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Heartwarming / Putin-P

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  • Seeing Irina and her dog's relationship being showcased in "Stealing is Wrong?" and "No Need to Worryyy!" Irina was the only human who took that little dog in and he says he loved a human for the first time then. Meanwhile, Irina was lonely and said her dog was her only support as she worked under Putin. The latter song is especially heartwarming, as now she's happy that they got to meet again as Vocaloids.
    Rin: "No need to worry, I love you."
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  • Rin and Len holding hands at last in "The Eyes that Don't Vanish", after Rin snaps Len out of his insecurities over the future. (By insulting him first, no less.)
  • The song "Assassin!" starts out just with Rin singing a somewhat generic Christmas popsong on live television. During the final stretch of the song, though, the image of Irina reaching out for her dog appears as Rin sings about waiting for Christmas night. Might be a little obvious, but she's singing for Len.
  • Len trying to comfort the despondent Miku in "A Nothing." Although it doesn't really take.
  • The assassin Teppanov does shoot at Elena with his gun after the ending of "Let's Go on a Trip!", but instead of a bullet, a single rose pops out as he asks her to escape with him.
  • At the end, Rin, aka Irina, vanishes after thanking her viewers and listeners for allowing her to share her story in a way she couldn't back when she was a human. She also thanks Len before she goes, right as he defeats Camui in front of her.
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  • When Len hugs the blank slate Rin in the real world, she hugs him back. Even if she's a little confused about it, she still does it and you can tell Len wasn't expecting her to.