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  • The first ending theme. Just watch it. (Lyrics in description)
  • Pantheon loses his shield fighting Caitlyn. He complains about it to Katarina and Kennen.
    Pantheon: [My shield] got shot by a girl!
    Kat: What kind of girl?
    Pantheon: Big-boobed.
    *Katarina and Kennen both look down at their chests disdainfully*
    Kat and Kennen: WE WILL GET HER FOR YOU!
  • Tryndamere & co. repeatedly and ineffectively charges at Sona, but when Ashe shows up he immediately flees in terror with the other two hot on his heels. And Ashe still manages to shoot an Enchanted Crystal Arrow to Xin Zhao's ass.
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  • Tryndamere (to Garen): Like a true champion, you must SPIN TO WIN!
  • Garen constantly hiding in bushes. Even when Ashe uses Hawkshot on them and shoots him full of arrows.
  • Tryndamere dodging Ashe's enchanted crystal arrow just in time for it to hit Katarina in the face.
  • Master Yi found a (Chinese) character tier list that puts all the heroes in the "tragedy among men" category.
  • Ahri laments that nobody loves her except for her beauty... then Wukong comes along. She tries to seduce him out of habit.
    Wukong: Not only are you not pretty, you're not even in my league! *shows picture of female monkey*
    Ahri: *Face Fault*
  • Gangplank is made of this:
    • Gangplank kicks Annie. Ahri's response is a Face Palm and "Oh god, you pissed off Annie..."
      Gangplank: This is the Institute of War, where even a little girl can kick your ass!
    • Leona blinding minions in a flash:
      Gangplank: Blinded?
      Minion: Yes!
      Gangplank: Then I can rest assured. *Boom, Headshot!*
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    • Gangplank deciding to extend the monkey king's staff to gigantic size... on his ship... in the middle of the ocean.
    • This moment from Season 2's climax:
      Ahri: Do you think I'm beautiful?
      Gangplank: Of course not! You're not an orange!
  • Ezreal repeatedly declaring that he will save the world in Season 2, but being utterly ineffective when it comes to actual fighting. In the epilogue, he still claims to have saved the world.
  • Season 3: Xin Zhao's very direct proposal (second one at least) for Lux:
    "Lux, sweetie— You wanna f**k with me, huh?" *slap*
  • English dub exclusive: They turned Jax into Mr. T. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • The trailer of the English Dub Season 2: Seeing that the Elite Mook just look like a mass-produced mini Mordekaiser, cue a mass Mordekaiser es #1, HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE

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