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YMMV / The Borrowers (1997)

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  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • A young Draco Malfoy? Mr. Weasley?? Horace Slughorn??? Some guy named Ocious P. Potter???? Whoa...
    • House shows up as a polite police officer and we get to hear the ultimate Dr. Jerk say "courtesy is the glue that holds society together."
  • Idiot Plot: Instead of just giving her will to her lawyer, the Lenders' aunt hides it in the house because she "doesn't trust bankers" (how do bankers even factor into it?)... but then she tells him where it is anyway, and doesn't tell anyone else, including the relatives who are living there and whom she's leaving the house to. Apparently she didn't tell anyone the safe combination either. Ironically, this is why Potter's scheme fails; having to sneak into the house to steal the will is why the Borrowers were able to steal it from him. If he'd just had the will all along, he surely would have just destroyed it. Meanwhile, the Lenders seem strangely unsuspicious that their aunt's executor claims there's no will, that the house reverts to him without one, and just happens to be planning to demolish it and turn it into profitable condos.
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  • Large Ham: Homily Clock. Especially with her delivery of "Ah there you are!" in her first scene.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Ruby Wax as the receptionist. "Walk quickly", "Such a nice boy"
  • Squick: Peagreen landing in a pile of dog droppings when he and Arrietty fall from the truck.


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