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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.
You ever heard of Bowsette? Meet her older BFF.

There's quite a lot of humor to be found in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which, given the franchise it's based on, isn't too surprising. Don't be surprised if you find yourself smiling and laughing throughout!

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    Promotional Material 

Teaser trailer

  • While most of the trailer is focused on Mario and Bowser, Luigi does get a scene doing what he does best — running away from something (in this case, a horde of Dry Bones).

Official trailer

  • Mario, Peach, and Toad are crossing a bridge that features many Cheep Cheeps jumping about. One naturally goes very up close and personal with Mario. Anyone who's played Super Mario Bros. will certainly remember the levels where this exact situation occurs repeatedly.
    • If you watch closely, Peach pulls the Cheep Cheep off of Mario's face just as Toad starts running over to help, resulting in him getting a face full of fish lips instead!
    • Then, as Peach pulls the Cheep Cheep off, she falls over herself! In other words? No one, not even Peach, was left unscathed.

TV spots

  • During a World Cup bumper, Luigi is shown to be chased once again by a Dry Bones. Then he trips on a soccer ball, causing him to fall and the Dry Bones to trip on Luigi's ass and break into pieces. Several more Dry Bones see this, and Luigi quickly reassembles the Dry Bones to make it look like he's okay (right down to making the Dry Bones look like he's giving a thumbs-up). But then the Dry Bones collapses, prompting the rest of them (including the head of the one Luigi knocked over) to angrily go after Luigi. Poor guy.

Ster-Kinekor Promo

Super Mario Bros. Plumbing Website

  • If you check the website listed in the commercial, it's real, which contains several hidden sound effects and calling the phone number in real-life gives you Luigi's voicemail.
    Luigi: Thank you for calling Super Mario Bros. Plumbing! It's-a me, Luigi! Ah, if you need service, please-uh text us at the same number you just called! 929-55-MARIO! That's 929-556-2746! Message us about any issues wherever you live! House... condo... mansion? And we'll be sure to text you back right away, because at Super Mario Bros. Plumbing, we don't say, "Let's-a wait"; we say, "Let's-a go!" Oh, and uh, check our website! We're still working on it, so... more updates to come. Buh-bye!
    • The "Testimonials" page featuring three reviews of them. Two of them are negative, and the only one of them that's positive is from the Bros.' mother!
      "BrosMom:" (5 Stars) The Mario Bros. are the very best in the business! They’re polite, professional, adorable, and treated me like family!

      "SpikeIsCool:" (1 Star) There’s no loyalty w/ mario and luigi!!! The SUBPAR Mario Bros used to wrk for me until they decided to break off and start there own bussines… theyll learn their lesson someday…

      "BrKlyn Couple:" (2 Stars) SMBP left my house an absolute MESS! I would have given them only 1 star, but my sweet angel of a dog absolutely loved them. He just wouldn’t leave them alone!
  • The site above would later get more reviews that prove that they do have some competency, though one review notes the oddness of the fact that they went inside a pipe to get the job done. Another references the infamous Miiverse user MARIOWiiU by saying "amazing looking water courtesy of the brothers," akin to how said user would comment on how amazing the water would look in various games. There's also one particular "review" saying the letters on the brothers' hats should stand for "Marvelous" and "Legendary", made by the user Who, for the uninitiated, definitely isn't Mario sock-puppetingnote .

  • We start with not one, but two Logo Jokes:
    • First, Illumination's has a Minion in a go-kart, which resembles a Gru-branded Circuit Special, revving up for a boost as the sign lights up like a traffic signal. Instead, the kart's engine sputters out, leaving the Minion visibly frustrated- And then it blasts off, leaving the Minion screaming for his life!
      • Which doubles as a reference to Super Mario Kart, where the same thing can happen to drivers who mis-time their start. Complete with the exact same sound effects!
    • Nintendo's has 8-bit versions of the Mario Bros. run under the sign (Mario bouncing off of Luigi's head) to tip their caps to the viewers. After they're done, Luigi bounces off of Mario's head, and leaving the red brother to chase after the green!
  • In the opening, Bowser's army is seen attacking a Kingdom that's populated by penguins. The Penguin King orders his army to attack, and they do so by picking up and throwing snowballs at Bowser. Despite some epic action music playing while they're doing so,note  most of them don't even hit him, and the ones that do don't even do anything other than make Bowser stand there unimpressed. An ice catapult that they use only manages to knock out a single Koopa Troopa, causing a nearby one to raise their eye patch to show a perfectly functioning eye beneath. Despite this, the Penguin King acts as if they had just made a badass impression on their invaders, and his soldiers seem to agree.
