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  • From the pilot episode. Our heroines are lying side-by-side on a double bed, having a Bechdel test failing conversation about FBI Special Agent Gabriel Dean:
    Maura: I'm not seeing him.
    Jane: Yet.
    Maura: Somebody should. Don't you think?
    Jane: Yap.
    Maura: Should we draw straws?
    Jane: Couldn't we just show him our tits and let him decide?
  • From "Boston Strangler Redux".
    Maura: When was the last time we had two stranglings in one day?
    Jane: Well, cheer up. Maybe tomorrow will be Stabbing Day.
  • Jane "discouraging" Giovanni from Maura by only slightly increasing the Les Yay between them. Being not the swiftest of guys, it takes him a minute to get it.
    • Maura's considering look to a threesome completes the scene.
  • Jane's mom manages to actually surprise her with a surprise party:
    All: Surprise!!
    Jane: (*leaps back*) GOD ALMIGHTY! Jeez...
  • Jane and Maura have switched clothes:
    Maura: Yeah, and your suit is a real booty call magnet. I got hit on twice. By women.
  • The conversation between Maura, Frost, and Korsak while filling out a lesbian dating profile for Jane to go undercover and catch a killer, after Jane had told them she wasn't doing it.
  • Maura and Jane fight. Pike records.
    Rizzoli: Did you just call a disagreement between two females a catfight?
  • Jane unknowingly having toilet paper sticking out of the back of her pants.
  • The preview for "Money Maker". Dramatic music, Maura getting ready to tell her birth mother who she is. Cut to Jane holding a beer bottle, staring open-mouthed and her mother in the background.
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  • That episode about the murder at Jane's high school reunion, we got to see that Korsak used to do theater and Frost used to rap. The called him "Mr. Tasty Freeze".
  • After a major biohazard turns up in the lab, the facility is locked down and all present have to remove their clothing, then take decontamination showers. Maura comments "I just did a striptease in front of my morgue tech", then discovers that morgue tech is a) in a relationship with another tech and b) they're both naturists and Jane has to play Hand-or-Object Underwear with a barrel after receiving an excessively small Modesty Towel
  • Jane's Valley Girl speak regarding BT the bomb tech:
    Why would you want that? A yogi with a PhD? Ew. So hideous to look at, too.
  • Frankie tells Jane "You're not the only Rizzoli who can look death in the eye". Then he and another rookie vomit when they see a corpse being fished out of a pond.
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  • Frankie's response when he finds out the firearms instructor he has a crush on is married, to another woman.
  • Maura and Jane, while discussing what their dream weddings would be like:
    Maura: And I wanted to marry Antonio Benivieni when I was 12.
    Maura: He died in the 16th century. Pioneered the autopsy.
  • "Murderjuana", Kent accidentally wires the ventilation fan wrong, which causes the fumes from a test which required the burning of marijuana to be dispersed into the lab, rendering both Kent and Maura high as a kite. Their pot-fueled antics are hysterically funny.