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  • Extra Fridge Brilliance for the below quote, which is genuinely funny in its own right; Ms Clarke can't join him at Bletchley because she would be working only with men, it would be "indecorous". Turing genuinely thinks it's something "normal" people understand, but we're as much in the dark as he is:
    Alan Turing: Indecorous? What does that even mean?
  • Stewart Menzies puts his epic troll hat on when he confronts Turing about his bringing classified documents to a lady who is officially a typist at Hut 8 with no clearance whatsoever - he tells Turing he's put Joan Clarke into prison, elicits a vast fountain of incriminating information from Turing, who demands that Clarke be released, and then follows up with:
    Menzies, with troll grin: She's gone to the markets. She'll be back in an hour.
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  • Hugh interrupts Turing and Clarke's code breaking picnic to give an idea that'd vastly improve Christopher's capabilities. In response to getting a "Turing" compliment for the progress, Hugh steals his lunch, reminding him that he doesn't like sandwiches. Naturally, it probably goes right over his head.
  • Alan figuring out how to make Christopher more effective at cracking the Enigma during the engagement party:
    • First, we get to see Joan's friend Helen and Hugh flirt from two different tables - they loudly proclaim to their friends what they are doing, including pointing out that they've "got" each other at the same moment. Right after that, we see Hugh use Turing as the most clueless wingman in history to flirt with Helen further just for the sake of flirting.
    • Second, the cracking itself - while flirting, Helen casually mentions that she developed a bit of a relationship with the German operator whose messages she is relaying, saying that it's a shame he's probably got a girlfriend, which gives Turing a Eureka Moment. He then derails the visibly annoyed Hugh's attempt to woo her by asking questions and then rushes to Christopher, spilling beer on Helen. And then we have Hugh himself, who in the span of a second goes from annoyance to realizing that Turing cracked the code, running right after him and leaving Helen alone.
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    • Also John and Peter's reactions when Hugh takes Turing as his wingman: John predicts Turing is going to ruin it somehow. Peter doesn't take the bet.
    • There is also Alan getting kicked under the table by Hugh then Joan to silence him when he's about to botch his wingman role.
  • Alan's awkward Cannot Tell a Joke moment, when he tries telling the classic "outrunning a bear" joke but absolutely botches the delivery. The pause afterwards is priceless.
  • Alan trying to become less of an Insufferable Genius. His attempt at a joke, as noted above, and this exchange:
    Alan: *Hands apples to the rest of the team*
    Hugh: What's this?
    Hugh: No.
  • Hugh's reaction to Enigma being broken is pretty good.
    Hugh: Oh my god.

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