Edge of Extinction after those already on the island had to do a challenge dealing with carrying firewood. When he makes note of how much they have, Natalie, Amber, Danni and Ethan all burst into laughter.
  • When Jeff is presenting a reward, Sophie exclaims that she wants Peanut Butter and Jelly. Jeff is impressed, because that is exactly what it turns out to be.
    • Has a amusing follow-up the next episode. While the tribe is eating some leftover peanut butter sandwiches, Ben can be randomly heard singing "peanut butter and jelly" over an over, before staring awkwardly at Adam with a shit-eating grin on his face.
  • Adam becoming paranoid that someone on his team has the idol. His guess, that he is completely sure about, is that either Ben or Sarah has it. What makes this funny is that both the audience and Sarah herself know that the one person Adam doesn't suspect, Sophie, is the one who has it.
  • Adam is convinced that a decoration on Jeff's podium is an idol, in a desperate bid to stay he tries to pull it out, fails, but then Jeff convinces him it might be real so he asks to play it, before Jeff reveals it was never an idol, and then he goes to the edge.
  • Jeremy trying to balance, and failing, in the episode 9 immunity challenge.
  • After his first immunity win, Tony asked Jeremy if he has an immunity necklace nullifier advantage when the latter came up to play his Safety Without Power advantage.
  • The girls having some fun by having a Survivor fashion show.
  • Tony finds a piece of paper in his bag, revealing it's an extortion advantage. He is super pumped about getting it and is excited to cause some chaos...until he realizes it's being played against him.
  • During the family visit, Jeff fakes everyone out by claiming that the challenge will have all the parents and teens swim out into the ocean while all the kids dig in the sand. Jeff then notes that he saw a lot of worried parents along with a bunch of excited kids.
    • He also jokes that said kids (along with the three teens) are the future Survivor generation.
  • Michele's victory at final six immunity is an awesome moment. However, her little victory dance, combined with the fact no one (minus Nick) was happy to see her win, make it even funnier. Then there is her confessional after the challenge:
    Michele: (Complete with hand movements) Nanananana! You can't vote me out!
    • Hell, Michele was comedy gold in episode 13. Here's a few of her most memorable quotes:
    Michele: (To Jeremy) "Well that was a fucking clusterfuck."
    Michele: (To Nick) "I was wondering when you’d have the balls to come talk to me."
    Michele: "I brought a butter knife to a gun fight."
    Michele: (To Jeff) "I need this necklace today. Like a fish needs water, or like you need a blue button-down and khakis."
    Michele: (After winning immunity and nobody clapping) "No claps, Jeff. Have you noticed?" (everybody immediately claps)
  • Wendell doing a callback to Chris Noble's rapping when he gets to Ponderosa.

    Survivor 41 
  • The fact both tribes thought having two tribe members walking across a long trail using shallow pots to fill two 55 gallon drums in 4 hours would be easier than counting the number of triangles in a picture within 4 hours.
  • Why did Luvu lose the first challenge? They didn't notice a second clip on their boat, anchoring them in place.
  • Brad thinks that two of his tribemates are going off to talk about him at the water source, so he races down the beach to beat them there and hides in a bush a la Tony in his Spy Shacks.
  • This season's idols are part of a group of three (one at each camp) and can only be used once all three have been found. To signal to the other finders that you have found one of them, you must say a secret phrase at a challenge. The phrases themselves are guaranteed to make the person saying them look like a Cloud Cuckoolander, and are as follows:
    "I truly believe that butterflies are dead relatives saying 'Hi'."
    "I'm as confused as a goat on AstroTurf."
    "I didn't realize this till now... broccoli is just a bunch of small trees."
    • Xander from Yase finds his first and says the butterflies phrase in episode 2. Brad finds the Ua clue in episode 3, and when it comes time to say the broccoli phrase, he stumbles over the correct wording. In the middle of the challenge, when Brad and Xander are both the last on their tribes waiting to race, we get this exchange:
      Xander: I liked what you said about broccoli.
      Brad: It was horrible the way I said it.
  • At the merge challenge, the team made up of mostly Luvu members wins, but most choose between two former members of Luvu to send into a two-day exile: Naseer or Erika. After a very brief discussion, they announce Erika as their choice to go to exile. When pressed about why by Jeff, Danny blurts out one of the most Blatant Lies in Survivor history: That the decision was made through "Rock, Paper, Scissors," despite it being obvious that no one on the team actually played the game. No one for even a second believes this to be true, obviously.
  • At the merge tribal council, it quickly becomes a live tribal after Liana wastes her potentially game-breaking Knowledge is Power advantage. At one point, Naseer accidentally starts strategizing with the wrong tribe and has to be called back over.
  • Sydney's Elimination Statement is quite possibly one of the funniest Survivor has had in a long time, thanks mostly to Sydney's absolutely over the top pettiness toward the other players.
    Sydney: I like to believe I'm not on the jury so that I don't see their faces ever again and I'm just glad I'm leaving because whatever I have outside of this game is five hundred cajillion times better. So that makes me feel good even if its super immature.
  • During a Tribal Council following the merge in which the players have been split up again and voting in two separate Tribal Councils, Heather pleads for the Survivor gods to drop an idol from the sky. "Cue the idol" she says and a massive beetle lands on Tiffany. It's not clear if it really happened quite this way or was just a bit of clever editing, but it was wonderful all the same.
  • The Day 22 Reward Challenge has the winning team choose between chicken and vegetables or sweets. Deshawn protests this, saying he wants a letter from home, much to Jeff's bewilderment.

