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  • This variant cover with Deadpool crossing the line twice.
  • In Original Sin #0, Sam Alexander asks Iron Man and Captain America why Uatu does what he does.
    Iron Man: The Watcher? Uatu? Uatu is as old as time. He barely lifts a finger to act... but he keeps tabs on everything everywhere. He records and studies the activities of a billion billion races.
    Nova: How come?
    Nova: I mean, I understand what he does. But why does he do it? Is he studying for a test? Is he selling information to advertisers? Is he looking for something? No one studies that hard unless they have to. Surely he's got some purpose. So what is it?
    Cap: (After a longer beat) You know... I don't think anyone's stopped to ask.
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  • A few of the introductory captions are blackly funny:
    The Punisher: World's most successful mass murderer.
    Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu. Possibly psychotic.
    Dr. Bruce Banner: Not to be made angry.
  • In Original Sin #2, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are in Avengers Tower together, with both of them at computers... except Bruce is fully dressed and Tony is wearing his Iron Man helmet and a dressing gown. Eventually:
    Tony: We're hunting a murderer here, Bruce, and you're talking about pants. Let's try and be professional.
  • Strange Minds Think Alike: Nick Fury's LMD, Wolverine, and the Punisher telling Bucky they'd never liked him anyway.
  • Original Sins #2 and Howard the Duck's sin...
    Caption: You are Howard the Duck. The greatest example of wasted potential in the known galaxy.
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  • Rocket Raccoon and The Punisher meet.
    Rocket: Nice popgun, skull boy.
  • As everyone debates whether Fury is in the right or wrong
    Black Panther: Where the hell are you three going?
    Punisher: Some place where I don't have to listen to you people.
    Rocket Raccoon: *Following Punisher* I'm still not even sure why I'm here. I just know I hate all of you.
  • The entirety of The No-Sin Situation, from Original Sins #5.

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