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  • As Superboy's boss, Luthor has pretty much become a teenager's parent overnight. It's so satisfying to watch smug Lex struggling with the most demanding job in the world.
  • Superboy pouting after Steel saved him from the Eradicator.
    Superboy: Hey! I had that guy!
    Steel: By all means, go to town Superboy.
    Superboy: It's Superman.
    • The fact that Superboy insists on being called "Superman" despite the fact that he, for all intents and purposes, is a child is hilarious. To put it in perspective, biologically he's about fifteen. Chronologically, he's six months old, tops.
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  • In the montage of the Supermen's heroics, there is an adorable clip of Superboy making an unboxing video on a video sharing site, unwrapping and playing with an action figure in his image.
  • When ducking to avoid the Eradicator's attack, Lex falls on Lois and it's implied by their positions that his face was in her cleavage. Being Lex, it's easy to believe that wasn't an accident.
  • While it's also heartwarming, there's something funny about Lois and Diana getting along and quickly becoming friends with each other. Especially when Lois starts asking if the League has any inside information on any of the new Supermen, and Diana seems rather hurt as she confirms that Lois didn't ask her out to share their mutual grief at Superman's passing. . . then lets out a relieved "Oh, thank Hera," and goes on about how she's not very good at "touchy-feely stuff", showing more of her Adorkable behavior.
    • Diana says neither she nor the League know anything about any of the new Supermen, then grins and adds "Just between us, I like the brutal one with the visor." Then she looks a bit embarrassed, and admits "But, apparently, I have a type."
    • And at the end, Clark's reaction when he realizes Diana and Lois have become friends while he was away.
  • How did Lois get into Steel's secret hideout? She crawled through the bathroom window he left open. Then Lois admitting that she's rubbish with secret identities, and yet she figured it out.
    • You can tell from the look on his face he was trying and failing to find a way to talk himself out of this.
  • While guarding the president for the unveiling of the Watchtower, the Justice League notice Cyborg Superman. Batman insist someone go speak to him, but everyone is reluctant and then Lantern…
    Green Lantern: I don’t really know him. Vic?
    Cyborg: Oh, so you think all cyborgs know each other?
    Green Lantern: Yes, but in my defense I’m horribly insensitive.
    • There's also this exchange after Superboy comments on the Justice League coms:
    Martian Manhunter: Young man, stay off this frequency. It's for League members only.
    Superboy: No, it's for the president's protective detail. As the new head of LexCorp Global Security, I qualify.
    Green Lantern: (watching Superboy through a construct bazooka scope) I have the shot.
    Batman: I say take it.
    • Making this funnier is not only is it Batman of all people saying this, in that he's the only League member who's a parent now, and of a preteen boy. Must be projecting his current frustrations in his comment.
    • Just prior to that, Batman keeping an eye on the President's motorcade.
    Batman: They just passed Burnett Boulevard. Coming up on Rodeo.
    Cyborg: I think they say "Ro-day-o."
    Batman: They're wrong. Lantern?
    Green Lantern: (twenty feet above the motorcade with comically huge green energy binoculars) Yeah, I say Ro-day-o.
  • After originally shown being remarkably poor at tact and diplomacy (even to the president) it's a funny turnaround of Diana being the most mature and diplomatic member today.
  • The Eradicator as The Comically Serious.
    Superman: The plan is to stop Darkseid and save Henshaw.
    Superboy: And get the girl. Slash girls.
    Eradicator: Until your regeneration is complete, I must insist you abstain from sexual activity.
    Superman: Um. . . all right?
  • Steel and Superboy arrive at the battle with the cyborgs and save Lex Luthor. Normally, awesome. Steel's cheesy line puts it here.
    Steel: Mind if we kick your ass?
  • To make the return of both Superman and Clark Kent public, Clark enlists the Martian Manhunter's help so they can appear together. Clark then comments to Lois that the Martian Manhunter impersonation doesn't sound like him at all.
    • Furthermore, Superman receives a text from Superboy, who's now living with Ma and Pa Kent. Lois' response is thus:
    Lois: Aw...they're gonna eat him alive.
  • In The Stinger, Lex is wearing his Super Friends outfit.
    Green Lantern: Okay, who left the front door open?

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