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Rewarding Vandalism? Not this time.
  • The Goat Hermit in general. He provides you with new moves, but at the expense of destroying his priceless statues. He initially tries to bargain with Juan, teaching him moves in exchange with a date with his mother, but later relents when they become bros.
  • When you break the Choozo statue at top of the Tule Tree, the Goat Hermit is so upset with your breaking all his statues that he doesn't give you any new powers. The kicker is that the game still does the power up get scene, with Juan looking annoyed and Tostada throwing her hands up in frustration, as the words "NO POWER" and the background flash as usual.
  • When you break the statue in the War Temple, the Hermit gives you a power, but he's still mad about the statue-breaking thing, so much that when it comes to say the name of the attack, he loses motivation halfway through and calls it the "Dashing... Derpderp". Of course, you then get the scene celebrating your acquisition of the "DASHING DERPDERP".
    • The attack continues to be referred to as the Dashing Derpderp for the entire game.
    • In the sequel, a fellow wrestler challenges you to hit a punching bag with a "Dash Punch", although he acknowledges you might know it as a "Dashing Derpderp."
  • Prior to Flame Face's battle he says "I guess you want to hear my story...". You're probably thinking you're going to sit through a flashback or cutscene, but nope— Juan/Tostada just decks him in the face with a Rooster Uppercut.
    +3 Rooster Uppercut
    Flame Face: HOLY GIBBLETS!!
    • And again, in the sequel, Flame Face gets very upset when he's explaining the rules of his fighting gym to you and Poncho up and punches you out, leading Flame Face to say that hitting someone during dialogue should be illegal.
  • Flame Face wasting all his bullets on firing them into the air while laughing hysterically. At one point he uses up all his bullets in the same way, then just before he leaves does his laughing pose again, firing his empty revolvers the whole time.
  • The many shout outs in Santa Luchita. Frankly, who was expecting the Me Gusta face to appear on a billboard?
  • Also Grumpy Cat, which makes 'Gato Gruñón' a very easy to get Bilingual Bonus.
  • X'tabay asks if you've seen Alebrije around. The Alebrije is a gigantic monster who shakes the ground with each step, so losing track of it is quite the feat.
    • In the sequel, her Darkest Timeline counterpart has become something of a Crazy Alebrije Lady.
  • When Calaca mentions that he chose El Presidente's Daughter because he needs a virgin sacrifice, she laughs nervously and says "Yeah, about that..."
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  • After you beat X'tabay and she gives up on Calaca, she wonders if Fray Ayayay is single.
  • Baby Calaca's Clubhouse. That is all.


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