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  • Popeye's very first appearance in which Castor Oyl approaches him asking if he's a sailor, with Popeye replying: "Ja think I'm a cowboy?!"
  • One Thimble Theater strip had Popeye receiving a free ship. Suspicious, Popeye asks the former owner whether there's some secret with the ship. The ex-owner admits, "There ain't no mystery- no mystery about that ship at all- She's just HAUNTED!" Popeye, who's phobic about ghosts, laments, "He gived me his ship for nothin' and still I got cheated- I yam disgustipated."
  • In one strip, Popeye's really proud of himself because he's found an error in the dictionary — he's looked up the word "yam" and found that it means "sweet potato." He proudly repeats his Character Catchphrase "I yam what I yam, an' that's all I yam!" to a confused Olive and points out: "Ya certin'ly wouldn't say 'I swee'potato what I swee'potato an' that's all I swee'potato, now would ya?"
  • During the 8th Sea arc, Popeye discovers that Olive Oyl and another woman have gotten aboard his ship- Olive parachuted down from an airplane, while the other woman thought the boat was a ferry. Popeye tries to salvage the situation by saying Mrs. Snoodenbocker can be Olive's chaperone. Snoodenbocker refuses, on the claim that since she's younger, Olvie can be her chaperone! What follows is a silly spat as both Olive and Mrs. Snoodenbocker continually claim to be progressively younger ("I'm 12" "I'm 11" "I'm 10" and so forth) until Popeye yells "Ahoy, Olsen! Send up coupla cradles! An' some safety pins."
  • In the Plunder Island story arc, upon finding out that Wimpy stowed away on the ship, Mr. Geezel promptly jumps overboard to commit suicide. Roughhouse jumps after him, and Popeye throws a line for him to use to rescue Geezel...only for it to be revealed that Roughhouse was trying to commit suicide to escape from Wimpy as well.
    • From the same storyline, Wimpy's attempts to use a portable hamburger grinder to make hamburger meat out of a gorilla. Hilarity Ensues.
    • When the heroes find the Sea Hag's stash, she points out that they'll be stealing from her if they take it. Popeye concedes to the point, but has a great workaround- He challenges her to continuous games of craps. The Sea Hag is such a poor player that not only does she lose all of her treasure, but in desperation, she's strips down to her underwear and bets her clothes!
  • During the Great Rough-House War story arc, Popeye is out on the battlefield when Castor Oyl comes up and says that King Blozo wants to see Popeye—it's important. At this moment Popeye is snagged by a stray artillery shell and carried all the way to Blozo's castle, crashing right into the throne room!
    King Blozo: You idiot! It's not that important!
  • In one story, Popeye was in court and the lawyer was pushing to no end that Popeye was a hardened criminal, commenting that he even had the face of a criminal. That was when the judge finally informed the lawyer that he was supposed to be defending Popeye. The lawyer took a quick 180 in his argument and commented, "Look at his face. He reminds me of Lincoln." Even the judge was laughing.
  • One very infamous Sunday comic has Wimpy inheriting a cow from his deceased cousin. He keeps pestering Popeye, who's working at Roughhouse for the day, trying to trade in the cow for a few hamburgers. Popeye, however gets increasingly annoyed with him and tells him no. Wimpy finally relents and asks if he can borrow a few kitchen utensils and a stale loaf of bread, which Popeye allows. Popeye later feels guilty for getting short with Wimpy and decides to invite him back for a hamburger on the house, but when Popeye finds him, Wimpy had lopped off the head and limbs of the cow he inherited, grounded up the rest, and the now bloated Wimpy was grilling his own burgers!
  • In one Sunday strip, Wimpy crashes Popeye and Olive's picnic. Neither one is thrilled, but go along with it because they both realize he won't leave them alone. Popeye starts whispering sweet nothings to Olive, causing Wimpy to get jealous that he don't have someone like that. He then proceeds to start showering Olive with compliments of his own. Being better at words than Popeye, Olive is eating it up. Popeye tries to warn her that he doesn't really mean any of it, but she shushes him, allowing for Wimpy to continue. But then, Wimpy gets distracted when a cow walks up, and proceeds to focus his attention on it. Popeye and Olive then proceed to head home without a single word, but Olive is visibly seething. When they get home, Popeye can't hold it in any longer and starts laughing. Olive hits him over the head with a vase.


