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The Popeye cartoons have their own page.


  • Noah's Lark has a scene where some animals jump out of three portholes, then for the three holes to combine into one large hole to let an elephant out.
    • During the scene of the animals on Coney Island's merry-go-round, a goat is seen riding a human, while a hippo is riding a poorly-constructed rocking horse.
    • "Oh where the (crash) has my animals gone!?"
  • Dizzy Dishes
    • The scene of Bimbo being lovetruck by the proto-Betty Boop singer.
    • There scene where the angry gorilla customer is so tired of waiting for his dinner, he starts eating the silverware and plates and eventually his table.
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  • In Barnacle Bill, Bimbo and the proto-Betty pull down the shades, implying they're having sex, while a group of cats gossip about it. The shade is pulled up to reveal they're merely playing checkers.
  • The entirety of Grand Uproar
  • The Cow's Husband
    • Bimbo is marching down the street in a parade. When a police officer points out that it's a one-way road, Bimbo marches backwards.
    • The bull's rotoscoped dance.
  • Minnie the Moocher
    • Betty's father's head turning into a grampohone, followed by her mother taking the voice track out and replacing it with a recording of "Oh Du Lieber Augustin".
    • The flower trying the bratwurst and dying as a result.
    • Betty and Bimbo are so scared of the walrus, their colors briefly invert.
  • Boop-Oop-a-Doop has a Running Gag of Bimbo selling peanuts to a baby and the baby keeps telling him no. When the baby finally relents, Bimbo sees that there's a hole in his basket and that there are no peanuts. The baby starts spewing angrish until a hand puts a "CENSORED" sticker over his mouth.
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  • The Bum Bandit has Bimbo trying to keep his gun steady while shooting a tin can. When he shoots at the can, an injured bird falls from the sky. When he shoots at the bird, a cow drops from the sky. Bimbo then fires into the sky, which finally punctures the can.

Screen Songs

  • Whenever a song gets to the final chorus with the words morphing into characters or objects, expect at least one chuckle.
  • Put on Your Old Gray Bonnet has a scene of the flute player falling asleep while the orchestra plays the title song. The conductor whacks him with his baton and he instead starts playing "Yankee Doodle".
  • In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree has a scene at the beginning where all the workers leave the factory for lunch and the building shrinks down to a doghouse when everybody leaves.
    • Plus the scene where a baby bear gets breastfed.
  • Please Keep Me in Your Dreams has newsreel footage of a good use for politicians: speaking into a microphone so their hot air can fill a balloon.
    • A scene where two (live-action) movies are being shown side by side to save time on the program, only for the characters in the movies to tell the ones on each side to shut up and bicker. The baker on the left side then throws a pie which hits a couple on the right side.
  • Mariutch has a scene where the Italian immigrant finds that his wife is a "hootch-a-ma-kootch" dancer.
    • The scene during the final chorus where said wife appears to be doing the dance and stripping in silhouette, the man raises the curtain to reveal that it's three acrobats.

Betty Boop

  • The Old Man of the Mountain has a scene of Betty walking and a fish looking at her attractively. The fish's wife comes out and drags him away.
  • Betty Boop's Ups and Downs
    • As a Take That! to the many foreclosures during The Great Depression, we see that many houses are up for sale. Soon, all of North America, and finally Earth itself is up for sale.
    • Many of the anti-gravity gags, specifically Betty's skirt falling up and exposing her panties.

Color Classics

  • A lot of scenes from A Car-Tune Portrait.



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