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"There is only one rule for content, and that is: 'What do you genuinely enjoy making?'"
Freddie Wong

RocketJump is an online video production company created by American filmmakers Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch alongside Matt Arnold, Dez Dolly, and other YouTube creators.

In 2010, Wong and Laatsch decided they'd had enough of fixing the mistakes on sloppy direct-to-video movies. They thought, "We can do this!", and the FreddieW channel was born.

The work on this channel became known for its high-quality, low-budget, and fast-paced action scenes, guns, Video Game homages, guns, visual effects, guns, and a general Rule of Cool attitude. Did we mention guns?

In 2011 and 2012, this mix of quality, humor, video games, and action helped them grow to epic levels of popularity. They peaked at the sixth-most-subscribed spot on YouTube, and also held the "top filmmaking channel" spot. In 2012, they made their first feature-length web series, Video Game High School, which eventually ran for three seasons and concluded in 2014, with each season being assisted by fan crowdfunding.

On October 23, 2013, the FreddieW team entered "Phase Two" and rebranded itself as RocketJump. The old freddiew2 channel was renamed to BrandonJLa, and also has some old behind-the-scenes videos and tutorials. On April 14, 2014, RocketJump and Lionsgate announced a partnership.

Some high-profile members of RocketJump include:

  • Freddie Wong, the namesake for the old "freddiew" name. For most of its existence, Freddie has been synonymous with his channel. He got some early fame as a professional Guitar Hero player.
  • Brandon Laatsch. Based on behind-the-scenes videos, he did a lot of the early VFX with Freddie, and has done most of the 3D work. He's often been overshadowed by Freddie. As of early 2014, he left RocketJump to pursue his own video game development studio Stress Level Zero, focusing on VR development, and had created Hover Junkers, Duck Season, and Boneworks.
  • Matt Arnold is probably best-known as a writer and director on Video Game High School.
  • Dez Dolly, another co-founder of the company proper.
  • Benji Dolly, best-known as Games Dean in Video Game High School and frequently appears on the Facerocker podcast.
  • Clinton Jones is a frequent collaborator and is known to do some VFX work for them.
  • Lauren Haroutunian, the "dean" of the RocketJump Film School.

Freddie and Brandon also went to UCLA with Sam Gorski and Niko Peuringer of Corridor Digital, and have been known to cameo in each others' projects (namely Video Game High School and Sync).

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