    Penguin King: That is but a taste of our fury! Do you yield?
    Bowser: [chuckles] I do not. [proceeds to burn the Penguins' castle with his fire breath]
    • The Latin Spanish dub slightly alters the dialogue, making Bowser's response mock them by calling them "Ternuritas" ("Cute little things").
  • On top of it using the "Plumber's Rap", the entirety of the commercial for Super Mario Bros. Plumbing is full of hilarious homemade errors.
    • Both of the Bros are clearly greenscreened in (with leftover artifacts) at several points.
    • The gleam on the fixed sink is so bright that it nearly washes out the shot.
    • Mario and Luigi do the "screaming Luigi" pose from the Luigi's Mansion box art in front of a giant pile of money while talking about their cheap prices.
    • While boasting that they're going to "save Brooklyn", both Mario and Luigi don yellow capes like the Cape Feather power-up while superimposed over New York's skyline, except that they forgot to edit out the bar stools they're lying on to pretend they're flying.
    • Mario flicking a toy van across a map from Brooklyn to Queens to illustrate their range of business, which is evidently weighted on the left too much as it starts to veer in the wrong direction, forcing Luigi to grab it and place it at Queens himself.
    • The actress playing a customer visibly has issues with her lines:
      Actress: Thank you, Super Mario Bros.! (squints at an offscreen teleprompter) It seems like the only thing you haven't drained is my bank account! (shrugs incredulously at said teleprompter)
  • The brothers are not only proud of their poorly-made ad for their plumbing business, but consider blowing their life savings on it Worth It.
  • When Spike is mocking the brothers and how they don't have one customer since starting their own business, Luigi proudly crows their mother likes the commercial and punctuates his proud little "Take that!" by smashing his phone down on the ground ...before awkwardly realizing that was his phone. Mario’s embarrassed face to Luigi’s bragging says it all.
    Spike: Tell me. Have you even gotten one call since you left me to start your dumb company?
    Luigi: As a matter of fact, Spike...we have.
    Mario: Wow, really?
    Luigi: Uhh, yeah, Our mom called. And she said, 'Oh, boys! That's the best commercial I've ever seen!' And I said, 'Thank you very much, mother, we're very proud of it!' So BOOM!
    • Despite its smashed screen, the phone still functions and reveals that Luigi has a very familiar ringtone. Also the phone still works even after he drops it on the floor and cracks the screen. Seems like it was Nintendium.
  • After Spike leaves, Luigi questions what Mario was thinking standing up to the much larger Spike, with Mario saying that Luigi can't just be scared all the time. To which Luigi replies, in a confident manner, "You'd be surprised."
  • When they get a call, the Bros. dramatically get in their van — only for the Alleged Car to not start.
  • As Mario and Luigi run to their first plumbing job, Mario runs and jumps around so fast that he leaves behind Luigi, who is carrying their toolkit. At one point, Mario tells Luigi to hurry up and the latter mentions he has "bad knees". Even better, the route they take is seen from the side to be a dead-ringer for World 1-1, complete with a White Castle-esque burger joint and its flagpole substituting for the castle and Goal Pole.
  • Francis the dog taking it very personally when Luigi accidentally steps on and breaks his gravy bone.
    • Even funnier, simply breaking the bone sets off a chain of events where what was supposed to be a simple task that would earn the brothers money ends disastrously because the dog wanted to avenge his bone.
    • The plumbing's unraveling starts with a spurt of water hitting Luigi in the crotch.
    • There's something inherently amusing about how the movie's one PG-permitted profanity went towards having Luigi say the word "hell" (when he calls Francis "the hellhound").
    • Mario successfully traps Francis in the shower when he gives the brothers grief, but by that point, the damage has been done and the bathroom is about to flood. Mario and Luigi manage to contain the worst of it, but then the shower starts to fill with water. As Francis floats to the top of the shower, he gives the brothers a smile that says "you guys are boned now!".
    • By the time the couple checks in, the bathroom is an absolute mess, with Mario apparently pulling Francis out of the toilet by the plunger (Which they used to save the dog when he leapt out the window by accident). "Found the problem!" Mario reports. Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you realize Francis' owners were probably the "BrKlyn Couple" who left one of the first reviews on the website.
  • It's revealed that Mario dislikes mushrooms as shown during their family dinner, where he moves all of his to Luigi's plate. Suffice to say, he isn't pleased at all upon learning that mushrooms are a common power-up in the Mushroom Kingdom, where he childishly stomps in place as he prepares to eat one. Heck, Peach has to force-feed him the Super Mushroom because he keeps hesitating.
    Mario: Mushrooms, really! Now THAT is a cruel twist of fate.
