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Headscratchers / The Imitation Game

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  • Commander Denniston says that he had rejected "the best linguist in Britain, who knows German better than Bertold Brecht". Any ideas on who he means?
  • How the heck do you get "Mingas", out of Menzies?
    • The same way one gets "Mannering" out of Mainwaring, "Chumley" out of Cholmondley, and - I kid you not - "Fanshaw" out of Featherstonehaugh. Britain's more aristocratic families seem to have made something of a running gag out of having as large a disconnect as possible between spelling and pronunciation. Specifically regarding Menzies, the name came from Norman French (Mesnieres), and morphed into its current spelling and pronunciation as the name of a Scottish Clan. They don't need the spelling to make sense; they have a castle.
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    • Menzies is a Scottish name. the "Z" is actually a replacement of a letter present in the scots alphabet "ȝ" which has that g sound. It's a common thing when going from old Gaelic names to English ones.
  • The other people on the team are perplexed by Turing's antisocial and confused behavior, as if they themselves have never met a genius before - when they're probably geniuses themselves. They aren't seen going over Turing's work which any genius would do, at least seeing if such a machine was possible. The movie drops some serious Drama Ball there, so the Lowest Common Denominator doesn't feel left out.
    • Yep. One of the movie's many flaws is implying that the people at Bletchley Park did absolutely nothing until Turing came on board.

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