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  • To say Kirika does not like carrots is an understatement. To avoid eating them, she'll use teleporation magic to place them on someone else's plate. Agnum sees this as a challenge and tries to get her to eat them by finely grating them and mixing them in a sauce so they'd be virtually undetectable, and Kirika still manages to separate them from everything else!
  • The skit where Marion asks Sonia what she eats to get "like that". Sonia fails to realize Marion's staring in awe at her boobs, and assumes she's referring to her strength. Then she inadvertently makes matters worse by telling Marion it's because she drinks milk!
    Marion: (still staring) "I see... Milk. I'll ask Ms. Emma for more milk too."
    Sonia: (proudly) "Yep! That way, you'll be big and strong in no time!"
  • Marion being Literal-Minded also turns her into The Comically Serious, giving her several moments as a result:
    • Her innocently noting that Sonia's Big Eater tendencies will cause her to get fat due to excess calorie intake.
    • Her causing Agnum to have a freakout and wanting to re-draw several of his maps due to tiny inconsistencies she noticed.
    • When the party first reaches Mt. Glacinal, it triggers a skit where Rinna jokes about needing to strip naked to share body heat. After Yuma falls for it, Rinna admits she's joking and says it's something she'd only read about. Marion quietly begins putting her clothes back on.
    • Her being the one to get Kirika to admit she uses magic to teleport her carrots away from her plate, causing the latter to shriek a Big "NO!" when she has no other choice but to eat them.
  • Any of Kirika's Beware the Nice Ones moments when she catches Rinna or Lestin telling embarrassing stories from their childhood.
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  • The scene that takes place when the party arrives to rescue Sonia from Zest reveals he's a comically bad actor. Made moreso because it's obvious that he's playing at it just to get a rise out of Yuma, who's the only one taking it seriously.
    Yuma: ''(dramatically) "Sonia! We're here to rescue you!"
    Zest: (grinning) "Oh no... This here's MY girl. If you want her back, you have to go through ME."
  • One of the post-game Grimoire events has the girls advertise for a failing resort town in their swimsuits. Excella's sales pitch is very direct and effective.
    Excella: ...Go to the beach. Or die.
    • It gets a follow-up when the king decides to recruit the Dragoneers to advertise for several other resorts as well.
      Sonia: I just want to go back to fighting monsters!
  • Marion uses an illusion to prevent the guys from peeking during the hot springs event. Only she created the illusion to make all of the girls look exactly as they would if the guys weren't seeing an illusion!
  • Most of the minor characters around Marga have almost no characterization...except for being terrifyingly good at their jobs.
    • For example, Liselotte is a textbook example of the Intrepid Merchant who shows up at every Save Point in the land, willing and able to buy and sell anything. Turns out the other characters have noticed her apparent abilities to time travel and teleport to get imports from other continents or even from the future while there's a war on. If something's out of stock, she'll "go out for a walk" and reappear a few minutes later with exotic imports that should have taken months to arrive by ship, while expressing only mild annoyance at her customer's unreasonable requests. When Yuma asks about how Liselotte can do this, he's told that everyone's learned to just accept it and take advantage of the convenience.

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