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Trivia / Putin-P

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  • Fan Nickname: To distinguish the characters of the series from their more official Vocaloid personas, they're often given "Puu" prefixes (As Putin is spelled in Japanese as Puuchin); PuuRin and PuuLen, for example.
  • Fan Translation: As the series isn't officially translated into English, fans attempted to take it on themselves. This is not always a good thing.
  • What Could Have Been: The Vocaloids Kaito and Meiko were originally intended for the roles of Luka and Camui before Putin_P scrapped the idea, explaining why they got a brief mention in Part 1.
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  • The Wiki Rule: Has one, having made great strides in providing detailed and accurate information on what's going on in the series by relying on new song translations, rough translations of Numtack05's commentary, and improved video interpretation.
  • Word of God: While he hasn't explained everything, Numtack05 has a blog (called the Puulog) in which he provides commentary about the series, answers some people's comments, and provides updates about his own life. ...Not that it does the English fandom much good as it's all in Japanese and has yet to be reliably translated.

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