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  • Crossover Ship: Many kids of both genders ship Max Steel with Barbie. The couple was born due to the popularity of both brands (and because both are owned by Mattel), but also because many feel Barbie deserves a better boyfriend than Ken, finding Max manlier and more attractive.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The franchise has never made much of an impact in America, with the 2013 reboot and 2016 movie not managing much interest either. But in Latin America, the series is huge and new toys and DTV movies continue even after both the original show and the 2013 reboot finished their American runs. (A case of History Repeats, as Max's father, Big Jim— Mattel's 1970s-80s action hero— was bigger in Latin America as well.)

     2000 Cartoon 

     2016 Film 
  • Complete Monster: Miles Edwards is a sociopathic Mad Scientist obsessed with harnessing the alien power of turbo energy. To this end, Miles betrayed the Earth defense force he was part of, N-Tek, to the evil Ultralink aliens, leading to the deaths of at least 5 of his former partners. In exchange for allying with the Ultralinks, Miles was granted the capability to betray his former best friend Jim McGrath, who constantly produced turbo energy due to his alien biology, and tried to drain him of the turbo energy, leading to the man's agonizing death. Years later, once learning that Jim's teenage son, Max, has begun giving off turbo as well, Miles sics an Ultralink on the boy, nearly killing innocents in the process, and, after failing to trick the boy into giving up his turbo, Miles settles for absorbing the Energy directly into himself, hoping to kill the boy in the same painful way as his father, while brutally murdering numerous N-Tek soldiers who attempt to save Max. Miles is fully aware that the Ultralinks are world destroyers and will invade Earth once the turbo energy is contained by him, but doesn't care one bit, showing no concern for any life or person except the turbo energy he is so obsessed with.
  • Narm: Max searching "My fingers emit liquid energy" on Google, followed by searching "WHAT AM I?!"
  • Special Effect Failure: Aside from maybe Max's suit, the CG looks like it came straight out of the cartoon.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Some viewers' opinions on the CG of Steel, the tachyon energy, and the Air Ultralink/Air Elementor.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The revelation that Steel might have betrayed Jim to Ultralinks. An event that could have turned the usual hero dynamic upside down became undone by a hollow revelation that carried no emotional weight.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Andy Garcia doesn't exactly scream sinister Big Bad. This might have been the point, given that him being the villain was seemingly meant to be a big reveal, but he's pretty underwhelming compared to the Miles Dredd from the cartoon.


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