  • In general, any of Popeye's mumbling ad-libs.
  • Popeye the Sailor has a ton of hilarious moments in every cartoon, but the best is in "Taxi Turvy," where Bluto breaks the status quo by stealing Popeye's spinach just before he can use it... and is immediately hit by a train. Which causes the spinach to fall into Popeye's mouth anyway.
  • In "Goonland", Popeye makes his way through a population of Goons by disguising himself as one - and goes into a bizarre walk and scat-singing that gets puzzled reactions from them.
    • Earlier, he gets in step right behind a Goon, even taking a similar gait to it, who is oblivious to his presence:
    Popeye: Don't look now, young fella, but I think you're bein' followed. (the Goon turns around, trying to sniff him out, and Popeye walks perfectly around him, totally unseen)
    • During the short's climax, the Goons capture Popeye and tie him down so that they can execute him by dropping a giant boulder on him. When Popeye realizes what they have planned, he uses his pipe to dig a hole and sticks his head in it so that he doesn't have to see his impending death.
    • Finally, when Pappy finally frees himself from the Goon prison, he and Popeye fight back-to-back against the all the Goons in a Big Ball of Violence that gets so violent that it breaks the filmstrip and the Goons all fall into the abyss while Popeye and Pappy hang on to the edge of it. The animator sticks the filmstrip back together with a safety pin and the cartoon ends with Pappy carrying off an injured but happy Popeye, both of them roughed up but victorious.
  • "Hospitaliky": The entire short is pretty hilarious, with Popeye and Bluto trying to injure themselves so that Olive Oyl can nurse them to health. But one particularly hilarious moment is a bit of animation in which Popeye morphs into a chicken for a few seconds while faking sick in front of Olive.
    • The Famous Studios remake actually added a particularly funny twist ending (somewhat unusual for them); it's revealed that Olive works at a pet hospital, and Popeye and Bluto have been injuring themselves for nothing. They then finally crack and start acting like dogs, and are taken away to a mental asylum.
    • This bit from the remake is also pretty good:
      Bluto: You runt! Now nobody goes to the hospital!
      Popeye: Oh yeah! Well somebody's going to the hospital (pulls out a can of spinach) and it ain't YOU!
  • Popeye's bedtime story to his nephews in "Me Musical Nephews":
    Popeye: There was a big red hooding ride who sat on a muffin and said, "Oh Grandma, what big feet you got." So he chopped off his head with a giant beanstalk and they live happy ever after. Come on you gotta go to bed now.
  • "Wotta Nightmare", particularly the parts where it shows what Popeye is doing in his sleep while having his nightmare (swimming across the floor, eating his pillow)..
  • Many of Popeye's mumblings and quips (courtesy of Jack Mercer).
  • "It's the Natural Thing to Do" deconstructs and reconstructs the status quo.
  • "The Hungry Goat" may be the closest thing to a Tex Avery cartoon in the Popeye series.
  • This moment from "Fleets of Stren'th":
    Admiral: Hey! Don't you know that thing is loaded with dynamite?
    (a wave lifts the mosquito boat up to the height of the ship)
    Popeye: Yes sir!
  • The House Builder-Upper: Through Olive's hysterical crying at the beginning of the short, we figure out just why her house burned to the ground:
    Olive: Ohhhh, my poor house burned down! I only cleaned my dress in a gallon of gasoline! Ohhhh...!
  • Olive's sarcasm when expressed through song. For example, continuing the song of the man on the flying trapeze with "Don't try to kid them, you're just a big cheese!"
  • Bluto going out of his way to punch out Popeye's face in all the Popeye and Olive Oyl signs in "Morning, Noon and Nightclub". Even going so far as to enter an apartment building to get a billboard that is high up.
    • Then there's the part where Popeye and Bluto decide to dance—while simultaneously trying to pound each other.
