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Nightmare Fuel / Public Image Ltd.

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Public Image Ltd. have quite a few creepy songs:

  • "Annalisa" isn't the worst, but there's something about the fact that it just keeps going, that really weird, disorientating flange/delay they put on everything towards the end, as well as some of Lydon's more guttural screams. Also, it's about a girl with mental problems being starved to death during a botched exorcism. And it's a true story.
    • This lyric sums it all up:
      Annalisa had no escape
      Starved to death in a waiting room
      Cheap concern and rosary beads
      Did not solve screaming needs
  • Then there's "Careering," a twisted Dub song about The Troubles, with one of the most ominous sounding synth lines ever. I don't know if the fact that Keith Levene as trying to recreate the sound of the clearly distressed vending machine in their rehearsal studio makes it more or less scary.
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  • "Poptones", about a woman locked in the boot of "a Japanese car" and driven into the woods, with full knowledge that nothing good can happen when the car stops. All the while, the driver is playing the same song over and over again on the car stereo. Did I mention that this one also happened?
  • Most of the songs on Metal Box and Flowers of Romance qualify for least as the lower grade, but the aforementioned "Poptones" and "Under the House" from each respectively are nigh-indisputably terrifying.
  • Also, "Theme" and "Fodderstompf" from their debut.
  • "The Order of Death" from the oft-maligned This is What You Want... This is What You Get. The only vocals is Lydon chanting the album title like a Madness Mantra while the music plays like a John Carpenter soundtrack in the background.


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