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  • Penelope narrating the story, especially in the prologue of the movie. The way she narrates the whole thing with a pleasant tone, it's hard to tell if she's merely innocent or being sarcastic. Either way, it's pretty funny.
  • Jessica Tempting Fate in the prologue when she decides she and Franklin will be happy whether they have a son or a daughter. note  One Gilligan Cut later, cue Jessica screaming her head off in terror when she sees her newborn daughter Penelope is born with the face of a pig.
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  • After losing his eye trying to get a picture of baby Penelope, Lemon attends Penelope's "funeral" from a far, holding a shovel with the intent of digging it up so he can prove she's not dead. A moment later, it shows that Penelope's "coffin" was cremated.
  • Franklin's "difficulty" adjusting to life with a pig-faced daughter.
    Franklin: (Deadpan tone, whilst eating oatmeal) Why can't I have bacon?
    Jessica: Because you like oatmeal. (To baby Penelope) Doesn't Daddy like oatmeal? Yeah!
    Franklin: (Deadpan, insistent tone) No, I like bacon.
  • Jake the butler's "insensitivity" is demonstrated when he plays "This little Piggy" with baby Penelope's toes.
  • The montage of Penelope meeting blue-blooded suitors. Their reaction to her is all the same: run away, jump out the window.
    • "It was only a matter of time before mother saw the need for new improvements: shatter-proof glass windows, and sneakers for Jake."
  • "I knew we should've made [the suitors] sign the gag before they see her, not after!"
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  • This exchange. Edward's expression is priceless:
    Lemon: Edward.
    Edward: What?
    Lemon: Don't lick Max.
    Edward: Sorry.
  • When he's not being an outright Jerkass, Edward has his moments.
    • When he describes Penelope to the police.
    Police Officer: (Incredulous) A snout?
    Edward: Yeah. (Beat) ...And the fangs.
  • When they fail to retrieve and gag Edward, Jessica decides that the only course of action is to move away. Penelope and Franklin suggest they could move to France, where she can practice her French. Jessica then has an Imagine Spot where her daughter walks about Paris in broad daylight, practicing her French on every screaming, fleeing passerby. She changes her mind about moving and "admits" she overreacted.
  • Wanda presenting files on the latest batch suitors to Jessica, only for the latter keeps agreeing they're fine. At one point, Wanda sarcastically claims one of them is "Jack the Ripper".
  • When the suitors arrive and sign the gag, one of them uneasily wonders "Just how ugly is this girl?"
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  • "JUST FIX IT!!!"
  • During the ensuing days when Max visit with Penelope, Penelope's parents and Wanda have come to see it like a daily soap opera they gather around to see, complete with snacks to eat while they watch. (May also count as heartwarming when you consider how involved they've become with her love life.)

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