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  • In chapter two, while questioning Touya, Aizawa shows him a picture of Dabi.
    Aizawa: Do you recognize this person?
    Touya: Nope, not a clue, but whoever they are, they look like the walking dead.
  • After Touya is introduced to class 1-A in chapter four, Bakugou immediately sets about harassing him for Dabi's role in his kidnapping, which Touya manages to ignore for awhile until:
    Touya: They must have kidnapped you for your dazzling personality.
  • In Chapter 15, Touya puts on a mishmash of clothes he got from Aizawa. The mere sight of it floors most of 1-A because of how stupid he looks. Izuku ends up choking on his water while staring in shock and awe. This confuses and surprises Touya, who actually finds Izuku's shirt shirts hilarious. Shouto also takes the opportunity to be a Deadpan Snarker.
    Touya: [as everyone stares at him] Did you think I was pranked?
    Tsuyu: [walks in] What’s going on?
    Shouto: Touya's bad fashion sense almost killed Midoriya.
    Touya: Now you're just being an ass.
    Shouto: Someone has to tell you the truth.
    • Then Bakugou walks in and he can't stop laughing at Touya's outfit.
      Bakugou: [loudly cackling] Holy fucking shit!
      Izuku: [nervously glancing at Ochaco and Shouto] Are... are you okay, Kacchan?
      Bakugou: [between laughs] Okay? Okay? Shut the fuck up, Deku, this is… [stops laughing and catches his breath] What the hell are you wearing?
      Touya: [repeated for the hundredth time] Aizawa got me some clothes of my own.
      Bakugou: You’re telling me that our homeroom teacher, pro hero Eraserhead, who once expelled an entire hero class, went out and bought you clothes, [points at Touya's outfit] and he bought you that? And you just wore it without complaint?
    • Touya decides to engage in some Snark-to-Snark Combat by pointing out Bakugou's own Wardrobe Flaw of Characterization.
      Touya: I highly doubt that he bought them himself. And why wouldn’t I? I’m not a complete jackass. You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. They fit. They’re comfortable. They fulfill their function. They’re clothes. What else is there, Saggy Bottoms?
      Bakugou: [eye twitches] I don’t know. Maybe that they look good and not like you dropped acid and went shopping in the kid’s section?
      Mina: They’re not that bad.
      Bakugou: No, no, don't defend this disaster just because you like bright colors.
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    • Then Kaminari and Kirishima enter the conversation. The former admires Touya's outfit while the latter is just neutral but calls Touya manly for wearing it without a fuss.
      Kaminari: Dude, that outfit is electric!
      Bakugou: No! [fires of an explosion as Kaminari laughs]
      Kirishima: [shrugs his shoulders] I don’t know, man. I mean, that outfit is, uh, loud, but if you feel comfortable wearing it and don’t care what anyone else thinks, that’s pretty manly.
      Bakugou: [emphatically] No, no, no. You do not get an opinion in this. [points at Kirishima's Crocs] Not when you refuse to throw those things away.
      Kirishima: You’re just jealous that you can’t rock them.
  • Everything about Touya's and Mina's prank on Bakugou.
    The moment Bakugou finally stormed into the common area, his uniform pants on but his shirt only half done, the room exploded. Uraraka started laughing so hard that she ducked behind the counter in the kitchen to avoid Bakugou’s murderous glare while Midoriya seemed frozen on the spot with both hands clamped over his mouth as he sputtered so much that tears leaked out of his eyes. Sero rolled off of the couch and landed on the floor with a thud as he guffawed while a drawn-out high-pitched squeal of “What?” was dragged out of Kirishima. The guy with the bird head, Tokoyami, was stunned into silence while Momo outright gawked. Despite the fact that Bakugou looked ready to kill as he hunched over with explosions rattling above his palms, it was really hard to take him seriously when his spiky hair was bubblegum pink.
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  • Touya's conversation with Present Mic in chapter 20, in regards to the absolutely terrible clothes Aizawa gave him.
    Present Mic: My god, what did Shouta do to you?
    Touya: Um... you mean Aizawa?
    Present Mic: Yes, I mean Aizawa! That outfit has him written all over it!
    Touya: It's not that bad.
    Present Mic: It's a bright ass outfit that somehow still manages to convey 'depression.'
  • After the mall trip is starting to look like it might be a bust for Touya, he gets kidnapped by Jirou, Tokoyami and Shoji to take him to 'a place where he belongs.' Where do they bring him? Hot Topic.

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