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  • "Time Crisis"
    • Andy Whitfield headshots a man holding a woman hostage and hollers at her to get out of the line of fire. She runs behind a car...and promptly pops back out, being held by another man.
      Andy: Oh come on. [headshots the second man]
    • Andy and Freddie invoke More Dakka by jamming their fingers straight into the trigger guards and jiggling them around with the aid of a quarter, an old arcade trick.
  • "Far Cry Vacation"
    • Freddie is on vacation and utterly bored. Then the overly-chipper hotel worker calls her boss about this and is instructed to give him the "Far Cry Vacation Plan." She tells him It Has Been an Honor, hangs up, grabs a gun, and draws on Freddie. Freddie, rather than being scared, looks completely overjoyed to have someone trying to kill him.
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  • "Dog Wick"
    "No law in here says dogs can't shoot people."
  • As a addition to her The Legend of Zelda cosplay Lindsey Stirling goes insane...potty one might say, in this video of female!Link.


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