    • During the family dinner, Luigi keeps asking if somebody can pass him a platter of food, but the uncles keep talking over him to mock the brothers’ commercial. Then when Luigi brings Mario a plate of pasta after he storms off, he eats from it after Mario turns it down.
    • During the training montage, there's one point where Mario vomits out the Super Mushroom, a flickering light indicating that Mario's simultaneously getting it out of his system. This drives home that Mario's dislike for mushrooms is not a simple case of "Don't knock it until you try it". Adding to the comedy of this bit is Peach awkwardly patting Mario's back as he hurls over the side of the balcony.
    • Made extra hilarious once you realize that the Mushroom based Power-ups are the only Power-ups that need to be eaten.
  • Mario and Luigi's uncles get some funny bits during the dinner scene. Uncle Arthur mockingly asks if "they give an Oscar for Worst Actor", earning him a Dope Slap from his wife. Then Uncle Tony asks them about why they wear their extravagant outfits and about wearing White Gloves, Mario replies that he and Luigi use them to distinguish themselves from others and stand out.
  • A news report reveals a water main burst that has led to a flood in Brooklyn. Mayor Pauline tries to reassure citizens that the issue is under control and that they're close to fixing it. Cue a manhole bursting like a geyser behind her, at which she can only give the camera a nervous smile while a random passerby appears to scream to the camera begging for someone to save Brooklyn.
  • When Mario sees the news of the plumbing disaster befalling Brooklyn, he proclaims that destiny is calling. Luigi perks up and asks if he means Destiny Delvecchio from high school.
  • Toad's debut in the film, startling Mario as he approaches a blue mushroom:
  • When Toad introduces Mario to the Mushroom Kingdom, the latter thinks this is a dream. Toad then strikes Mario in the arm with his hiking stick.
    Toad: That hurt, right?
    Mario: YES!!
    Toad: Definitely not a dream.
  • Mario returning a dropped coin to a Toad is sweet on its own. Except Mario doesn't actually see which Toad dropped it (green cap), and a different Toad (red cap) approaches him to gawk at the mustachioed human, so he obliviously gives it back to the wrong Toad. The Toad in turn is too busy staring to even process what just happened!
    • Later on, when Peach orders an evacuation, one of the Toads seen fleeing is a red one holding a single coin, implying he not only kept it but considers it a precious memento.
  • Toad screaming at the others to move out of the way for him and Mario.
    Toad: Excuse me, everybody! Coming through! This guy's brother is going to die imminently! Out of the way please! Just trying to clear a path, that's all I'm doing. He's gonna be fine.
  • Another Toad buying a game cartridge from the Antiques store, where the (very familiar-sounding) owner says it does work; he just has to blow into it.
    • This also raises questions, since it's shown that Mario owns an NES and is seen playing it in his room. So how in the world did this Toad get his hands on something like a game cartridge and know about one of the most common myths associated with them?
  • Mario attempting to find the correct pipe in the Pipe Maze. Key word is attempt. And then he finds out he has to go through even more pipes.
    Mario: AW, COME ON!
  • Mario and Toad go through a Warp Pipe to reach Peach's castle. After having been bounced around inside the pipe during transit, Mario comes out nauseous, and collapses off of the pipe on the other side with Ragdoll Physics, not used to the travel method.
  • When Mario and Toad are barred entry from Peach's castle, the guards sarcastically state that "our princess, though, is in another castle". Enraged by this, Toad dramatically pulls out a frying pan as if he's going to fight them... and quickly sets up a cook-out of roasted fruits and vegetables which gets the guards excited like hungry campers, allowing Mario to quietly sneak past them.
  • When Mario is in the castle and sees two more guards, he salutes them as he walks by. The guards do the same… and then realize there’s an intruder in the palace and start chasing him.
    • Even better, the two guards are goofing off, but they snap to attention when Mario passes.
  • Peach attempts to rally the Toads to defeat Bowser, but they're not convinced.
    Peach: Together, we are going to stop Bowser!
    A Toad: How?! Look at us! We're adorable! (he and the others make Puppy-Dog Eyes)
    • What makes this even funnier is that this Toad sounds like a child in comparison to the Toad voiced by Keegan-Michael Key.
  • When Peach realizes that Mario is another human, she gets caught up in her excitement and gets too grabby with him, pulling on his nose and briefly taking his hat, which she puts back on wrongly, accidently covering his eyes. She also makes an innocent comment that Mario is shorter than her, which Mario doesn't appreciate.
  • In response to Mario asking to come along to stop Bowser, Peach gives Mario a warning about facing Bowser. What makes it funny is the enunciated delivery alongside Peach's exaggerated gestures and facial expressions, in which she's trying to make the danger of the situation as clear as possible. Topped off with yet another comment on Mario's height.
