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Heartwarming / Scrooge (1951)

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  • After his reformation and assuring Mrs Dilber that he's not mad, Scrooge raises her wages, and gives her a guinea as a Christmas present.
  • Scrooge visits nephew Fred's home on Christmas Day, worried that he's irreparably soured their opinion of him, only to find they are delighted to welcome him to their Christmas party. This formerly caustic, flinty man enters their home the picture of quiet humility to the housekeeper.
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  • Scrooge trolls Bob Cratchit when he returns to work, appearing to be his old sour self and he's going to fire him... only to give him a raise.
    Scrooge: I haven't taken leave of my senses, Bob. I've come to them.
  • Then, just after Bob goes out to get more coal for the fire.
    Scrooge: [sourly] I don't deserve to be so happy. [starts to laugh] But I can't help it. [throws quill pen over his shoulder] I just can't help it!
  • The film ends with a shot of Scrooge carrying Tiny Tim on his shoulder just like Bob Cratchit does, which many adaptations since have gone on to imitate.


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