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Funny / Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

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  • Waller being made thin didn't sit well at all with the fans. Turns out Waller herself hasn't been pleased with said-change either, according to Deadshot. Turns into a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment though when it's revealed she's been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Hearing Jewelee cry for mercy to let Deadshot kill her instead of Waller after betraying the team and killing Punch borders along the lines of cathartic yet satisfying.
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  • The very idea that Professor Zoom's speed is depleted and he has to drive a truck to get around.
  • Deadshot's ringtone is gunfire.
  • Steel Maxum's stripping scene. Made even funnier after we learn that this is the guy who Nabu personally chose to be the new Dr. Fate.
    • And then there is the fact that Nabu willingly chose a guy like him to be Dr. Fate in the first place. Nabu's reasoning for that would be a mystery for the ages.
  • The entirety of Maxum's tale on how he became Dr. Fate only to lose the title a mere 2 months later due to his own incompetence. What really sells it is the Squad's reactions as he recounts his sexual exploits: Boomerang smirks maliciously, while Frost groans in disgust.
  • The Squad ditches Maxum in the middle of nowhere. He is understandably furious.
  • Soon after reaching a pit stop, the group (minus Deadshot) decides go eat inside the restaurant. Frost mentions that she has to use the bathroom. It's evident that Harley's train of thought is weird as hell:
    Harley: I bet she pees icicles.
    • As soon as the group walks inside, Copperhead notices an old man holding his ice cream and staring at him. Copperhead hisses and licks his lips, making the poor soul book it, ice cream be damned. Copperhead can only reply "Hmmm."
      • Made even funnier when you remember Copperhead pulled this trick earlier to a kid who was making ugly faces towards him. He even checked to see if anyone was looking at him before he did it.
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  • After kidnapping Professor Pyg, Knockout is seen bathing, and she gets up afterwards to kiss her lover, Scandal Savage, which leads to Pyg trying to peek:
    Scandal: No peeking.
    Pyg: I'm a surgeon. I've seen bodies before. (cue devilish grin)
  • Waller's reaction to learning Killer Frost's true intentions with the Get Out of Hell Free card is nothing short of hilarious:
    Waller: (to Deadshot) You tell that trick bitch her ass is MINE!
  • Killer Frost's exasperated reactions to Harley.
  • Zoom's Profane Last Words...
    Zoom: Fuck my life...
  • Waller's reaction to seeing Harley after the mission is over. It seems... appropriate.
    Waller: Ugh! She would live.
  • When gathering the squad, Harley expresses her "condolences" to Waller.
    Harley: I heard about poor little Jewelee. Bitch stole my look, you know. I was gonna give her a whole new makeover...with a baseball bat.
    • This could also be a bit of a Mythology Gag, as Jewlee was a longtime member of the comics' Suicide Squad before Harley more or less took her spot during the New 52.
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  • Copperhead saying: "Hiss". Not hissing, but deliberately saying it.
  • The very idea of the big Macguffin of the movie. A literal "Get-out-of-jail-free!" card but with Hell instead!

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