    Peach: This guy's a lunatic. A psycho. He will eat you for breakfast. He won't even notice it probably because you're very, very small.
  • That severely affronted look on Peach's face when Mario tells her she will be helping him to find his brother. As soon as he amends the demand with a "Please...?", she drops the look and nonchalantly agrees to help. Intruding into her castle and demanding her aid? So long as you remember to use the magic word, it's all good with Peach.
  • Most of the movie's Slow Motion scenes are gold.
    • When Mario enters the castle and is running from the guards, he runs towards the princess in slow motion while Peach stares at him, almost as if it's implying that Peach had love at first sight, only for her to quickly judo-flip Mario.
    • There's a moment where Mario and Peach lock eyes in slow motion as the former is about to beat the training course with Mario trying to impress Peach with a confident smile. And then time resumes as due to being distracted by his attempts to win over Peach Mario immediately gets caught in a fake Piranha Plant, failing the course once more.
    • At one point, Mario gets punched clear into the air. The scene goes into slow motion as Peach calls out his name to get him to snap out of it. Mario can only wave at her.
      Mario: (woozily) It's-a me!
  • This incarnation of Mario has clearly had no experience with adventure, getting his ass kicked in the training stage. One highlight, in particular, has Mario successfully jumping from a platform to a Donut Block, causing Mario to shout a Big "YES!"as said Donut Block turns red and collapses along with Mario. Peach just plants her head into the railing of her castle in exasperation.
    • Even funnier when you realize that it's the equivalent of a newbie player playing as Mario but keeps losing.
    • Take a look at the lighting in the sky. When the course is revealed, and when Mario gets hit by the Fire Bar, it looks to be late afternoon. Once he reaches the Bullet Bill, it's the middle of the night. And at the aforementioned Donut Block, you can see what appears to be the first rays of the morning sun. It's clearly been a looooong night for the poor plumber.
    • After the aforementioned Head Desk, the next scene shows that Peach fell asleep waiting for Mario to complete the course.
    • Once the training is over (that is, Mario almost completed the level, just to get chomped by a fake Piranha Plant right at the end), Peach tries to cheer him up, assuring him that nobody gets it right away. Mario then asks how many times it took her, and she says it took her many times, and she was even worse than Mario. He quickly sees through her and correctly guesses she got it right away.
      Peach: I got it right away, but I grew up here.
      Mario: Okay, now you're just trying to make me feel better.
      Peach: No! No... (Beat) ... Is it working?
      Mario: A little bit. Yeah.
  • Bowser makes a speech to his Koopa Troop. He addresses Koopas and Goombas by name... but when he gets to the Spinies, he refers to them as "whatever those things are." The Spinies are disappointed.
    • It's also worth noting that as Bowser hypes up his army, Kamek can be seen doing a little dance next to him.
  • Bowser giving his speech to his collective troops about his plans to invade the Mushroom Kingdom, each part of it earning a rowdy cheer from his audience… except for the last part where he proclaims his intentions to have a big flowery "fairy tale" wedding to Peach. That last one has everyone (including the heavy metal band) die down in confusion, before one of them points out that Peach hates Bowser. What follows is Bowser giving a flowery explanation on how Peach hating him only draws him closer to her.
    • One unlucky Koopa has the brilliant idea to ask Bowser what he's going to do if Peach says "no". That harmless question gets him burned by Bowser's fire breath and harmlessly reduced to a Dry Bones. The Koopa standing next to him just nods in a "well, what did you expect?" kind of way.
    • Even more funny, is said Koopa-turned-Dry Bones is voiced by Scott Menville, who uses a voice similar to his Robin voice.
    • In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, when everyone else is either confused or disappointed at Bowser's plans to marry Peach, one Koopa on the right side actually smiles and gives Puppy-Dog Eyes in delight.
    • Even funnier, as soon as the above scene was done, Bowser said that he'll just use the Super Star to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom, and everyone goes back to roaring in approval, either because it's exactly what they want to hear, or the simple fact that they know that's exactly how the proposal is going to go down.
  • When Peach and Mario set out for the Kong Kingdom, someone in the crowd points to Mario and asks, "Who's he?" After thinking it over, she answers in a hilariously excited way.
    Peach: (Beat) He's... not important!
    Toads: (Wild cheering)
  • Toad invites himself on Peach and Mario’s journey, announcing his presence by loudly singing and scatting an improvised song about going on an adventure, before stopping and turning to greet Mario.
    Peach: You know this guy?
    Mario: Uh—
    Toad: (proudly) We're best friends!
