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  • From PSY's AMA event on Reddit:
    • Meta:
    Q: How many times did it take to do the elevator portion of your video in Gangnam Style?
    A: That was ad libbed. No Hong Chul is the name of the elevator guy and he is very famous comedian in Korea. That is a very popular dirty move he has been doing for six years and I asked him to do it in my video. If I am underneath, it would be dirtier! We only did 2-3 takes and everyone on the video set was crying from laughing. Definitely my favorite scene in the video.
    • Non-meta:
    Q: Why were you so mad at that girl’s ass?
    A: Because her ass was so mad.
  • The 2013 advertisement that aired during Super Bowl XLVII for Wonderful Pistachios - made even funnier because "nut-riding" is made to appear like a normal, everyday activity.
    PSY: Crackin' Gangnam Style!
  • Wearing a Modesty Towel in "Gangnam Style"...around his chest (i.e. the way women traditionally do it).
  • The "music videos without music" edition, which replaces the music with the acapella version and adds appropriate sound effects. Some moments in particular include:
    • The tattooed guy in the sauna stretching and stuff....crackling noises are heard.
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    • The explosion, complete with the two folks in the background screaming.
    • The merry-go-round music in the merry-go-round scene.
    • PSY's monstrous "screaming" at a yoga practitioner's backside.
      • And before that; While doing that twisty dance with that woman in a black dress.
    • PSY having his rapping cut off by the yellow-suited dancer.
    • Submarine alarm noises while he sploshes chaotically in that big tub.
    • The dance scene at the end, which replaces the music with Party Rock Anthem for no reason.
      • It's a dance club, therefore it's "dance club music background noise".
    • He's on the toilet & that scene closes with a fart noise.
  • The entirely of "Hangover", a song about Psy and Snoop Dogg on the morning after a crazy night on the town nursing a killer Hangover. And then in the music video, after they're done recovering they don't notice the huge riot and subsequent traffic accident that breaks out as they walk away.
  • The entirety of "Daddy", a song about a father played by PSY who has a son that grows up a total player... played by PSY with his head superimposed over the baby's and later a child's body.
    • It goes beyond the kid too. The father and the grandfather form three generations of ladies men with the kid.


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