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Headscratchers / Penelope (2006)

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  • I don't get it, what's the whole point of the curse. Let's summarize: A witch cursed the Wilherns into having pig-nosed daughters because a Wilhern refused to marry said witch's daughter, and due to that, said daughter killed herself. The Wilherns evaded this curse all because they've only given birth to sons in each generation, till Penelope came along. Jessica and Franklin thought marrying Penelope off to nobility is the cure because that's how they interpreted the fact the curse can be lifted if she "married her own kind (i.e, nobility)," but, Penelope got rid of the curse by saying "I like myself the way I am." Now, for the million-dollar question: What's the whole point of the curse then? Also, don't say MST3K Mantra.
    • It's about teaching them a lesson about not judging others, not looking down on others, etc. They were so obsessed with appearances before and now they need to learn to see the inner beauty.
  • I don't understand why so many people recoil in fear by the way Penelope looks. Other than the nose, she's really pretty. And even the nose isn't actually that bad. It has a nice bridge. Heck, from some angles it looks like a normal (and pretty) nose! So why does everyone treat her like that...? Surely not all the rich are so shallow that they can't look past a very mild deformity? It really bugs me.
    • Well, these suitors were apparently all desperate enough that they all went through being legally gagged and meeting with a girl who they couldn't see face-to-face, so I guess they are all awful enough that they can't get a date.
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    • It also might be an example of Hollywood Homely. Penelope really does not truly look like a monster by any means, but her pig nose and ears seem to be greatly exaggerated by many. This is also referenced by some, like Lemon, who is critical of Edward's description of Penelope after seeing her real face.
  • I understand that the way to break the curse was for a blue-blood to accept Penelope for who she was, and that her mother and all of her suitors could not embrace her looks, but her father never seemed to have any real issue with her nose. In fact, he often seemed to think her mother was being over-dramatic about the issue, and was the more supportive, loving parent.
    • Perhaps, despite his support and love of Penelope, he did not fully accept her appearance? I always wondered about that too.
    • It may have been that the love of a parent didn't qualify under the rules of the curse, or his affection for her may have been marred by his own feelings of self-loathing at the idea that he is the reason his daughter is cursed in the first place.
    • This would be my guess: her father couldn't/didn't really accept Penelope as she was, because all his feelings about her were tainted by his own complicated feelings about his role in what happened to her ("I'm the curse! It's on me! I'm the Wilhurn!"). So even though he loved her and consistently seemed to accept her, he still would have changed her to "normal" given the option.

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