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Funny / Scrooge (1951)

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  • Scrooge's slowly building fear before Marley visits includes a moment where he spills his gruel out of its spoon, showing how thin it is, before dropping the spoon itself.
  • When Scrooge shows Marley the toothpick he's picked up, he waves it around for several seconds before accusing him of not looking at it.
  • Scrooge is so shaken by Marley's visit and the lamentations of the wandering spirits that he leaps into bed.
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  • The corrupt businessman Mr. Jorkin gives a Sarcastic Confession when caught embezzling funds.
    Rosehed: In short, sir, you're not only a bankrupt, you're an embezzler of the company's funds.
    Jorkin: I also beat my wife and skewer innocent babies when in my cups.
  • Mr. Jorkin says that if his embezzlement scandal broke out the shareholders' meeting would resemble an orchestra of scorched cats.
  • Scrooge's interactions with just about anyone after Christmas, but especially Mrs Dilber, who reacts like he's lost his mind.
  • Bob Crachit's dumbfounded look after Scrooge raises his salary.


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