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Fridge / Penelope (2006)

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Fridge Brilliance

  • It seems highly convenient that Jake couldn't catch Edward. But in the end, we learn "Jake" is actually the witch who cast the curse a hundred years ago. It wasn't that he couldn't catch Edward, he let him escape.
    • Also, it seems to fit that "Jake" took on the job as the Wilhern's new butler after Penelope's birth. As the witch, she wanted to see the Wilherns (mainly Jessica) stew in their shame of the curse for all its worth.
  • Some would find it dissatisfying that Edward never gets to see Penelope's human face after the curse is broken, so he could be rightfully rejected by the girl he previously called a "monster". But on two levels, it's suiting he doesn't see her.
    • First: He never gets to see her beautiful face, simple as that. He'll never know just what she looks like without the pig face, because he didn't have the courage to accept her as a person, nor the imagination to see beyond her pig snout. Even if he saw it, it won't change that he'd still see Penelope as a "killer pig".
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    • Second: Through the letter she sends him breaking their engagement, he learns second-hand that Penelope isn't the monster he so painted her as. In a way, he's finally seeing her for the Beauty she was on the inside. And she broke off their engagement.
  • There's one point where Max angrily says he knows Edward's "type". Later, we learn that "Max" is really Johnny Martin. What makes it brilliant is that the real Max's is one of Johnny's buddies at the gambling table. He knows first-hand what blue-bloods are like because he's gambled with one before.

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