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Awesome / Max and Dave Fleischer

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Examples from the Popeye cartoons go on this page.


  • Bimbo deferating the lecherous king in Chess-Nuts.

Betty Boop

  • All three of Cab Calloway's performances.
  • Be Human: Grampy giving the abusive farmer a taste of his own medicine and placing him on a treadmill to be whipped. The treadmill in turn, powers Grampy's own mechanical farm designed to pamper the animals.

Color Classics

  • Little Dutch Mill: The kids' pet duck running back to the village to warn everyone that they've being held by the greedy old miser, then getting them to storm the mill and save them.
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  • Greedy Humpty Dumpty: When the mean, greedy egg finally reaches the sun, the sun's rays pull down his pants and give him a well-deserved spanking.


  • Need I mention the Superman Theatrical Cartoons? It was probably their best work.

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