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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Examples provided by the game/ mini-quests

  • Ruby's Junkotron Missile Launcher, otherwise known as Weaver's sarcastic retort to a player wanting to combine items in her inventory in any way that wouldn't destroy them.
  • After dealing with the thing in the closet, /tg/ decide to take Tom with them through the facility. Unfortunately they forget to tell him something rather important.
    Ruby and Tom return to the room. Tom doesn't look so well. Ruby realizes Tom hasn't seen this room yet.
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  • Tom's excited reaction when Ruby asks for the condom he's been carrying (she just needed to transport some liquid).
  • Tom finds a note about the Implacable Man that's chasing them through the facility. Apparently, the former staff had more serious concerns than the fact that their colleague had mutated into an emotionless Eldritch Abomination.
    The staff would also like to announce that until further notice, ♠ will be referred to on these documents as ?. The action committee is still deciding whether it is more economic to change his name or assign the subject cells committee a font capable of properly reproducing that stupid symbol.
  • During the late part of Déjà Vu Quest, BIG TIME:
    • This:
    • Also:
    Fox + Bat: Wow, what a face.[1]
    • Lastly, ending the thread with Angry Marine was both Awesome and Funny.
  • The final part of Let's Read Ruby Quest has the part where the intercom in the security station has someone "familiar" swearing angrily at Tom before it cuts out. The voice is none other than Karkat.

Examples provided by /tg/ during the game

  • About halfway out of part two—right out of the blue—one Anonymous commented:
    "this is seriously like the worst porno ever"
  • Anonymous makes a realization.
    >we're a herbivorous bunny girl
    /tg/ - a herbivorous bunny girl
  • In Chapter 7, the scene where Ruby flashes back to killing Stitches garnered some hilarious reactions from the players as their genuine relief turned to pure horror.


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