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  • Like in Black Panther (2018), the first trailer has some fun with the soundtrack.
    Agent O: Do you really think a black suit is going to solve all your problems?
    Agent M: Mmmm, no, but... it looks damn good on you.
    Song: OH SNAP!!
  • Immediately after Agent H is introduced as one of the best to wear the suit, we get a Smash Cut of him sleeping at his desk.
    Agent M: [drops a pile of papers on his desk]
    Agent H: [snapping awake] GAH!
    Agent M: Oh!
    Agent H: C-catching up on my daily meditation. Time for lunch, I think. You hungry?
    Agent M: It's... 9:30.
    Agent H: Perfect! Tuesday's taco day.
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  • When Agent M activates the car's Big Red Button, the car doesn't do anything but beep softly a few times before immediately going vertical, much to M's shock and H's delight.
  • When fighting an evil alien, Agent H picks up a hammer.
    Agent H: [smirking] Looks like the tables have turned. [throws hammer]
    Alien: (growls and catches hammer)
    Agent H: That was an incredible catch!


  • Agent H attempts to be inclusive.
    Agent H: We are the Men in Black! [pause] The Men and Women in Black!
    [He turns to Agent M and gives her a cheery thumbs-up. She just looks patient and gives him a rather unenthusiastic one back.]
  • When M is inducted into the MiB, she questions the name Men in Black. Agent O exasperatedly tells her not to even start, that she's had the conversation before and hints she's working on it but it's "a process".
  • When M and H claim a car from the garage after their original is destroyed M tries to claim the driver's seat...seemingly forgetting that they're in England, so the wheel is on the other side of the car.
    M: That really should be here.
    H: Not in this country.
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  • The utter resignation on Agent H's face when the dying bad guy's alien girlfriend says, "Anything?" in that suggestive tone, since he knows exactly what she means.
  • Agent M seeing Agent H for the first time is just...magical. She glances up and sees him walking through the MIB lobby and he looks at her and smiles and points playfully, with dreamy music playing in the background, seemingly in slow motion. Then Agent M blinks and realizes somehow it is in slow motion. The camera cuts back to show an alien female junior agent who has some kind of mental ability to speed up and slow down time, and she's having Agent H walk back and forth in slow motion just because he's so handsome. One of the other agents fusses at her and she finally cuts it out.
  • The whole bit with them in the desert fixing the broken alien motorcycle and refusing to directly speak to each other, rather using Pawny as a third party translator. Extra points because Pawny keeps referring to Agent H as "the jackass" when he speaks to his Queen.

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