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The Imitation Game is a Sherlock prequel.
The Imitation Game portrays Alan Turing as a mathematician Insufferable Genius suffering from an Ambiguous Disorder. Minus the "mathematician" part, this is an accurate short depiction of the Sherlock title character. Also, Sherlock's mother is a former mathematician and Sherlock mentioned having inherited her intelligence. It is likely that Mrs Holmes is related to Turing (not in a direct daughter or grand-daughter relation, since it is made clear that Turing was a confirmed homosexual who stayed bachelor), making Sherlock a (physically and psychologically) identical great-grandnephew of Alan Turing.
  • Actually I can buy that, considering Sherlock is in an alternate universe where Conan Doyles works were never published, that universe's World War II could have been more like The Imitation Game's universe.
  • Ooo! Maybe in this universe Joan and Turing attempted sex, Joan got pregnant and only found out after the breakup, Turing never found out. Sherlock is through that child.


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