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  • "Fodderstompf", which is literally eight minutes of the band larking about in the studio over a robotic disco groove.
    We only wanted to finish the album
    With a minimal amount of effort
    Which we are now doing very successfulllllly...
    • "I will show our frustration with society by picking up that fire extinguisher over there and spraying it at the mic!"
  • "Double Trouble" is a surprisingly funny, tongue-in-cheek take on inane domestic squabbles, inspired by an argument John Lydon had with his wife over plumbing. It's the opening track to What The World Needs Now..., so somehow it's especially funny and unexpected that the first lyrics heard on the album are:
    What, you fucking nagging again?
    About what? What? What?
    The toilet's fucking broken again!
    I repaired that! I told ya!
    Get the plumber in again...
    And again, and again, and again, and again, and again!
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  • In 1979, the band were called for an interview with a youth-oriented British show called "Check It Out". The band were shown a clip of Oi! punk group the Angelic Upstarts guitarist Ray "Mond" Cowie trashing Lydon and Public Image Ltd. for "selling out". This disgruntled John. The interviewer then brings up that they were called the Angelic Upstarts and they started much like the Sex Pistols. Having just had Sid Vicious die and legal trouble with Sex Pistols manager Malcolm Mclaren at the time, he wasn't too amused. After further provoking, John calls the interview a "comedy interrogation act", drops his microphone and leaves. Jah Wobble then erupts, gets out of his chair and goes on a long tirade which is entirely censored, and drops his microphone as well and also leaves. It can be watched here:
    ''I don't give two shits what they're called. It's simple. Don't tell me I've sold out, pal. I walked out. It WAS the only honest band in 2000 million years. I couldn't help the management being corrupt, I don't wanna talk about the past. I wanna go on." - John after being asked about the Angelic Upstarts, whose guitarist trashed them for being sell-outs


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