  • In I Yam Love Sick, a doctor takes Popeye's X-ray, revealing that he has an anchor for a spine and hip bone with his limbs just attached to it.
  • In I Likes Babies and Infinks, Swee'Pea, for unexplained reasons, just will not stop crying. Hilarity Ensues as Popeye and Bluto try all manner of methods to try to cheer poor Swee'Pea up. Among other things, Bluto coats Popeye in flour and bakes Popeye (harmlessly) into a cake.
    "There ya are, a pop pie!"
    • In the end, Swee'Pea's mood improves when Popeye's hand slips as he reaches for his canned spinach, causing him to grab and open a can of onions instead. After Popeye opens the can, Popeye, Bluto, and even Olive all begin crying, and the sight of all the adult figures in his life crying like little babies results in Swee'Pea busting a gut laughing.
  • The Running Gag in Fowl Play of Olive fainting in a very melodramatic fashion, with Popeye catching her at the very last second, even while in the middle of fighting Bluto.
    • From the same cartoon, Bluto getting repeatedly punched against a wall by Popeye, while his outline remains in place.
  • "Goodnight, Pappy... I sez 'Goodnight, Pappy!" (click!)
    • When the lights come on, Popeye is now in a net made from the ropes Pappy had be wrapped in! "Ooh! I hates bein' your son!"
  • The random nature of Popeye's film in Cartoons Ain't Human.
    • Then seeing him zip between musical instruments - Four in just three seconds - After one of the nephews accidentally trips the speed control switch.
  • The opening of "Klondike Kasanova". The first shot is of a beautiful field in spring, panning over to a sign that says "Welcome to the Klondike. There's no place like Nome." Then it pans past that and straight into a blinding blizzard.
    • Popeye and Olive are running the Polar Bar and Grill all by themselves. Popeye both plays piano for Olive's act and waits all the tables, so he has to pause the performance to serve drinks and food. Both times Olive has to pause her act as well; the first time she has to hold her position mid air in the middle of a leap, the second she's holding a high note. Olive's act ends with a strip tease in which she takes off her dress behind the wings; a reverse shot shows she's wearing a maid's outfit underneath, and has to quickly wash the dishes before her encore.
    • When Dan McBluto kidnaps Olive and drags her all the way to his Fur Farm, Olive stumbles near where he keeps his bears. After they roar at her, they bust into a ditty that parodies the Pepsi jingle:
      McBluto's furs hit the spot,
      Finest furs is what we got!
      If a girl you wish to charm?
      Buy a coat at McBluto's Farm!
      Furry furry furry furry furry furry furry furry fuuuuuuuuuuurs!
  • "The Two-Alarm Fire": Bluto spraying Popeye off the ladder he's trying to climb to save Olive Oyl. After Bluto does this a second time...
    Popeye: You've done that accidentally on purpose!
  • "Ghosks Is the Bunk":
    • While Olive Oyl tells a ghost story, the wind opens a window. Olive and Bluto wonder where Popeye is, and it turns out the wind scared him into hiding underneath the sofa.
    • This exchange after Bluto leaves.
      Bluto: Good night!
      Popeye: Good riddance!
    • Popeye gets back at Bluto pranking him by covering himself with vanishing cream, rendering him invisible. Bluto runs into a dead end after Popeye eats spinach. Popeye beats him up, and then he runs through a wall.
    • After Popeye realizes that he punched an invisible Olive Oyl, he abashedly dumps reappearing paint on her. Olive delivers a full-scale ass-kicking to Popeye before chasing him outside.
  • From I'll Be Skiing Ya, when Bluto (running a shop at 'Lake Plastered' in winter) first sees Olive Oyl, he howls like a wolf, which brings a very pretty Wolf Woman running out of the woods to give him a big kiss. At the episode's end, Popeye slugs Bluto so hard he flies all the way to Miami Beach. Upon seeing a horde of gorgeous women in bikinis, Bluto howls again — and Miss Wolf comes running up from the distance to kiss him again!

