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Tear Jerker / Scrooge (1951)

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  • As Scrooge goes back to his childhood in the deserted school, his sister comes in, he forgets she can't see or feel him, and he tries to embrace her. That one terrible, overjoyed cry — "Fan!" and she runs right through him.
  • Fan tells Scrooge that as long as she lives, he'll never be lonely again. Scrooge asks her to live forever, as no one else cared for him.
  • Fan's death, which is shown in this movie unlike almost any other adaptation and the book. As she's dying, younger Scrooge is overcome with grief and leaves the room, glaring in the direction of baby Fred's cry as he goes. Immediately after, Fan says her final words, asking Scrooge to take care of her son, and dies. Older Scrooge realizes he missed Fan's last words as he left her deathbed, and that he's done just the opposite of her Last Request, and desperately calls out "Forgive me, Fan!" while sobbing.
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  • After Alice breaks up with young Scrooge she tells him to be happy in the life he's chosen. He says he will be and storms out, and she breaks down sobbing.
  • Fezziwig, driven out of business, watches as his sign is taken down from the warehouse. It gets worse when Scrooge, while regretful and sympathetic, just can't bring himself to go talk to the man he helped to bring down.
  • Jacob Marley realizes how wrong their actions were and tries to warn Scrooge to change on his deathbed, but Scrooge is oblivious. Worse, Scrooge held off on visiting him until he was nearly gone as he wanted to stay at work. The Spirit of Christmas Past then calls him out on this, telling Scrooge to look at his face as he signed Marley's death certificate and took everything he had.
  • Scrooge pleads with the Spirit of Christmas Present that he's too old to change and they might be better off redeeming someone younger and with more promise. He makes the same plea to the Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come and asks to be returned to his bed, and is shown why he has to at least try to change.
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  • The alternate future where Tim dies. Peter reads from the Bible and his mother urges him to go on despite being near tears. A weary Bob Cratchit tries to put on a brave face for his family, talking about how Tim is at peace now. Finally, though, he just breaks down in tears for his dead son.
  • Scrooge's first realization that he is dead in the future. "I ought to be here at this time of day."


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