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  • Many of the show's one-liners and snark moments are pretty great:

    • L'Etranger manages to get the drop on Berto in a small submarine. L'Etranger being a physical match for Max, he tosses Berto around like a rag doll and then holds him up by the shirt.
    L'Etranger: It is over!
    Berto: Funny, I was just about to say the same thing. ::Kicks the helm controls, pitching the sub so L'Etranger goes rolling into down a hatch Berto promptly locks closed:: Don't be a stranger!

    • Team Steel's run-in with Ethan Raptor ends in Kat suffering a mild concussion and dreading the boredom of bed-rest at the hotel Josh is checking them into
    Kat: I'm just supposed to lie around this dump all day? Ugh.
    Josh: ::Bursting out of the hotel and clearly angry:: They gave away our rooms!
    Kat: Excuse me, concussion here? I'm supposed to lie around this dump all day!

    • Psycho is quickly learning that his completely independant job is being thwarted by Max because Max just happens to be in the same place by sheer coincidence
    Mook: Sir, it seems two of the hostages...escaped.
    Psycho: Escaped?! Just once I'd like to go on a rampage without any interferance! Is that too much to ask?

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