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  • A victim gets one in "Brown Eyed Girl". Sophie, a 17-year-old girl who had aged out of the (literally) Axe-Crazy predator's preferred age group, was about to be "replaced" by Mandy, a cop's daughter. Isles discovers that she had been a captive for four years, and still fought to the death to protect Mandy, a total stranger. The kid died a hero.
  • Rizzoli finally takes Hoyt down in "Remember Me".
    Jane: I WIN!! (*stabs him through the heart with the very scalpel he used on her and Maura*) And you're going to Hell alone!
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  • Jane still bears the scars from when Hoyt literally pinned her hands to the ground. She got her revenge later in the episode by putting a bullet into both of his hands at once, telling him, "We match."
  • A trio of girls get one for taking down a corrupt and pedophile teacher who'd driven one of their friends to attempt suicide. By each one claiming to be the driver of the car that ran him down and giving all but identical stories with the only change is each one is the one who first confronts the man, they are able to exploit Loophole Abuse to create reasonable doubt as Massachusettes law states only the driver can be charged with vehicular manslaughter, and get away with it.
  • Korsak gets one for taking on a mother-son duo of serial killers who have him shackled in his basement, bleeding from a blow to the head. Despite being incapacitated, injured, and knowing what these two have done previously, he never loses his cool, goading the male killer on being a Momma's Boy and even snarking at him while the young man angrily cuts into his throat with a scalpel. He manages to turn the pair against each other to the point where mother actually shoots son, and buys enough time for Jane to burst in and shoot the deranged mother. Then Korsak tells his friends to call for an ambulance, not for himself, but for his would-be killers.
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  • Cavanaugh gets one when he tells off Rizzoli's Jerkass Alcoholic Father after he openly insults Tommy, the one person who was willing to forgive and accept him for his parental failures.
  • Another victim gets one in "Tears of a Clown" by intervening in an attempted kidnapping of a little boy. It results in his death but it allows the kid to escape.
  • In "Dance With The Devil", Lieutenant Cavanaugh learns that Paddy Doyle, Maura's biological father, was the one responsible for the death of Cavanaugh's wife and son. Cavanaugh confronts Doyle with the intention of killing him. Maura then reveals that her biological mother Hope, one of the few people Doyle loves, is testifying against Doyle but does so in a way that makes it look like she wants Cavanaugh to kill Doyle. This causes Cavanaugh to spare Doyle because living with the knowledge that the woman he loved testified against him is a far better form of revenge.
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  • "In Plain View" deals with a criminal who wants payback on some bullies, the last being his abusive father. The police find him holding the latter at gunpoint, but he is remorseless and sneers he wouldn't have the guts to kill him. Rizzoli, clearly disgusted by having to save this Jerkass, decides to use reverse psychology on the suspect, daring them to shoot him with the agreement to not say a word about it. He relents at this, but it makes sure the asshole father is not a complete Karma Houdini and has his own moment of pant shitting terror.