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Apparently, cursed items contain the souls of Clingy Jealous Girls.
  • Jogurt. He does a whopping 1 damage no matter what, he is instantly killed by anything that attacks him, and your reward for defeating an enemy with him is a Jogurt Ring...which turns any who wears it into a Jogurt, too.
  • Poor Guntz and the steam suit when you first meet him. It's heavy, hot, and whenever ordered to show it off, it locks up mid-stride!
  • Bleu's benched dialogue about still not getting the hang of his attack stays the same...even after he's promoted. (And even then, he doesn't do what he says he's practicing when he attacks after promotion!)
  • The message you get when trying to remove cursed Stuck Items, as seen in the picture, just makes the whole thing funnier, given that you probably knew it would happen given the foreboding name of the item. (For instance, the item in question in this shot is called the Black Ring.)
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  • Easily missed little bit: If you talk to your teammates in Headquarters during a sea battle, they'll have different things to say. Of course, a number are not taking the experience too well. One even mentions bringing a bucket into battle with him.
  • At one point, Max gets turned into a hen. Not only do some of the NPCs (including your future party member, Arthur) cheerfully greet you with, "What's up, hen?" as if nothing's out of the ordinary, and the fact it's needed to advance the plot, but notice that Max isn't a rooster.
  • Knights usually ride horses into battle. All the (regular) knights in the game are centaurs. Hey, beats having to feed two different life forms!
  • Trying to befriend Zylo in Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is an exercise in patience both for him and for you. Him because he Hates Small Talk, you because you're going to learn very quickly what his favorite color is.
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  • There are only two instances where you can mean things to people, and they always involve a pushing cart. The first one happens in Guardiana, and the second happens in Alterone; the latter is required to reach a chest that's on an island in the middle of town. Even the game will call you out on it!
    What a rude thing to do!
  • If you talk to those who are in headquarters but not in the main party, some will complain of being bored and Max not letting them fight on the frontlines.
  • One mage in Manarina is conducting an experiment to summon the ultimate evil from his nightmares and ends up summoning........ his wife.

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