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Fegelein is behind the invasion.
That's where he kept running off to, and the source of all his pranks.


  • And Gunsche, disguised as Adler, is helping him.

Hitler himself will return at the end of the film.
No Nazi film is complete without Hitler. Cloned him, time-travel, ascended to a higher plane of existence? Space Nazis will find a way.
  • Hitler is now confirmed to appear in the sequel.

The movie is an alternate timeline of Nazi Zombies
In this timeline the zombies were controllable by their living officers as a result the Nazis had completed their moon base before the Allies inevitable crushing of the Third Reich, as the zombies did not cause a breakout

Based on the ending of Iron Sky's credits, any sequel will involve Soviets on Mars.
With the possible title of "Rusty Sky" or something like that.
  • Or just "Red Sky".
    • Confirmed for the threequel.

The Nazis are the heroes all along.
  • Just like the film-version (and ONLY the film version) of Starship Troopers, we're supposed to be rooting for the Nazis.
    • They're not the heroes, but Earth's governments are all very self-serving (in particular, the U.S. President and her aide, who care only about the former's reelection and the latter's career in government), willing to kill innocents with extreme prejudice, and end up firing nukes all over the planet over a resource ownership dispute, while the Nazis, much like real-life earth Nazis, are either entirely clueless as to their leadership's evil plans, or are actually ideologically motivated and believe they are doing the right thing (and were planning on leaving Earth inhabitable for their children).

Iron Sky takes place in the same universe as The West Wing.
  • The US President is running for re-election in 2018, which isn't an election year in our world, but is in The West Wing's timeline.

Iron Sky takes place in the same universe as Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.
Alternate Ideas for Iron Sky
i just got bored, so i made a bunch of Iron Sky Copies. these are also on my Deviantart account:

  • Red Sky: after losing the cold war, several Communists used advanced Space Technology created in a secret Siberian base built on top of the tunguska crater to escape to Mars, where the Reds create an Underground base with an entrance shaped like a Hammer and Sickle and establish the Martian SFSR. the Martian commies (who are more Stalinist than Communist) wait for decades and create plans to return to Earth and create the "World Revolution."

  • Steel Sky: after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Several Japanese Soldiers used Flying saucers stolen from the Nazis to escape to Jupiter's Moons from a secret base in Hokkaido. upon landing, the Japs create a large Space Station disguised as a moon known as the "Empire of the Red Spot," and after waiting for generations, the Japanese have plans to return to Earth and take it back from the Western Barbarians!

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  • Copper Sky: After the Allies invaded Italy in the 40s, Several Italian Fascists used borrowed flying saucers to escape to Saturn's Moon of Europa from a secret base in Sicily. upon landing, the Fascists create a base known as "New Rome," and after generations of waiting, the Fascists have plans to return to Earth and turn it into the newest province of New Rome.

  • Nickel Sky: after the Spanish took over the Americas, several Mayans used crashed alien spaceships to escape to the moons of Uranus, where they created a Base shaped like a Mayan Pyramid. after centuries of waiting, the Mayans are prepared to return in the year 2012 to reclaim their lost territory

  • Bronze Sky: after the death of Osama Bin Laden, several Al-Qaeda Members used Weapons of Mass Destruction to escape to the Moon of Neptune where they established the "Neptunian Caliphate" in the shape of the Star and Crescent. after years of waiting, the Caliphate has plans to return to earth and destroy the West.

  • White Sky: after the American Revolutionary war, several British Tories and soldiers used Flying Battleships to escape to Venus from a secret base in Canada. upon landing, the Brits created a base shaped like the Union Jack and called it the "True British Empire," and after centuries of waiting, the Space Tories have plans to invade the USA and turn it back into a British Colony.

  • Fire Sky: After the battle of Waterloo, several soldiers in Napoleon's Grand Armee used Flying Saucers to escape to Mercury from a secret base in Corsica where they established the "Second French Empire," after 200 years of planning, the New Grand Armee has plans to return to Earth and unify the globe.

  • Gray Sky: after losing the American Civil War, several Confederates used advanced Flying Submarines to escape to the Moon from a secret Brazilian Base where they establish the "Confederate States of Luna." after 50 years of planning and with Europe at war, the Rebs now have plans to take over the USA and enslave all non-whites in the world.

  • Wood Sky: after the 1911 revolution, Several Chinese used Advanced "Dragon" Spacecraft to escape to Pluto from a secret base in Manchuria where they established the "Long Dynasty." after decades of planning, the Long Dynasty plans to return to earth with plans to Conquer the World.

  • Death from the Earth: after the fall of the Mongol Empire, several Mongols found an underground portal leading to a hellish-alternate dimension. said mongols decided to enter this new realm and establish a new empire in it, and after centuries of waiting, the Mongols plan to return to the Surface realm and take over the World.

  • White Sky: After losing the Russian Civil War, several White Russians used advanced spaceships created from the tunguska meteorite to escape to Planet X (between Earth and Mars), where they created a base shaped like the Tsar's Winter Palace, only bigger. after decades of waiting, the "2nd Russian Republic/Empire" has plans to return to Earth and take back the Motherland from the Reds (little do they know who is really in power at the moment).

  • Domination of Luna: after they are defeated before they can become a superpower, several of the Draka retreat to the Moon using their ASB Technology where they create a massive underground base. and in 1942 (the British used Martian technology captured during the war of martian agression, allowing them to reach the moon earlier). the Domination of Luna has built up its forces, and with the arrival of European Shocktroopers (actually just European astronauts), the Draka believe it is now time to strike back and enslave the World.

  • Jade Sky: During the decline of the Old Kingdom, Egyptians, reverse-engineering alien technology, constructed starports concealed by the Pyramids, and launched space stations (the Wings of Horus and the Boat of Ra) for exploration. However, their absence coincided with the Old Kingdom's collapse, so support from Earth was cut for several decades. The stations, meanwhile, suffered the effects of a solar flare which sent them out of their trajectory and locked them into solar orbit; ever since they've been plotting to return and retake Egypt with their advanced solar-based technology, until they finally managed to catch a modern Earth probe to gauge Earth's technological development.

  • Marble Sky: During the 70s, the Greek military junta made a discovery, consisting of Archimedes' research on space travel, including what he proudly called in his notes "Zeus's carriage". Recovering and mass-producing it, the Greeks managed to terraform Saturn's moon Titan, thriving on methane-driven technology. However, these endeavors left the national reserve quite dry, and after the financial crisis from 2010 onwards, the Titans, as they call themselves, are ready to descend from their colony of New Olympia.

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