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  • In the video for How to Trick the Tooth Fairy, the toys all have their own ideas: Gilles suggests outright asking the fairy for money, White Rat suggests pretending cheese is teeth (but Gilles thinks it's a waste of cheese), Maleficent suggests telling her you have fairy stew but really it's bat stew, and Red Bear & Green Bear have tried those tricks in vain and are seeking advice.
  • Sometimes, the toys get offended if the book says something bad about their species. It happened with Two-Tone in "Belling the Cat" and Gilles in Giraffes Ruin Everything.
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  • In the video for Pirate Chicken, Green Bear and Doug dress as pirates and when the chickens in the story quit being pirates and live on and island, they wonder if they should dress as "island chickens" instead, but Green Bear wants to be an "island pirate".
  • In the video for Vote for Me, Green Bear pretends the story is about him.

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