    Mario: (unsure) ...But, are we?
    • After Peach gives Toad the green light to actually come along, he starts loudly singing his song again, even twirling around a Biddybud in his excitement.
  • Bowser’s villain love song has him eventually just repeating “Peaches, Peaches” over and over with intersperses of Princess Peach until Kamek suddenly interrupts him and Bowser looks at him enraged. It's surprisingly catchy. What's more, he envisions Peach making a series of enamored reactions to his song, ranging from mild swooning to melodramatic swooning to lip-biting to leaning in for a kiss.
    • Even funnier, in the soundtrack version during the last few seconds, Bowser actually SCREAMS out Peach's name as if he was running out of ideas.
  • Bowser's very Jack Black instruction for Kamek to "Jam with me", is said in a coldy jealous tone. He promptly begins playing the Underground theme, with Kamek chiming in with the notes to the coin sound effect.
    • All the while, Bowser discusses with Kamek if this Mario person is particularly handsome to Peach, seething with transparent insecurity.
    • As their little "jamming" session continues, Kamek tries to assure Bowser that Mario's not handsome enough to threaten the koopa king's plans to marry Peach. Bowser quietly and calmly insists he doesn't feel threatened by Mario... Before he vents his jealousy towards Mario by slamming the piano lid on Kamek's hands. This line absolutely seals it.
      Kamek: (weakly) May I lift the cover?
      Bowser: (off-handedly, more focused on dealing with Mario) Not yet. Pain is the best teacher.
  • Bowser generally being insecure and jealous at the very thought that Peach could find a potential suitor in Mario, while completely unaware that he's more focused on rescuing Luigi rather than seeking romance. But what's even funnier and more ironic, is he immediately tries to do everything he can to get rid of Mario and rid himself of what he sees as competition for Peach's love, all out of paranoia. But all he succeeded in doing was to bring Mario and Peach closer together than before to the point where they are starting to flirt with each other and even hold hands, therefore ensuring that they will develop a potential romance in the future. As the old saying goes: "One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it."
  • In the flashback to toddler Peach coming through the warp pipe, she takes out her pacifier and puts it in the mouth of one of the Toads who approached her in curiosity.
  • Bowser having Luigi in his clutches.
    Bowser: Not sure if you know who I am, but I'm about to marry a princess and rule the world. [clicks out one of his claws]
    Luigi: Wow! Uh, hehe... Yay.
  • Prepare for some Black Comedy pretty much any time Lumalee opens his mouth.
    • His first appearance is when Luigi finds himself locked in a cage alongside Bowser's other prisoners... calling it "home".
      Penguin King: Pay him no heed. He is cute, but he is... [makes cuckoo noise]
      Lumalee: In an insane world, it is the sane who is called crazy.
      Luigi: ...How long have you guys been here?
      Lumalee: Time, like hope, is an illusion.
      Penguin King: Please! We are depressed enough!
      Luigi: There's gotta be a way outta here!
      Lumalee: There's no escape. The only hope is the sweet relief of death.
      [all the prisoners groan]
      Penguin King: Oh, you’ve GOT to be kidding me!
    • Meanwhile, an imprisoned Goomba can be seen chewing on the bars of their cage.
  • Mario's first observation upon being led into the Jungle Kingdom by a guard.
    Mario: [stunned] That gorilla is wearing a sports coat.
    Toad: Feel underdressed.
  • As Mario, Peach, and Toad are riding through the Jungle Kingdom, the Kong driving snatches a banana out of a fruit-stand owner's hand. After eating the banana, the Kong just tosses the banana away, causing another Kong driving to slip and crash on it! (With a random explosion even occurring after the car crashes).
  • When Mario challenges Cranky Kong for his army, he agrees to lend it to the Mushroom Kingdom if Mario can beat his son Donkey Kong in battle. Peach pulls Mario aside to tell him it’s a bad idea, with Mario arguing there’s no other way. They get interrupted by Cranky springing up between them.
    Cranky: Are you two done whispering? It’s very rude.
  • Donkey Kong is introduced with the DK Rap. Cranky groans at DK's grandstanding, and eventually gets the crowd to simmer down. It works... with one exception.
    Cranky: That means you, Diddy Kong!
    Diddy: D! K! D— (stops mid-cheer and sheepishly sits down) Sorry.
    • Also, Dixie Kong shakes her head in embarrassment when Diddy sits down, while Chunky Kong just looks confused.
  • Cranky reveals that he's added power-ups to the arena because he wants the fight to actually last longer than five seconds. Considering that the fight is a huge Shout-Out to Super Smash Bros., this is funny when you consider the heated debate over items that makes up part of that series' Casual-Competitive Conflict.
