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Funny / Scrooge (1970)

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"Yes, that's what you are. You are an old potato!"
  • Scrooge's irritability is sometimes quite comical, particularly the sullen scowl with which he meets his jolly nephew.
    Harry: Uncle Ebeneezer! I cannot tell you what a joy it is to see your happy, smiling face!
  • The first rendition of "Father Christmas" mocks Scrooge's complete lack of Christmas spirit, and has funny, ironic lyrics.
  • Scrooge's first song is called "I Hate People," detailing him badmouthing everyone around him while propping himself up. The main portion also sounds a bit like the Jetsons theme song.
  • When Scrooge sees the ghostly carriage on the stairs, the driver wishes him a Merry Christmas.
  • Unlike most versions, Jacob Marley is offended when Scrooge asks if he can sit, responding with an indignant "Of course I can sit down."
    • He then draws up a chair... and sits down in the open space next to it.
    • Marley's deathly reverie is both eerie, and at times, hilarious.
  • The stage version has a song where Scrooge rails into Jacob Marley, blames him for dying, and accuses him of wanting his money.
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  • Scrooge's introduction to the Ghost of Christmas Past.
    Scrooge: Who are you?
    Ghost: I am the spirit whose coming was foretold to you.
    Scrooge: ...You don't look like a ghost.
    Ghost: Thank you.
  • Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present utterly shatter the window as they leave the house.
  • Scrooge peers in on the Cratchit family and this exchange occurs.
    Scrooge: I want to look in the window [at Cratchit's house].
    Ghost of Christmas Present: It will cost you nothing, which I'm sure is good news for you.
    Scrooge: Will they be able to see me?
    Ghost: No, which I'm sure is good news for them.
  • During the Christmas Present scene, Scrooge has some of the milk of human kindness and becomes giddy. When Harry and the guests start badmouthing him, though, it wears off and he starts insulting them, causing the Ghost to comment he could use some more.
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  • The Ghost of Christmas Present goes full-on Sarcasm Mode as they leave the Cratchits, asking Scrooge if he agrees on how nauseating the experience was.
  • Scrooge thinks the future debtors are celebrating him, completely oblivious to the coffin and tearing up of his money ledger. He even tries to give a speech thanking them.
  • When the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come reveals that it looks like the Grim Reaper, Scrooge lets out a very long, loud scream and falls into his own grave, while the ghost just stands there. It's unintentionally hilarious, mainly due to the way it's shot.
  • The stage version adds more snark from Marley when Scrooge is confronted with his own enormous chain, saying it makes his look like a watch chain.
  • Scrooge comes to Bob Cratchit's house dressed as Santa and tells Ethel that she can use the goose that she's just dropped as stuffing for the turkey that he's brought, and it's the most enormous turkey in any version.


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