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Ozie Boo! is a French CGI series that aired in 2004, then released for America on DVD two years later.

The series starts five adorable penguins; Fred, Ed, Ned, Ted, and Nelly that live somewhere in Antarctica. Like most preschool shows, its mostly a Slice of Life, though there are few recurring baddies that appear in certain episodes.

Tropes in this series:

  • Ass Shove: Nelly did this with Sky in "A Party For Everyone". At least she apologizes.
  • Leave Me Alone!: This happens with Ed in "The Photos" and "Ed Crusoe".
  • Misplaced Wildlife: We can assume it's Antarctica because of penguins and killer whales, but we also get Beluga and Polar bear cubs (which are in the North Pole), leopards (which these types are founded in Asia), pelicans, starfish and seahorses (which can't survive in cold conditions).


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