    Survivor 42 
  • In contrast to last season, this season features both tribes choosing to count triangles instead of attempting to fill an oil drum with water. We almost immediately find out why this was a hard choice in the first place, as though both teams manage to get the right answer, it takes them quite the journey to get there.
    • Jenny has to single-handedly explain how the triangle puzzle works to her tribe, eventually needing to take charge to make sure they get the right answer.
    • Meanwhile, at Taku, there are various answers. Omar initially guesses 36, while Jonathan initially guesses 11. The correct answer turns out to be 50.
  • Mike finds an idol and learns that his phrase deals with soccer, which he hates.
    • Then, in an effort to gain an ally of Daniel, he tells him about the idol and offers to show him where he buried it, but realizes that he has forgotten where, so he drags poor Daniel all over the island, who can barely contain his laughter.
    • The saga continues with Mike loaning Daniel the idol temporarily so he can study the instructions, but Daniel winds up losing the parchment, the idol, and his water bottle, and has to retrace his footsteps with a very annoyed Mike to find it.
  • The idol phrases return and are just as good as the season before.
    "This is a classic case of the bunny rabbit having dinner in the mailbox."
    "Potatos have skin. I have skin. Am I a potato?"
    "There is nothing more moving than a game of soccer."
  • After Tori returns the immunity necklace, Rocksroy tauntingly mocks her by saying "adios, amigos". Rocksory is among the first people out of the challenge and Tori ends up winning again.
  • A little bit after a challenge, Jonathan decides to demonstrate his monkey walk apropos of nothing.

    Survivor 43 
  • Noelle's hiding spot for her advantage? Her foot casting. Doubles as an awesome moment.
  • Jesse's bag getting caught on the boat, leading to him falling in the ocean.
  • During the second merge episode, the teams are given a note that tells them to pair up for the challenge. Naturally, no one directly wants to pick a partner and give away who their closest ally is, so they end up resorting to a rock draw.
  • Episode 10's immunity challenge is the House of Cards challenge. Pretty much everyone struggles, leading to a Failure Montage showing pretty much everyone dropping at least twice.
  • The final 7 is given a clue telling them that an advantage is hidden in the jungle. Naturally, everyone rushes off to find it...and several people walk past it time, some more than once.

    Survivor 44 
  • Carolyn gets the ultimate Establishing Character Moment, opening the first episode chatting with the producer and admitting she has no idea what to do with her opening confessional.
  • Ratu, when faced with the strength or smarts challenge, picks strength under the assumption that it will be easier for them, yet Brandon and Matthew quickly realize they made a mistake once they get into the swing of things. Meanwhile, over on Tika, it takes Helen and Carson about fifteen minutes to solve the ring puzzle, with them even laughing about how Ratu shot themselves in the foot giving them the smart challenge.
  • After Carolyn manages to take the idol out of the Birdcage, her tribemates quickly take notice and begin wondering who has it. Cue a scene of all of them internally accusing everyone on the tribe but her.
  • Danny eating the note about how his fake idol has no power.
  • Jeff struggling to get the sword back into the shield because of Kane playing with it.
  • Brandon, Danny and Carolyn go on a journey together...and the conversation quickly turn into the former two solely plotting with each other and pretty much ignoring Carolyn, only telling her that they think she's worth keeping around because she's not good at challenges. Needless to say, Carolyn is not happy.
  • During the Merge Feast, the conversation turns to Josh's immunity idol (fake) and what to do in case he plays it. Carolyn reveals that she knows for a fact Josh's idol is fake, even relaying the whole story to everyone, and there is a brief pause for everyone to process the information, only for everyone to go back to discussing the idol as if it were real. Carolyn can only scream in frustration at the idiocy of her tribemates in her next confessional.
  • Carolyn notices a mace prop at tribal and briefly gets distracted from voting, touching it as she admits she had one (hopefully fake) growing up.
  • Matt, realizing he's in serious trouble, attempts to jokingly offer Jeff a papaya in hopes of getting him to call off the vote. Yam Yam then jokes he should have brought one too.
  • Danny letting out a loud fart while in the middle of an immunity showdown with Lauren.
  • Carolyn gets into an argument Danny at Tribal Council, causing her and Jeff to have this exchange.
    Jeff: Are you annoyed?
    Carolyn: Absolutely.
    Jeff: You should get some sleep, Carolyn. Who knows how you'll see things!
    [Carolyn gives Jeff a withering Death Glare.]
    Jeff: Are you mad at me now?
    Carolyn: Yes.
  • When Danny is voted out, he decides to go our performing a Robert De Niro impression, challenging Jeff to snuff out his torch, all while Jeff stares blankly and lets him keep talking.