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Tear Jerker / Putin-P

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  • The end of "Not Together"; while Miku is trying to cheer Rin up, Len is in a drugged stupor depressed because of realizing, thanks to getting his old memories back, that he was the catalyst for Irina's Murder-Suicide. The despairing way he sings it sells it a lot better than the "orz" attached to the subtitles.
    Len: It's all my fault.
  • In "Stealing is Wrong?" the end of the video is the dog getting shot by Irina's comrade and then Irina killing herself as a result.
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  • "In Your Eyes" in its entirety; Len's left all alone in the real world after Rin vanishes in the data world and he'll never get to tell her he loves her.
    "The only one left was the dog with his tail between his legs."
  • The second "The Voice In My Heart" is this at the very end. The entire thing is Teppanov (sung by Miku) happily explaining how he'll change, starting a new life with Elena, and that everything he had been through was leading up to him being with her. Of course, we the audience know from the previous song from her perspective that she's killed herself. Intentional part of the song or not, this is compounded by the cheerful music being cut off very abruptly a few seconds before the end of the video.
    • At the very end of the series, having lost the woman he loved to drugs and seeing the VOCALOID he bonded with as her former song producer give herself up to an illusion of happiness in an eerily similar way, he goes to assassinate Putin, getting shot before he could carry it out and dying alone during the end credits while the final song mocks him for his hopes.

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