    Cranky: You're welcome, Mario!
  • Mario's initial attempt at fighting Donkey Kong goes... horribly, to put it in the kindest possible terms. Peach and Toad both react in horror at this.
    • The best part is how dramatically the moment builds up with a swelling orchestra... only for the music to just abruptly stop as DK nonchalantly grabs Mario out of the air by the face, slams him onto the girder, and begins pounding the crap out of him with a grin.
    • Cranky Kong doesn't wince like Peach and Toad — he just eats a banana with a smirk.
      Cranky: Guess you’re not getting my army!
    • The Latin American Spanish dub adds a little Woolseyism to the scene, making it funnier: As DK is pummeling Mario, Toad screams: "Stop, he's already dead!"
  • During the arena battle against DK, Mario gets a Blue Mushroom (a.k.a, the Mini Mushroom) and thinks it's going to have the same effect as a Super Mushroom. Anyone who's played New Super Mario Bros. just knows he's in for a surprise when instead, it shrinks him down to size. Donkey Kong looms over him, laughs, and grins audaciously in response. Mario nervously giggles and ends up running away from Donkey Kong.
    Cranky: (to Peach, extremely amused) I guess he got the wrong mushroom!
  • After getting knocked back to size, Mario scrambles to find another Power-Up. He finds a Fire Flower... which DK promptly blows out as if it were a candle. Mario attempts to retaliate with several punches to DK's massive face, and the ape's hilariously deadpan frown shows he isn't so much as tickled. Words cannot do it justice, especially when DK grabs Mario's fist with just his finger and thumb.
  • When Mario gets the Super Bell and becomes Cat Mario, almost everyone briefly gets Cuteness Proximity.
    Toad: He looks adorable!
    Peach: He really does.
    • Donkey Kong's reaction is to laugh at the plumber's form, much to the latter's chagrin — the look on Mario's face makes it even funnier. Then DK immediately switches his mood and says seriously, "Now you die." before delivering a punch towards Mario that's swiftly avoided.
  • After the fight, as Peach is congratulating Mario for not knowing when to quit, Donkey Kong butts in to say he let Mario win on purpose, leading to this exchange.
    Donkey Kong: I let him win, just for the record.
    Mario: Really though, why did you do that?
    Donkey Kong: You wanna know why? It’s (throws a barrel at Mario, who dodges it) MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! That’s why!
    Mario: (prepares to fight DK a second time) Alright, giant monkey!
    Cranky Kong: ENOUGH! (breaks up the two) Get inside!
  • As Mario and Peach prepare to take off in their newly constructed karts, a giant monster truck casually rolls up beside them. Both turn to gawk as Toad looks down from the driver's seat wearing a pair of Cool Shades. And then he loses control of the car for a second, causing his shades to dislodge too.
  • Once Mario, Peach, and Toad join up with the Kong army as they prepare to head to the Mushroom Kingdom, Donkey Kong takes a moment to tell Mario "I hate you" with no provocation, still sore over losing to him.
  • The entirety of Bowser's "proposal" to "Peach". From him acting all coy, to offering a bouquet of Piranha Plants (which he promptly stomps on when they snap at the viewer), all the way down to the reveal that "Peach" is really Kamek dressed up as her to help Bowser practice. Kamek then very excitedly says yes to the proposal and puckers his lips before the Koopa General walks in.
    • Just the fact it seemingly begins with Bowser donning his wedding hat, baring an intense look in his eyes towards the camera, before he promptly changes into his bashful suitor persona.
    • When the Koopa General barges in on the practice to report that Mario and Peach are using a shortcut to the Koopa Kingdom, it's not just Bowser who shoots him an irritated "What?!" when he interrupts: Kamek also says this in sync with the same inflection, as though he also doesn't wish to be interrupted while dressed as Peach.
    • The Guard himself just reports like he didn't even see anything.
    • Later, when Bowser does the same proposal to the real Peach and says the "Love really makes a guy come out of his shell" line, she looks confused and annoyed. He looks to Kamek, angrily whispering "I told you that line wouldn't work!"
      Kamek: (offscreen with a thumbs up onscreen) You're doing great!
  • During the Rainbow Road battle scene, just as Mario hijacks another vehicle, he then grabs the shell of the Koopa that was driving it. Clearly panicking as another Koopa driving the Bullet Bill launcher vehicle tails behind him, Mario throws the shell as a desperation move... which ended up working against the giant vehicle, much to his delight.
  • The Kongs' capture getting some levity thanks, again, to Lumalee.
    Lumalee: Oooh! Fresh meat for the grinder!
    Cranky: Who's this ray of sunshine?