The movie

  • When Popeye tries to prove to Pappy that he [Popeye] is his son.
    Popeye: I'm your one and only exspring. See, we got the same bulgy arms.
    Pappy: No resemblance.
    Popeye: We-we got the same squinky eye.
    Pappy: What squinky eye?
    Popeye: That's going to be hard for you to see. Oh, we even got the same pipe, Pap.
    Pappy: You idiot. You can't inherit a pipe!
  • At the end, after Bluto has force-fed Popeye the spinach and pushed him underwater. There is an enormous cloud of bubbles, the puzzled Bluto cautiously tries to push the foam aside to see what's going on, and gets clobbered by Popeye's super-muscled arm.
  • Wimpy's various attempts to freeload a hamburger, during the "Everything is Food" song. Bonus points for a sign visible during one of the attempts, which reads "Positively No Credit! Especially You, Wimpy!"
  • Pretty much any time the Tax Collector shows up. In particular, there is when he sees Olive flailing around and nearly fines her the "impersonating a traffic officer" tax, and when Popeye shoves him into the ocean, leading to the entire town running out to cheer for him.
    • At Rough House's...
    Taxman: A nickel hamburger tax!
    Wimpy: [stealing said hamburger] I'd refuse to pay, if I were you. Shocking abuse of power.
  • A quote from Geezil: "Fooey! The Commodore! Next to Wimpy, I hate him best!"
  • "You owe me an apology."
  • When Popeye takes over fighting Oxblood Oxheart for Castor, he gets his opponent to knock out his mother completely by accident. Cue a giant wrestler crying out "Oh Mommy, I'm so sorry!" while Popeye tries to make amends by offering to send flowers.
  • Popeye's first run-in with Geezil. Popeye tries to buy carrots from him, and Geezel ups the price each time they discuss it. After it was raised to $2.00, Popeye only pays a nickel, saying, "I pays what I feels like paying!"
  • Popeye's response to everyone at Olive's engagement party freezing and staring at him, as soon as he enters the room. "This is the most fun I've ever had and still been conscious."
  • The Oyls are excited to learn that Swee'Pea knows which "horses" will win the races, as they need the money they can win by betting on them, but Popeye is disgusted by their willingness to exploit the baby, calling the money "Ill-gotten gains." Olive corrects him with, "It's good-gotten gains!"
  • Popeye's whole Meet Cute with Olive.
    Popeye: Some kind of asylum here. Show me a room, show me some courtesy might be nice.
    Olive: I don't see why I have to do anything on the day before my engagement party when nothing's ready, especially me. And what kind of name is that, anyway..."Popeye"? Pretty strange.
    Popeye: What kind of name is Olive Oyl? Sounds like some kind of lubricants.
    Cole Oyl: [to Olive, as he walks by] "Ugly", huh? You owe me an apology.
    Olive: What?
    Popeye: Wonder who shoved a feather in his ear?
    Olive: What'd you say?
    Popeye: Sure is nice weather you have here. Your name really "Olives"?
    Olive: So what?
    Popeye: Olives Oyl? [chuckles] You don't look Greek to me.
    Olive: So, you're short. Or are you just passing yourself off as short?
    Popeye: Can I see me room now?
    Olive: Ooh, as if I cared.
    • Then the whole exchange when Olive nearly destroys the bed and room in the process of showing it to Popeye:
    Popeye: Let me give you some assistance. Here, give me your hand. There, that's it. Yeah, here we go. Oh, you're in first. (Olive falls over, inadvertently showing her bloomers) Is that... oh... Boy, is it hot in here. I still respecks ya. Ooh! Me bad eye, didn't see that.
    Olive: Hmmph!
    Popeye: Thanks for your help!
  • Pappy ranting about how he hates kids during the whole chase to Scab Island.
    "You give 'em give 'em a lotta toys...and what you get a lotta noise! NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAAAH! MY POPPA'S A MEAN OLD MAAAAN!" .
  • When Popeye unwittingly runs into Bluto right after Bluto finishes his Villain Song, he hands Swee'Pea off to Olive as "somethin' to remember me by".