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  • Every single scene with Chicken Joe. Clucking Funny indeed. Particularly stoner chickens.
  • The "interview" with Chicken Joe's father. It starts out with a picture of a chicken, then zooms out to reveal that said picture is actually on a bucket of fried chicken.
    • Similarly, Cody Maverick's father. We start with an image of Bob Maverick waving, only to zoom out to reveal that he's seconds from being devoured by an orca.
  • Geek healing Cody's foot by peeing on it. It kind of disregards avian biology, but it's still funny.
    • Considering these are surfing penguins, that's forgivable. Besides, even though it's not widely known, some birds — particularly aquatic birds — can produce straight urine. Apparently enough to kill sea urchin venom!
      • Speaking of which, the talking sea urchin.
        Stepped on me? Stepped on me?! The guy was dancin' on me! Look at this: broken, broken, gone, gone, broken, broken.
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  • Geek's little ride on the log, becoming a Funny Background Event with Chicken Joe passing near (and entirely missing) the two of them.
  • During Cody's training sequence, he turns his back to the surf while arguing with Geek. Big Z simply draws an X on the beach and counts down: "5...4...3...2...1..." — and Cody washes up right on the spot.
    • And in a bit of revenge, Cody gets to do the same thing to Geek later. He drags Geek out on a surfboard and tries to bean the latter with a pineapple. Geek catches it, and when he sits up we're lead to believe Cody failed to prank him. Only for Cody to start counting down as a wave crashes down on Geek and pushes him back on shore.
  • The undercrank montage when Mikey's singlehandedly setting up the surf competition. The music (and Mikey) start speeding up faster and faster, while Reggie gets a montage of him drinking, getting fatter and sleeping.
  • The scene where Chicken Joe recounts how the native Pengu-ans "treat him as their king, and put him in their hot tub."
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  • Cody's mom gushing about how her son would be returning home with a big, beautiful trophy... and the look on her face when she's told that he didn't win. Then, as she lectures his older brother about how winning isn't everything, he struggles to find the right words for his frustration before concluding that it "doesn't compute."
  • In the sequel, Cody derailing his interview to advertise his surf school...and then being derailed by Tank for exactly the same reason.
  • One of the child penguins on Tank: "He's a dirty trash can full of poop."
  • "Breakfast!"

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