    Lumalee: There is no sunshine, only darkness. [sprinkles stardust]
    Penguin King: [highly annoyed] Shut up, shut up, shut up!
  • When Kamek announces to everyone that they'll be sacrificed via lava dunking at the ceremony, they all understandably freak out... except, of course, for one.
    Lumalee: [juxtaposedly calm] Finally, mercy...
  • After Mario and DK fall in the water, and Mario pulls the Kong back up from drowning;
    DK: You... you saved my life!
    Mario: Yeah, well, I won't tell anyone.
    DK: Good, please don't!
  • While stuck in the Maw-Ray, DK and Mario seemingly are about to share a heart-to-heart about how they both feel insecure due in part to their disappointed fathers. But the moment is promptly spoiled when a disgruntled DK blurts out that Mario's dad is right to be disappointed in him. What unfolds is a comically petty squabbling match between two Vitriolic Best Buds.
  • Mario and DK then discover the remains of DK's kart with a single working rocket barrel attached. Both then give each other the smuggest grins imaginable since they know what they're going to do next.
  • Some of Bowser's minions are leaving wedding gifts, one of which is a Koopa who struggles to put a ? Block on the table. This causes a coin to fall off the table and roll towards a Koopa guard. The Koopa glances at the other guard to make sure they're not looking and begins reaching for the coin with his foot to snatch it for himself.
  • When Peach starts walking the aisle, there's a Koopa looking at her and blinking dreamily, who is heavily implied to be the same Koopa who liked Bowser's wedding idea from the start.
  • For some reason, Bowser got it in his head that the same Princess Peach who would marry him to spare innocent lives would appreciate having innocent lives sacrificed for their wedding.
    • Lumalee being entertained at the idea they'll all be lowered into lava, and acting blatantly disappointed when it's averted, as though this were nothing more than an exciting roller coaster that inconveniently broke down.
      Lumalee: Booooo!
  • When Peach turns the tables on Bowser by becoming Ice Peach, she asks if he really thought she would marry him.
    Bowser: (flabbergasted) Kinda!
    • The fact that Peach begins her fighting back by sucker punching Kamek just as he's starting the ceremony, which is followed by a Dry Bones (possibly the same one that Bowser roasted earlier on) mistakenly believing Bowser and Peach have relationship issues.
      Kamek: Dearly belov- (Gets punched by Peach and everyone gasps)
      Dry Bones: (Whispering to a Koopa) Draaamaaa...
  • After Peach uses the Ice Flower to attack Bowser's forces, one can see that King Bob-omb in the background has somehow fallen asleep. Then, when Peach steals a Koopa soldier's spear and sets in on fire with lava, she throws it and lights King Bob-omb's fuse. This causes him to wake up and panic. But just before King Bob-omb goes off, he quietly groans in resignation to his fate.
    • Prior to this, as the wedding guests are taking their seats, King Bob-omb can been seen seating himself between two Koopas. While one of the Koopas manages to move out of the way (but ends up squeezed between the end of the bench and King Bob-omb's width), the other Koopa ends up retracting into its shell and briefly bounces between the end of the bench and King Bob-omb before the latter stops the shell with his hand.
      • While this happens, there's a regular Bob-omb who seated close by who has a small Double Take at the sight of his king and takes the moment to stand up and bow in respect, which King Bob-omb doesn't notice.
      • Just the sight of boss-level minions like King Bob-omb and King Boo casually mingling with the other mooks in the wedding audience is somehow very amusing.
  • After Mario is hit by a Koopa shell and loses his Super Mushroom during the final battle and falls on the ground, Donkey Kong tells him "Ha, loser!"... and not even a second later the same happens to him.
  • This little scene after Donkey Kong sees Mario in the Tanooki Suit:
    Donkey Kong: Cool raccoon suit!
    Mario: Really?
    Donkey Kong: Not at all!
  • While Luigi reuniting with Mario is Heartwarming, it quickly crosses into this territory when he suddenly realizes his brother is still in his Tanooki form to which he responds:
    Luigi: Mario, why do you look like a bear? What is this?
    • Cue Mario giving an awkward little smile as well as little tail wag. Even Luigi looks like he's about to laugh!
    • Not to mention the triumphant music cuts off as he says the above quote!
  • Towards the climax, when Bowser jealously retaliates against Peach and Mario by sending a Bomber Bill, how does Mario get its attention? He smacks it in the eye. And guess what? It works... The comical part comes in when the seemingly inanimate Bomber Bill's eyeball turns toward Mario as though wondering "WHO DARES?!" All the while Mario's comically nervous expression says it all.
