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Headscratchers / Shining Force

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  • In Shining Force II, the Master Monk class equips gloves, yet when they attack, they're clearly kicking. What is up with that?
    • They wear gloves on their feet, obviously.
      • More specifically, gloves cover a physical attack. Real answer, games don't make sense.
        • In the Original Shining Force, you had a male Monk. The Male Mastermonk used Punch attacks. Ready for it? There are no glove weapons in Shining Force 1! He uses bare hands! I cant even begin to fathom the line of thought that made this happen across the two games. They went out of their way to make whole new art and whole new item sets, for gloves, that would be equipped by mastermonks, who were all female and thus used kicks.
        • In an astounding coincidence, there are two orbs to promote into Master Monk. And there is one already at that stage. There are two priests in the game: Both female. There are ONLY female mastermonks in Shining Force 2. This is significant because Mastermonks are ridiculously overpowered by default — since using Heal without healing nets 10 experience points, once someone hits 30 MP, they gain a level per battle by healing nothing. This will usually result in your priests nearing 40 before you promote them. It feels cheap to use them at this point.
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    • Kicking? It's a flying uppercut, Dragon Punch-style.
      • It's pretty clearly a kick. (You can see her arms behind her.) By glove they mean shoe, I guess.
        • It looks like a punch followed by a kick to me. Admittedly the damage counts at the kick though.
      • And assume the translation team made a mistake? Clearly, the gloves magically infuse power into the shoes.
    • Similarly, in the first game Luke's sprite shows him carrying an axe, even if he really has a sword.
    • In Sword of Hayja, your Mastermonk Character is male, and he wears gloves as weapons... And yet is clearly attacking using a giant stick.
    • The gloves/gauntlets act as a counterweight, allowing the monks to maintain their balance throughout the attack and make them hurt that much more. (Maybe?)

  • This might not be a JBM proper, but the first game has a book in the first town titled "The Legend of MAX", seemingly predating the Dance Dance Revolution song. Did the phrase have origins prior to this?
    • The Hero 's canon name is Max. Clearly, that book is actually predicting the events of the first game. You just never read it because it's another hokey legend and you have other things to worry about (namely: Saving the world).

  • Also from Shining Force II, when Bowie and co. are arrested by Galam soldiers and thrust in jail, why in the name of sanity would you throw school kids into a jail cell, with their weapons still on them??
    • In-universe, I'm guessing Too Dumb to Live or Suicidal Overconfidence. In reality, they probably just didn't bother with having the weapons taken away. It happens a lot in video games.
    • It probably doesn't hurt that you're all using sticks at that point...


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