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Funny / The Borrowers (1997)

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  • Tom Felton's delivery of Peagreen's sarcastic "oh ha-ha-ha" when Arietty laughs at him for getting stuck in dog poo.
  • Pete Lender's (rather pathetic) attempts at trying to get his dad to pull the car over:
    "Dad, dad, you gotta stop. Uh...I can't see...every thing's gone dark! My leg, oh, I think it just broke...ooh..."
    • Especially when you realize he could have just said he forgot something in the house...
  • Ruby Wax proves to be quite a difficult receptionist if you aren't polite. When Potter demands directions to Demolition, she gives him a laundry list of what he has to do.
    Potter: Isn't there a faster way?
    Receptionist: Walk quickly.
    • And when Pete asks her (nicely) she tells him he just needs to take the elevator to the right floor.
    "Such a nice boy." (picks at something in her teeth)
  • Spiller gets an epic burn on Potter.
    Spiller: I suppose you think you can do anything you want.
    Potter: That's right, I can.
    Spiller: Bet you couldn't get a girlfriend.
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  • Exterminator Jeff is pretty much made of this, being an overly nice guy fascinated to learn Borrowers exist and failing epically each time Potter pushes him to kill them.
  • Peagreen getting stuck in the milk bottle, and nearly drowning before his Dad knocks the bottle off the conveyor belt. Peagreen's first response when his father rushes to resuscitate him? "I hate milk".


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