    • The best part? The Bomber Bill, which had previously been hurtling down towards Peach's castle, suddenly screeches to a halt in mid-air (bending the flag on the castle's tower) before rounding on Mario, who has the appropriate reaction.
  • As Mario flies through the mushroom forest evading the Bomber Bill, he ends up flying straight through one of the giant mushrooms. Luckily it doesn't slow him down, but he ends up flying into two more mushrooms in a row. And unfortunately for Mario, he ends up getting some of the mushroom in his mouth.
    Mario: (After spitting out the mushroom) REALLY!?
  • In an otherwise awesome sequence, Mario and Luigi, powered by the Super Star, jump past their parents. Everything moves in slow motion… and then the brothers are eaten by a Piranha Plant, much to the horror of their mother and father. A second later, they burst free of the plant's jaws, preceded by the Piranha Plant developing a huge frown.
  • Before Luigi saves him, Spike is being ganged up on by a bunch of Bowser’s minions, cowering in fear while a Shy Guy jumps on his back. Luigi defeats said Shy Guy by simply flicking the strap of its mask, sending it flying.
    Luigi: (Cheerful) Oh, hey Spike!
    Spike: (looking up) Luigi!?
    • Unlike the rest of Bowser's army, the Snifit and Shy Guy quickly realized they have no chance of taking on the powered-up Luigi and try to flee, which makes it more hilarious and satisfying when Luigi swiftly pays them back for capturing him earlier.
  • Once Mario and Luigi defeat Bowser, the Koopa King has the brilliant idea to ask Peach to give him another chance, despite the fact Peach told him twice she wouldn't marry a monster like him, willingly or otherwise. At this point, Peach just bluntly responds with an "Ew, no" and force-feeds him a Mini Mushroom. The now shrunken Bowser is snatched up by Toad from the tail and placed in a jar as Donkey Kong laughs at his defeat.
    • Peach gives herself a mischievous smile as she's about to shove the Mini Mushroom into Bowser's mouth, clearly satisfied in giving the wannabe groom his just desserts.
    • As the Mini Mushroom starts to take effect, there's a brief shot of Bowser's head shrinking first, making him look like a Tiny-Headed Behemoth, which combined with his face being puckered up, is a rather humorous image.
    • When Peach laughs at Mario's quip that he did get her a pet turtle (a Brick Joke to a conversation about Mario's world the two had on Rainbow Road), Bowser can be seen resorting to Copycat Mockery.
    • Even as the citizens of Brooklyn cheer on the heroes for saving the city, Bowser is reduced to pouting and grumbling to himself over his humiliation and defeat. It's even immortalized alongside the heroes in a photo for the newspaper.
      • The newspaper about Brooklyn being saved has a tiny caption underneath the photo of the heroes that identifies them. Although Mario and Luigi are identified as the Super Mario Bros., Toad, Peach, and Donkey Kong are only referred to as "Little Mushroom Man", "A Princess", and "Giant Ape with Tie".
  • When Peach commends Luigi for his bravery, the latter confidently states that "It's kinda my thing." Donkey Kong can be seen giving a sigh with an amused face, suggesting that even though he just met Luigi, DK knows that claim isn't entirely true.
  • After a Heartwarming reunion between the Mario Brothers and their parents, Donkey Kong is moved by the moment and brings them all in for a Group Hug. A sweet gesture in itself, but DK's strength makes the hug somewhat uncomfortable for the rest of them.
  • Among the Brooklyn citizens cheering on the Super Mario Brothers, Francis is there alongside his owners, and he gives Luigi a stern look but an approving nod for saving the borough, to which Luigi returns the gesture.
  • Lumalee ends the movie cheerily, before soberly going into an existential spiral about how the movie's ending means the audience is left with only themselves and an uncertain existence. ...and then returning to a cheery disposition on a dime by suggesting playing saxophone.
  • Bowser's last scene is of him residing in a bird cage and being ordered by one of Peach's guards to keep it quiet playing piano since it's past his curfew. Let that sink in for a moment: Bowser, King of the Koopas and one of the most fearsome antagonists in Nintendo history, is ultimately forced to live like a canary in a cage. And the cherry on top is him (in a squeaky voice) yelling indignantly at the guard. What's even funnier is that after the guard taps Bowser's cage, he leaves with a mischievous smile. You can tell he's enjoying his job ordering Bowser around since the latter is not so big and tough now.
    Toad Guard: Hey! Quiet in there! Lights out, little guy! [taps the cage, causing Bowser to fall over, before leaving]
    Bowser: HEY! YOU CAN'T TREAT ME LIKE THIS! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! I AM BOW- [door slams in his face, leaving him in darkness as he sighs out of frustration]