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Funny / Superman Unbound

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A message from the people of Earth

  • Terrorists kidnapping Lois Lane because Superman is away. Supergirl shows up and trashes them. Turns out they don't even know Superman has a cousin.
    Lois: (cheerfully) You really should read my column.
  • Then Superman shows up and catches the helicopter in one hand. A terrorist decides to point his gun at Lois.
    Superman: (tilts the helicopter to throw the terrorist out of it) Anyone else care to educate me?
  • When he's escaping Brainiac's ship, Superman attacks the villain to make sure he's out cold for a while. Brainiac gets one glorious frame of panic before he gets hit in the face with an I-beam.
  • Superman fighting a robot before using X-Ray Vision to see a transmitter inside it.
    Superman: No phoning home! (rips out transmitter)
  • Lois Flipping the Bird at Brainiac from within bottled Metropolis. His reaction is what sells it. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • When Superman finds Brainiac among his bottled cities arranged by where the planets were:
    Superman: Really? Putting yourself at the center of the galaxy? A little egocentric aren't we?
    • In the same scene, as Brainiac reveals himself, hunched on his "throne".
      Superman: So, you must be [Brainiac stands, revealing he's a least a foot taller and broader than Clark] Brainiaaaaac...ooookay.
  • Steve Lombard in the movie is a walking Funny Moment. He spends most of his screen-time hitting on women, including Lois and Supergirl.
  • How does Superman finally beat Brainiac? By blowing his mind, literally. Both Awesome and Funny.