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"Panther tries to remember the name of every robot master and has to start over a few times."
  • At one of their concerts, they had Gumby dance on stage while playing "Highway to the Danger Zone".
  • Right before they played "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" live, there was this exchange:
    K.I.L.R.O.Y.: I'm not sure how to say "You're Welcome" in Japanese, so I'll just say... De nada.
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  • The circumstances behind the release of the "Breaking Out" demo. A fan poked somewhere he wasn't supposed to go and ripped a low-quality MP3 of the song, posting it on the forums. The Protomen edited out his post, then released a high-quality version in their newsletter, reasoning that if everyone was going to have one they may as well have it in good quality.
  • This fan interpretation of Act II's second half. Every single word.
    "Climb... Climb to the tooooop of the world... And when you staaaaand tall, you will see..."
    Joe sings, breathlessly, between swigs, as he nears the top of the tower.
    Then he forgets the rest of the words, and starts over.
    Six times.
  • Due Vendetta has this:
  • In this video, the crowd gets a little too into The Sons of Fate. Two words: Nerf gun.
    "These people watched you die..." "And apparently they're trying to kill me as well."
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  • At a 2008 Greenville show, the fans built their own Mega Buster, which Panther used to kill Protoman. After the killing blow, he said this.
    Panther: ...You built the weapon that destroyed your hope. Way to go, Greenville.
  • "Beard's Going Nowhere." The song is not only extremely unexpected coming from a band as dark as The Protomen, and it quickly goes from an "I Want" Song/Silly Love Song to Dr. Light using his beard to fly into space with his lover.
    • Special mention goes to the monologue at the end.
    Girl, it's time for me to go...
    Where only a man can go.
    My heart is on fire, and if I don't feed it fast,
    It'll just burn up and fade.
    I love you, girl. You've got to know that.
    You'll be so proud of me.
    You'll watch me hop on my pegasus, girl.
    Ten thousand angels singing for me as I ride my pegasus through the city,
    To the edge of the city and then out of the city and into the fields...
    Fields thick and strong like the beard that I'll grow.
    You'll watch as I ride through the night.
    You'll see, I'll set the night on fire with my burning heart and my glorious man beard!
    And everyone will love me, and I'll finally be a man!
    I'll finally be a man!
  • Tons of things from the news posts, especially the random tangents Commander and Panther get into at times, as well as an occasional message from Murphy.
  • This post hilariously outlining both albums.
    • "Canonized" by the band via their Twitter.
    • Since the Queen album's version of Due Vendetta, looking pretty accurate.
  • Get Down From There, Reanimator. It's just as funny when someone other than Reanimator does it, like Scartoe, Turbo Lover, or Panther.
  • The Ascended Meme of Panther doing a mostly Wood Man Due Vendetta at the August 23 2012 West Hollywood show, with plans to save the all Wood Man song for another time.
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  • The most common technical mishap in live shows is one or both "Sons of Fate" helmets not working. This is often lampshaded in-character.
  • The band's worship of Shark Week; once they were asked how Doug Fetterman died, and they responded by saying a shark ate him over a week and that's how Shark Week began.
  • When Scartoe and the Keymaster left the band, the Protomen commemorated them both and said all who have gone would play on an eternal stage of glory... except the Keymaster, who'd be a pharmacist.
  • At MAGFest 2013, the band reconvened in Jamspace, after their main stage show was cut short, to play Due Vendetta on a meowing plastic cat keyboard christened "Freddie Meowcury". It was equal parts funny and awesome.
  • During the Magfest 2011 performance, the climax of "The Sons of Fate" quickly shifts from heartwrenching to hilarious.
    Protoman: That was a keytar... right... in my junk. I'm okay... no, I'm not. Goodbye, world! *limps off stage*
  • One news post opened with the image of Protoman's head on a dollar bill a la George Washington.
  • At the 2013 Cleveland show, the Protoman helmet cut in and out during "Hope Rides Alone."
  • The band's 10th Anniversary Show featured a pinata shaped like Doug Fetterman. According to witnesses, Commander hit its head off.
  • In one performance of "The Hounds," Wily threw his hat out to the audience pretty early on in the song. Towards the end he forcibly took it back. Because he's EVIL!
    • Sometimes he'll climb into the crowd while singing and deliberately bump into people. Hard.
  • This Sons of Fate clip has Protoman calling the rest of the band back out for an encore to fight... by calling them sissies and insulting the audience.
    • Later, Panther gets revenge by ordering him crowdsurfed all the way out the door.
    Panther: That's what he gets for trash talkin' the Protomen.
  • During their 2013 Australian tour, the band had to rent a tour bus for two weeks to ride around in. What they got was this. This caused some mixed emotions between the highly questionable paintjob and the low price they had to pay to rent it. The file name being "Stupid Van" makes it even funnier.
  • Commander rides an electric skateboard to awesome music.
  • In the Light up the Night music video, the first thing Joe does upon meeting Light is ask for a drink. Joe being a huge alcoholic is a popular interpretation of him in the fandom.
    • KILROY's first inclination on waking up is to greet the citizens like he usually does at shows, then realize he doesn't know where he is.
  • This interview reveals the ups and downs of the band's touring life, including a time where they almost died to Wii Bowling.
  • The store description for the wrist protectors is chuckle-worthy
    Protect your wrist as you throw punches to an ignorant civilization. Choose between two phrases from "The Good Doctor". Or get one for each wrist so they don't become jealous and you don't become asymmetrical.
  • This forum topic about how much Dr. Light's life sucks, written before Act II was fully revealed, turns from sad to hilarious with one line.
    The next morning, Light pours a bowl of cereal, and it bursts into flames.


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