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  • In "Under The Cherry Blossoms" Len's excited to get a phone call from Rin, and intends to make her his...because he can't get Hatsune Miku. Rin is pretty upset at this possibility.
  • Just in general, Len in part 1 trying and failing to get over his crush on Miku and how irritated it gets Rin.
    Rin: I make more than Hatsune Miku on the stock market!!
  • In "Stealing is Wrong?" When the dog remarks on how he wants to eat eel, there's an eel in the background who is not happy.
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  • "A Place to Chat" (otherwise known as "Illusion Catastrophe",) a song in which we learn that Len and Miku are just as confused about the series as the audience, Len especially.
  • Len in the Santa costume. He took Rin's Christmasy romance song in "Assassin!" entirely too much to heart.
  • The part of "End of Discussion" where Rin and Len are talking to each other and discussing Shiuka's artwork, and Rin asks Len happily what his favorite picture is—and it cuts to Miku's intro picture and all the music stops. And then it cuts to a picture of Rin after she got rejected in "Day of the Decisive Battle" with heavy guitar riffs.


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