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Tear Jerker / Scrooge (1970)

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  • Scrooge being shown by the Spirit of Christmas Past his youthful self, and his love, Isabel. As they dance he remembers days of spring and summer as well as Christmas, in which they're genuinely happy. The song he sings, "You," is a heartbreaking song of yearning and remorse, especially poignant because it's juxtaposed with "Happiness," the joyful song Isabel sings during the flashbacks.
  • When Scrooge and Isabel break up, she places her ring on a scale against two coins to show how little she means to him now. She waits for him for a while before leaving, but by the time young Scrooge goes and calls for her, she's already in the street.
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  • After the breakup, Scrooge breaks down and begs, "Spirit, remove me from this place; I can bear it no more," and wakes up sobbing in bed.
  • In the stage version the Ghost of Christmas Past is also Scrooge's sister Jenny, making their interactions even more meaningful.
  • Tiny Tim's death, with Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come visiting the forlorn Cratchits, except in this version, they proceed early to the cemetery before Bob returns where they see him grieving at his son's grave. (Mickey's Christmas Carol did a similar version of this scene with all of the Cratchit family visiting Tim's grave.) Until this scene, this version of Bob Cratchit has been much more lively and funny than most, constantly joking with his children, so it's all the more sad to see him subdued by grief over the loss of his son.


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